End of Summer 2009 (Haruhi S2, S&W S2, Canaan End) [Orange Farm Archive]


Best.  Summer.  Ever.

Summer is infamous in the otaku circle for being one of – if not the worst seasons for anime.  A lot of the highschool students get some time off and manage to ruin some good fun with their mass amounts of newfaggotry around all stages of the community.  It’s also rare for something to meet the hype.


Newfags can even make Hisui-rage.

Despite the aforementioned – Komidol hereby marks that the stereotypes have been broken.  Summer 2009 has been one of the best seasons to be an otaku in a very, very long time(my guess is since Fall 2006).  Every two anime seasons or so comes forth an anime that is better than the rest, that manages to capture the attention of most – if not all – otaku.  While I wouldn’t mark any anime that came out in 2009 one of the best they were all very enjoyable and there was enough content to drown in.  Every week it wasn’t just your new episode, but for nearly four months something new happened.  Whether it was Sengoku Rance, Comiket, Kara no Kyokai 6, Melty Blood, BlazBlue, a top tier AMV or annoucement of something to come – every week in Summer 2009 had something new and worth talking about.


Didn’t know you looked good in white there, Canaan.

That being said, lets look at some of the things that made Summer 2009 great.  Canaan Just-Kiss-Already was definitely the action dose of the season and Nasu’s first shot at pure-anime writing.  While I don’t think it’s one of the better anime’s I’ve seen, the reactions were beautifully animated and it depicted a very traditional action-adventure style story into a Type-Moon setting.


Cradle knot.

The leadup and end result was very well done, though it feels like there was a gap of maybe three episodes that I was missing.  I think the animation budget was cut a bit short.  I was dissapointed with the end, as well.  Good end would be…


A) Maria and Canaan share a deep passionate kiss and live happily together.

And true end should have been…


B) Maria dies on the train and drives Canaan batshit crazy, leading to Alphard’s death and Canaan living a very psychotic and critical life until eventually finding love in the Initial-D taxi driver while hunting meat for Yun-Yun to sell wholesale in the middle of desert on a portable bike.

Though I got neither ending!  What money-crazed producer was making the choices for this route?


Ah well~

In the end I was still happy with Canaan, even if I know Nasu was pressured by somebody.  I’m looking forward to TypeMoon’s new visual novels – after I can take a break from Melty.  I might do that in a few months.

You know, maybe.


Speaking of business…

The end of Spice and Wolf was unexpected, but well done.  Horo and Lawrence making the choice to leave followed the mature theme of the anime and the final arc shows the realism of his situation and the times they lived in.


But I’m starting to think Lawrence is a masochist.  Even so, this ending leaves room for a season three.  Spice and Wolf is popular enough to survive another season and make money off it.


No, I only wish for my cleverdere DFC.


Seasonal-strong backgrounds always make for the best shots.  Like always, as much as I love Spice and Wolf I have trouble coming up with the words as to why I like it.  Saying things like it has excellent execution and strong character design doesn’t seem like it’ll do justice.  I guess the only thing I can say at this point is if you haven’t gotten to it yet, it’s worth it.


Eight times over.

Haruhi on the otherhand will require the willpower of a strong fanboy to deal with.  I’ve heard KyoAni’s DVD sales have been rather bad lately – no doubt a response to the decision’s made for the Endless Eight arc.  I’m glad Haruhi came back and redeemed itself, though.  While I tolerated Endless Eight, it’s hard to say you honestly liked it (as in, without trolling), but the last arc was well executed and showed sides of the characters we didn’t really know existed (unless you’ve been keeping up on the light novels).  I found character development which makes watching the first season over again in chronological order a different experience.


For the final episode it seems they decided to push the idea that everything is happening could be one giant coincidence in Kyon’s mind.  It must of been tough to follow up with the previous episode, but this somehow felt like it was coming out of left field.  My favorite point in the series was Kyon losing his cool with Haruhi.  I wished he had actually punched her.  I divorced Haruhi for similar reasons several years back.


