Touhou News 2009.10.03 + Weekly Arrangements IV [Orange Farm Archive]

As there hasn’t been much news lately, this post is mostly dedicated to arrangements, and more sneak peeks of what’s coming out at Touhou Kouroumu 5 this month. :D

There have actually been a lot of fangames coming out lately though, so I’ll be trying to cover the better ones over the next week.


General News

Figure news is really it. First there’s a ridiculous Sakuya figure.


Over 100 parts, if I’m reading that correctly. Made by 青銅CIRCUS (Bronze Circus).

There’s also a cute Patchouli figure from MM Daisakusen.


Thanks to figuephoto for the pictures~


In other news, I ran across a ridiculous video on nico. If anyone remembers that weird fangame/flash thing with the Nobita-kun!Reimu, you’ll get a kick out of it. The guy actually records himself creating an entire figure of the thing.

Upcoming CDs

(Kouroumu 5)[Masakado*Crisis!] Philosphie

(Kouroumu 5)[Unlucky Morpheus x AQUALIE] Unbeatable Accomplice (Crossfade)

(Kouroumu 5)[forest pireo] Girl Revolution

(Kouroumu 5)[a-TTTempo] Touhou Puppet Wars 2

(Kouroumu 5)[n-tone] LUNAR TRIPS

(Kouroumu 5)[VAGUEDGE] Touhou Dream Answer Illusion Diary

(Kouroumu 5)[BubbleRecords] Reel

(Kouroumu 5)[Siestail] Towards the Shrine… (Tera e)

(Kouroumu 5)[38beets] Poisoning

(M3-24)[Last Sphere] Eternal -Unleash-

(Kouroumu 5)[mohicansandbag] Vibration of Womb

(Kouroumu 5)[EastNewSound] Lucent Wish the instrumental Informations


satariDS / Tadao (from Third Eye)
Q-BIT using the KORG DS-10 synthesizer to create a version of Satori’s theme.

Flowering Morning / mocchie (from Flowering Night)
Arranger Crisis!! / mocchie (from Strawberry Crisis!!)
A couple of fairly good arrangements by mocchie; unfortunately, both songs are rather repetitive and redundant when looped like that, and there wasn’t much to do. Their version of Flowering Night is freaking faster than Night of Nights. Wow.

La partenza / Futepen (from Riverside View)
Monster From Northeast / Futepen (from Missing Power)
In A Sentimental Mood -girl’s capriccio- / Futepen (from Dream Battle)
The usual ska arrangements by Futepen.

Carried Away by the Euphrates / Hakugin (from Candid Friend)
Interesting light-music style arrangement.

Beloved Tomboy / Beckman (from Beloved Tomboy)
I’m not sure what they call this kind of music, actually.

Samba de Suimusou / Yuu Hazuki (from Suimusou)
A marching band-style brass arrangement of Suimusou. It actually sounds pretty good.

Water Mill
Magician of Dusk / Gauche
Singing Voice of the Night Sparrow / Gauche (from Singing Voice of the Night Sparrow)
I’m not actually sure where “Magician of Dusk” comes from – perhaps “Mary the Magician”. It’s from one of ZUN’s CDs, in any case, and it sounds… interesting. The IN Stage 2 arrangement, however, is fairly amazing.

Adventure Diary of Doing Whatever One Pleases in the Underground City / Nyakitsu (from Ancient Underground City)
It’s a pretty weird arrangement.

The Maid and the Bloody Pocketwatch / Larca (from The Maid and the Bloody Pocketwatch)
Now here is a really good rock arrangement of this song. I wonder if they’ve done any more songs? Sounds a lot like S.S.H.’s stuff.

Touhou Fuujinroku ~ Non-stop Remix / Senpi
A very nice 12-minute long medley of pretty much every song in Mountain of Faith.

Mystic Oriental Love Consultation / Zey=G=Sacrifice (from Mystic Oriental Love Consultation)
BadApple!! ~ RomanticTrumpetArr. / Zey=G=Sacrifice (from Bad Apple!!)
Hakurei ~ EasternWind / Zey=G=Sacrifice (from Hakurei ~ Eastern Wind)
A few pretty good arranges. Definitely give these a listen, especially if you’re into the older songs.

NINE – Luv Girl – / Aliceray (from Beloved Tomboy)
It’s a techno arrange. More importantly, the main site says it was released on September 31. Hahahahaha. I kept that in the tag of the file anyway.


Anyway, here’s the pack of all those arrangements:


See you!


2 Responses to “Touhou News 2009.10.03 + Weekly Arrangements IV [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 Agent556
    October 11, 2009 at 10:21 PM

    holy… i heard the crossfade for lucent wish the instrumental, any idea where to get that?

  2. 2 darkslime
    October 12, 2009 at 6:52 PM

    Haa… we can’t tell you explicitly, but here’s a protip: when looking for the album, google “site:mediafire.com search terms here”.

    Otherwise, check all the usual places. If it’s a new album, you’ll have to resort to checking Share, most probably.

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