Touhou News 2009.10.06 [Orange Farm Archive]

Go go halfway post! I’ve amassed enough stuff already to give you guys some real stuff. Games, videos, and more previews for Kouroumu 5 and M3-24.



[Ear Hut] Utsuho’s Big Plan to Escape from the Depths of the Earth


This is a 5-minute score attack STG featuring Utsuho trying to escape from the depths of the earth, created with the STG Builder software.

It’s kind of amazing, actually. You basically fight all the bosses from Touhou 11 backwards, excluding Satori – so it goes Orin, Koishi, Yuugi(+ tiny Suikas), Parsee, Yamame, and Kisume. But then near the end you can fight Kanako and finally Suwako. But my time ran out at Suwako. I think when you die it subtracts time or something.

Anyway, it’s hard. You can die as many times as you want, including while bombing, but your score goes down quite when you bomb so it kind of defeats the purpose of a score attack. It’s so fun. XD You’ve got three separate shot types you can switch between with S, a “bomb” with X, and focus by holding A. Protip: fullscreen button is enter, use it. Apparently the sun following you can do stuff, but I’m not sure what. (Suck in bullets?)

In any case, be sure to give this a try if you’re bored~ I’ve uploaded it here for you to download.


[Everything about C] Aerobeat

You may or may not have heard about this game. It’s basically DDR using a webcam to track the motion of colored objects, so you have to point to the specified parts… It’s hard to explain. Seriously, it looks awesome, and I would totally try it if I had a webcam. I’d play it ALL THE TIME. The dude went and updated to track two colors – green AND blue, so now you can use both hands!

The video is here. Be sure to watch it the whole way through! The official website’s download server for the game is currently down, but should be back up soon: keep checking back to see. It’s that big thing that says Aerobeat ダウンロード.


Touhou Kaijinguu ~ Deified Submarine Palace.

It’s a fake “Touhou 13” animation created by a group of animators with too much time on their hands. Mima’s a playable character in it. It has to do with underwater and prehistoric life and some such nonsense, but it really doesn’t matter, haha. There’s a couple of jokes in there for those who are fluent in moonspeak.

It’s amazing. Watch it here.


Rinnosuke Morichika for MUGEN


I don’t know who would want Kourin, of all people, in a fighting game, but KON went and made it. Check out the video here.


[AQUASTYLE] Fushigi no Gensokyo


This is a Mystery Dungeon-themed game featuring Touhou characters coming out at Comiket 77. What could be better? Oh, it’s made by AQUASTYLE. :D It’s being built upon a pre-existing base, called “Sanae’s Gensokyo”, which basically the “mystery dungeon” concept with Sanae as the main character. Since it’s almost 200 MB, go download it from the official site if you’re interested. It’s the first link under the 2009.09.16 update.


Touhou Kouroumu 5 Upcoming CDs

[Spouting Raw Sardines] Gensou Diary

[Pizuya’s Cell] Hades’ Clothing is Pink

[SOUND HOLIC feat. 709sec.] Phantom Dreamer

[Sounds of Liberation] Monochrome Anachronism

[Tamaonsen] Touhou Ryuusei Shoujo // Kai

[Seventh Heaven MAXION] DevoteStrikers!! U.E.

[Francois’ yomogi farm] Rectangle Wave Meisou

[vn’dyk] Zehnt
[Crossfade1] [Crossfade2]

[Miyapu’s Giant Melon*WAO!] STAR LIGHT
[Crossfade on site]


M3-24 (M3 Spring 2009) Upcoming CDs

[M-style] Touhou Hisuien

[ROUGH TIME] Wind-Cutting Buzz

[CrossGear] Philter’sMagic
[Crossfade in video on site]

[Attrielectrock] Murasaki Hashidoi


Apologies for the lack of reviews, I haven’t had much time on my hands lately. You probably know what you’re looking for anyway. If not, give a couple of the crossfades a listen. :3 If only there was always this much news. By the way, Kouroumu 5 is this Sunday(saturday evening for us Westerners).


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