Touhou News 2009.09.26 + Weekly Arrangements III [Orange Farm Archive]

Scarlet Symphony update, tons of arrangements, look-aheads to upcoming CDs, and shit going down at Nico Video! details inside



[Denden Mushi na Monogatari] Touhou Denden Mushi


Another Touhou bullet hell fangame. You can choose from Reimu and Marisa, but no other difficulty levels. X is to shoot, Z is to shoot while focused(you’ll slow down) so there is no “focus” button. C is bomb. It’s a complete game, not a trial, so go check it out if you’re bored with the main games. The neat thing about this game is the shadow effect – which can be a little confusing at times, but it’s easy to get used to. You can download it here.

[Old Recollection] Dream Zhen War ~ Suwako Vs. Huge Catfish


This is a neato “escape action” Flash game where you, as Suwako, are escaping from the giant catfish(which, since 12.3, has become quite a meme). Basically, when the catfish jumps and hits the ground, it’ll stop you, unless you’re in the air. So, jump when the catfish lands while avoiding falling rocks. Getting stopped(or stopping yourself with X) or getting hit by rocks will take time away, and you’re on a time limit. The game features an online scoreboard and everything and is rather addictive. >_< Anyway, click on the picture to go to the page with the game on it.


Some absolutely ridiculous Touhou event is happening right now at Nico Video. Good thing I gave you guys that tutorial last week, eh? People are submitting shit like crazy, and a lot of it is really good quality, like this Touhou anime opening that’s completely custom made. It’s freaking awesome – made by a whole bunch of different people. It even loops! A full list of videos with the festival tag is here. There’s already a lot of stuff up. Sort by # of views or mylist additions for the best stuff. Nico is loading pretty slow at the moment, though, haha.



Chapter 27 of Touhou Bougetsushou ~ Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth came out on the 23rd. Now if someone would get around to scanlating the last chapter of Silent Sinner in Blue, we’d be set… (and Cage in Lunatic Runagate ;_;)

Chapter 4 of Touhou Sangetusei ~ Sacred Oriental Place was also released today.


Syu’s quiz homepage put up a small cosplay gallery from Moon Banquet 2, if you’re interested. Incidentally, the circle list for Touhou Kouroumu 5 is also up.


The Patchouli, Aya, and Yuyuko skins for the Touhou Fortress 2 project have been updated. Go check it out on the only English website link in this post :D



Frontier Aja released a 1.03 update patch for Koumajou Densetsu ~ Scarlet Symphony the other day. As you can see from the, it’s a relatively large changelist. I have translated the changelist, but because of wordpress’s failtasticness, I can’t actually put it here. So here’s a pastebin. Wait, for some reason that isn’t working either! I hate my life. Everything seems to hate this snippet of text. Anyway, you can pick up the patch here by clicking on the box on the right that says 1.03(1.00->1.03), or one of the other ones on the left if you’ve already patched the game to 1.02 or something.

Doujin CD News

(Sunshine Creation 45)[Iemitsu.] Tri1-Obedience Love[M*A]
Good ol’ Iemitsu techno. I’ve never really took the time to listen to any of Iemitsu’s stuff, but this ain’t too bad, really. It’s actually pretty good.

A group of three CDs of arrangements from UFO. They each have their own genre – one is orchestral, one is metal, and one is trance. It appears that Takumi Inohaya(see: the RECONQUISTA metal album) did the arrangements for everything; Tomoya Koga is on guitar, and Yuichiro Kato and Soe are on saxophone. The crossfades that are up on the website currently sound really good.

(Kouroumu 5)[Kraster] Scarlet†LoverS

The newest album by IRON ATTACK! is a full vocal one.

(Kouroumu 5/M3-24)[Birdtune] Touhou Chunchunkyou

(M3-24)[Shadow Children] Touhou Rasatsuroku
Two trial tracks are up on the main website – Love-Colored Master Spark and Retribution for the Eternal Night ~ Imperishable Night. Both sound really cool, and there’s a wide variety of instruments being played.

(M3-24)[Shibayan Records] Kiseki * Impulse ~ emotionalfeedback
It’s some pretty heavy chiptune-style stuff, some with vocals.

