One Year of LOYALTY: Magical Amber Style :3 ( TakeMoon PVC ) LOYAL [Orange Farm Archive]


The Orange Farm is a year old now, so I figured the best way to celebrate would be with mai waifu.

On October 9th, 2008, I made the first post for the Orange Farm.  With Darkslime joining shortly after we’ve dedicated a year to getting you guys the most interesting Type Moon, Anime, Touhou and general Otaku information out there.  A few site designs, banners, 150+ posts, and three new authors later we stand here today with nearly 50,000 hits and a healthy record of the community since the end of Summer ’08.  There is no better loyalty than the love an otaku has for his waifu, so for The Orange Farm’s anniversary I’ll be featuring mai waifu in my first PVC and figure post.    de0bfa6ce1271d1de96c08c09fa1f73089fa5a53

The Magical Amber redesign is welcomed.  It’s good to see new content featuring Kohaku these days.  The love I have for mai waifu will withstand the test of time, but seeing her out and about having fun brings nothing but happiness to my heart.


Fox style enhancements!  When’s the last time you low-guarded with Kohaku in MBAA/MBAC for over 30 seconds?  They spent a lot of time getting a lot of detail on the design, and it really transferred to the figure.  Without further adue:


The ears were done with really good shading and detail.  I’m not a PVC or figure expert like some of my blogging counterparts, but the shading came out excellently when compared with her amber eyes and broomstick.


I liked the addition to her waist and broomstick.  The little touch up’s really made the figure.  Sorry for the bit of poor lighting and camera quality, I have yet to seriously invest in a respectable camera.


Kohaku point-of-view.  You can adjust the needles to any finger you want.  I wish they had a third one so I could get closer to her MBAC portrait (with Hisui), but alas, I’m out of luck.  I like how they included a pink and a blue one to match the original reference from the visual novel.  I can’t wait until they animate Tsukihime.


Mini-skirt Kimono style is best style.  The pink thigh-highs and fox tail are personal favorites.  Fox’s have always been better than cats.  And better at economics.


Looks much better from the front.  The cape is simple and out-drawn, much like in canon.


Kinda hoping for a cape-on version in the future.  The hood looks awkward when you look at it from the backside, but I suppose this was the best way to fit the cat ears and the cape onto one figure.  Regardless, it’s still a work of art.


Me and Kohaku normally like celebrating at home, but Kohaku’s getting alone well with my cousin, Nayuki.  They fit well together.  I like having them placed next to each other to see the contrast of blue and pink hair.


They need a Magical Amber version of Kohaku in MBAA :| I think it would be cool if they had a pure magical amber version of her, able to throw needles and such.


Guess I’ll just have to settle for Battle Moon Wars Perfect~  Thanks for your support up until now, everyone!


Stick with us, alright!

Here’s to another day of blogging! Special thanks to #AnimeBlogger over on IRC Highway for all the extra motivation until now!


7 Responses to “One Year of LOYALTY: Magical Amber Style :3 ( TakeMoon PVC ) LOYAL [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. October 11, 2009 at 2:19 AM

    Congratulations! You’ve outlasted at least 60% of all people who start an anime blog!

  2. 2 komidol
    October 11, 2009 at 2:31 AM

    Thanks Kurogane. It means a lot coming from you. As long as I don’t die anytime soon this blog will be here. I think the strength of this blog is having more than one author, especially DarkSlime who’s covered me all this time with Touhou updates when things got tough or slow. Couldn’t of done it without him and looking forward to the contributions of the newer authors. Long live Ami~n, broski!

  3. 4 komidol
    October 11, 2009 at 10:24 PM

    What, no comment from my most LOYAL reader, Patches?

    Hermitting like Patchoulli?

  4. 5 darkslime
    October 12, 2009 at 6:57 PM

    I told you, the S in Darkslime isn’t capitalized~

    Happy birthday everyone >o< One year and 45k hits to our name. Not bad. I think.

    Anyway, I'm on my fall break, which is why I haven't posted news this weekend. haha~

  5. 6 Silmeria
    October 13, 2009 at 8:56 PM

    Happy birthday to this Blog^^

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