Touhou News 2009.09.19 + Weekly Arrangements II [Orange Farm Archive]

Yay, lots of news again~



[disfact] Hiten’eiro ~ Astronomical Few Minute.


From the same people who brought you the ridiculous Resurrection of Heaven’s Liquor last year… Anyway, you can download the trial now. The full version is due out at Moon Banquet 2 on the 22nd. This game crashes my video card unless I’m on 256 color mode, but maybe it’ll work better for you!


Download is the only link on the page(near the bottom).


[UTG Software] Touhou Tenporoku ~ Combinations with you


A crazy Suwako fan makes an extra boss for her to fight. It’s only a video, I think. That last spellcard is o__o



[Moon Goddess] Touhou Kououki


Now here is a game I could get into. It’s a simple platformer starring Cirno as the main character.


The story is that you play hide-and-seek with Letty.

So she disappears, and you go through the level shooting icicles at lesser fairies and dodging spike balls. And then you run into Momiji.


You get her to slack off her news-gathering work she’s doing for Aya at the moment to play danmaku.

She’s not difficult. You beat her and go onto the next level, and then Aya finds Momiji and scolds her. And then the trial runs out.



Click on any of those links on the right that say ミラー to download. Installation is simple. Works on Windows 7, too :3


The Touhou Fortress 2 project rolls along with their fifth completed skin, Aya as the Scout. Go check it out!




Touhou BGM Extractor version 1.4 beta2 was released. It now works with UFO. For those of you unfamiliar with the program, it lets you not only extract the music, but also put your own in, specify loop times, and more.


Go down to the FIRST link that says version 1.4 beta2 パッケージ. I’m not going to write up a tutorial, though, so go ask around on some forums or something :D


The doujin circle Mandarake is showing off a set of Scarlet Devil Mansion-themed erasers, as well as some PSP skins, haha. What will you think of next, Japan?



The Touhou Vsync patch has been updated to version 5, and is uploaded on coolier here: http://coolier.sytes.net:8080/th_up3/file/th3_8419.zip

The UFO version is this one: http://coolier.sytes.net:8080/th_up4/index.php?id=1057

As always, make sure you back up your save data before trying any kind of third-party tools.


In other news, this Remilia Scarlet figure was sold on Yahoo! Auctions Japan for a whopping 250,000 yen(about $2500)!



I don’t understand people sometimes.


* Delusional World / mocchie (from Dream Land (TH05))

I don’t get much chance to listen to good remixes of music from the PC-98 era, but this one is pretty catchy. It’s mocchie’s 33rd entry into his speed arrange album.

* Emotion Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind / Fresh Bread (from Cosmic Mind)

A nice synth/techno mix of Byakuren’s theme.

* Bad Apple / Utsubo (from Bad Apple!!)

Just wow. It sounds like some kind of symphonic performance. Definitely give this a listen.

* Fall of Fall ~ Autumnal Waterfall / Taka (from Fall of Fall)

This is a pretty damn good arrangement. I can’t really describe it. It really grants atmosphere to it. Plus a great violin and piano… ^^;

* Ancient Beast Protecting the Country ~ The Old ONE / SS featuring Hina (lyrics by Sayaka Yamazaki) (from Old World)
* The Deep Region She Saw / SS featuring Hina (lyrics by Sayaka Yamazaki) (from Third Eye)
* O Fleeting Power of the Strong / SS featuring Hina (lyrics by Eiki) (from Faith is for the Transient)
* On the Bridge No Longer Crossed ~ Key of Jerousy Heart / SS featuring Hina (lyrics by Sayaka Yamazaki) (from The Bridge No Longer Crossed and Green-Eyed Jealousy)

Four preview tracks from God Image Engraver’s third full album that was released at C76, and their first with vocals. It’s interesting; tracks 2 and sort of 1 remind me a lot of ALI PROJECT or whatever that group that did the Code Geass endings was called. So you’d have to be into that kind of thing, I guess. Their Faith is for the Transient is pretty good though. Of course, since these are all trial versions, it’s only part of the song.

* Miss a Cool Zeal / Tamaya (for Suwako)
* icy Heart / Tamaya (for Cirno)
* Sprint Concept ex / Tamaya (for Aya)
* Back to the beginning / Tamaya (for Sakuya)
* Losing Except Misfortune / Tamaya (for Hina)
* Free Flight / Tamaya (for Reimu)
* Cry / Tamaya (for Patchouli)
* Light Orange -Selfish Cat- / