2009.10.13 Touhou News + Weekly Arrangements V [Orange Farm Archive]

おまたせ~ Sorry for the wait, everyone. I was on fall break. In any case, here’s your weekly dose of Touhou news. There’s mostly figure news, along with a game, a papercraft Chen, and the usual group of arrangements.


Said Chen papercraft is up for download here for those of you who are big into this sort of thing. Being a Gundam modeler myself, it seems pretty neat, but I never had the right kind of printer to do this.

Official Releases and Patches

First off, on the “official” side of things, the final tankobon of Silent Sinner in Blue has been released.

In other news, we have a bunch of patch updates:


Ran across an interesting game today called “Hashireisen! 3D”. It’s a trial type that was released at Tsuki no Utage 2, full version to be released at Comiket 77. It’s made by Studio Rice Cake.


It’s a relatively simple 3D game featuring Reisen as she runs around the Forest of Magic shooting at mojibake and yukkuri. You can jump, shoot, turn, and zoom the camera in and out. I’ve provided the game for you here. Tell me if there’s a problem with the download. Note that you may need to reconfigure the pad settings(also, the game cannot be played without a pad – so plug in your PS2 controller and give it a try). See if you can find the goal! There’s only one level, so.

Figure News

Three pieces of news here. First off, the “Seedling-Touhou” figurine page has been updated by Liquidstone. For those of you who are fans of this line, the Cirno figure is now there in full color.


At the website, you can view all of the figures in the line so far.

In addition, BURIVARY SYSTEM has a new Yukari figure. Here’s the link to all the images, if you’re interested, courtesy of figuephoto.


KON has new pictures of Reimu and Marisa figures, as well. Here’s the link to figuephoto.


Weekly Arrangements
Witch Dance / Futepen
Half Day, Half Night / Futepen
The usual ska arrangements from Futepen~

Deaf to All but the Song / Utsubo
* A beautiful piano arrangement.

Drink Blood and Alcohol Together! / Rikuya
* Very nice atmosphere for this remix. I really enjoy Rikuya’s stuff.

Alice in Wonderland / Daifuku Kagura
* Interesting trance remix.

Touhou Beloved Tomboy – Self-Taught Rock Piano Arrange / senpi
* A really neat “rock” arrangement done completely on the piano.

Crimson in the Black Sea ~ Legendary Fish / ooo
* Orchestral version of Iku’s theme. We really don’t get enough Legendary Fish remixes, do we?

Broken Moon Fanfare / Otachiden
* A cute, short “fanfare” kind of thing. Chiptune -> techno -> orchestral, in twenty seconds.

Demystify Feast Daikuu Majutsu ver. / yuki
* Nice piano/midi arrangement of the song(supposedly it’s the Daikuu Majutsu version but I don’t know the difference). Can probably be used as a ringtone.


And finally, here is the arrangements pack. There is no “upcoming CDs” section this time around, mainly because Kouroumu 5 and M3-24 took place over the weekend. So that’s that.

See you this weekend!


1 Response to “2009.10.13 Touhou News + Weekly Arrangements V [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 komidol
    October 14, 2009 at 5:43 PM

    These arrangement packs are always awesome.

    <3 you Slimey

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