They also concluded the end of the date that they put at the end of last season even though what happened could of easily be guessed.  I think KyoAni was trying to drive the point that even if you know what’s going to happen the execution of the scene is what matters (supporting their chronological misorder from the previous season).  Even though the previous director isn’t there anymore, I felt the scenes worked very well but a straight-line Haruhi series isn’t very entertaining.  I enjoyed watching them out of order, unlike most people.  It’s good KyoAni listens to it’s fans – but do you have to fire people over it?  I think the former director did a very good job – especially when you consider the popularity of season one in contrast to season two.  I understand they’re having fun, but really, Kyo Ani?  Haven’t you trolled enough for one year?


Also, Mega’s-pissed that Shamisen was a one-shot character.  Was seriously looking forward to him being a full-time character.  Especially since it would give Kyon’s imouto more air time.



Nothing was closer to the original season than the first episode, though.  It’s still a bit of a mystery who’s the person helping out Kyon (who helped him make the movie in time and put the coat on him in the original season).  It could be a number of characters, but I think it’s probably himself helping him from parallel dimensions.  I haven’t read the novels yet, but I still think Kyon is our SOS-slider.  If it’s female please let it be LOL-FANG-TAN and not adult Mikuru ;_;


Season 2 is a lot different from season one in the way the characters developed, the flow of the anime took place, and the bitter taste that endless eight left us.  I still found value in watching it, but I can understand why some didn’t.  None the less, I think it did it’s job as season two, even if it could of been a bit better.  Still a big fan of those last few episodes.  Anyway, Summer 2009 bore the long-awaited Haruhi season 2, so I guess I should get to waiting for something else that won’t be out for years.  Maybe a Tsukihime anime.


I really wanted that cat to be a supporting character…

The anime side of Summer 2009 all had appropriate but anti-hype endings; like a rollercoaster that has a small slow-speed loop at the end.  Considering two series were sequels and one was Nasuverse, I’m not all that surprised (and not let down, like I know others are).  Though, we certainly can feel the effects of summer winding away with Fall.  Prepare for the work of a certain scientific railgun!


Biri-Biri :3

While I admit that ToraDora and Index were good, I can’t believe I’m maining a J.C. Staff anime on the blog this season…again…


5 Responses to “End of Summer 2009 (Haruhi S2, S&W S2, Canaan End) [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. October 4, 2009 at 9:52 PM

    Hehehe. Your Canaan endings were better than what went down. You should write for a show. ^_^

    I didn’t QUITE follow the S&W ending. Probably because I was burnt out from watching 10 anime during the season. I am trying (so far successfully) to NOT pick up every weekly that mildly interests me for fall, and (strangely enough for me) DON’T plan to watch a J.C. Staff anime in the fall, but I feel the break is warrented after watching THREE of their shows over the spring/summer seasons (Hayate, Taishou Yakyuu, and Aoi Hana).

    I’m interested to follow Railgun, since I didn’t watch Index. If you deem it accessible to those who’ve skipped Index, I might grab it after it finishes its run, since I luvre J.C. Staff.

    Looking forward to fall,


  2. 2 komidol
    October 5, 2009 at 7:40 AM

    It is. You’ll miss a lot of the background of the characters. If I had just stumbled into Railgun without Index I wouldn’t think of Misaka as a very interesting character at this point, but I know it is actually quite the opposite.

    Anyway, it is accessible if you didn’t watch index but so far you might get a slightly different opinion of the main character. I’ll write more about that for my Railgun post mid-this week.

  3. 3 Ssuusshii
    October 5, 2009 at 8:55 AM

    You forgot to mention that the character design in Haruhi took a turn for the worse (Haruyui anyone?).

  4. 4 komidol
    October 5, 2009 at 9:40 PM

    I fail to see ANY relation between Yui and Haruhi.

    At all.

    In art or personality.

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