(Kouroumu 5)[TUMENECO] Yumegatari
An album featuring an interesting variety of songs, like Innocent Treasures and Girl’s Secret Sealing Club, all arranged by tomoya(not the same one that does stuff for NEUTRAL2 ;)). Most of them are vocals; they don’t sound bad, so check out the crossfade if you want. The website for the album doens’t say who the vocalists were, though.

(Kouroumu 5)[Rolling Contact] Dead’n’Being
Described as a “drum ‘n’ bass album”. Go check it out if you’re a fan of Rolling Contact’s stuff; this one is available for free download on their website. Friggin lolicons.

(Kouroumu 5)[Lapis moss] Hanachou Fuugetsu
Lapis Moss’s first album, featuring vocals. The entire CD is also available for free download on their website.

(Kouroumu 5)[Koiiroya] Again Sign “Heart Colors”

(Kouroumu 5)[Riverside] Gran Magna
Riverside’s fourth doujin CD. Lots of vocals. The songs tend to give off a pretty interesting atmosphere, from what I’ve heard.

(Kouroumu 5)[Denkai Productions] Touhou Soushinrai
A CD featuring tracks by a new member to the circle, Johnson. Sounds mostly trance-y and in some parts just plain weird.

(Kouroumu 5)[Crystal Amber] Kazenone Quartet
An arrangement CD featuring remixes by Nakajima, Clonesoldier, and Larca, made with the concepts of “quartet” and “autumn” in mind. Seems like nice, ambient music, for the most part.


* A Gentleman’s Desire for FUSION / mocchie (from Nuclear Fusion)
* Casket of Germanium / mocchie (from Casket of Star)
* Ayayaya-yama / mocchie (from Mysterious Mountain)
* Hieda no AQN / mocchie (from Child of Are from Perfect Memento in Strict Sense)
The usual group of speed arrangements from mocchie~ It’s always nice to hear a good Casket of Star arrangement, especially. :P

* Moon Flower Clock / Futepen (from Luna Dial, Flowering Night, and KILL CITY from Shin Jinki na Takakai/Bousatsu
* CRAZY SCARLET / Futepen (from U.N. Owen was her?)
* Abreise / Futepen (from Riverside View)
Some more wild and crazy ska for all you fans out there. As a side note, that Shin Jinki na Tatakai/Bousatsu thing comes from a performance by the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra or something.

* Shadow / Hakugin (from Ghostly Eyes)
Another dark piano arrangement from White Falls. It sounds really good(well, Ghostly Eyes is one of my favorite songs, but). BTW, the arranger is hakugin, not shirogane. My bad >_<

* The Wheelchair’s Future Universe / DO (from a track in Magical Astronomy)
Very nice piano arrangement of a song I hadn’t heard before. :P The SDF is included in the pack.

[Water Mill]
* Dance of Witches / Gauche (from Dance of the Witches ~ Magus from Shuusou Gyoku)
An interesting take on this old, popular song.

* Aerial Grenwich / Beckman (from Aerial Grenwich from Magical Astronomy)
A pretty nice brass arrangement of the song.

* White Longsword Wind – Autumn Waterfall / Virus Key (from Autumnal Waterfall)
You’ll have to turn up the sound on this one – it’s an absolutely beautiful orchestral version of Autumnal Waterfall.

* Paradise / K@Ken (from Deep Mountain)
A really nice light arrangement of Paradise ~ Deep Mountain from PCB. The song works perfectly in a major key rather than a minor one.

* Hellfire Mantle / Kituki Oborozuki (from Hellfire Mantle)
A piano arrange of the song; I’ve included the MIDI, SDF, and PDF files for the score.

* March “Scarlet” / Yuu Hazuki (from Septette for the Dead Princess)
An upbeat march version of Remilia’s theme. It’s a fairly run-of-the-mill march, according to their website XD

* Eastern / fratanity (from Snow or Cherry Petal)
A very nice arrangement of the title theme from PCB.


As usual, here is the pack of all these arrangements: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=3c94fa4e3d13b957391d7d881749d3a7391fffb5234531825621d66e282a0ee8

See you next week!


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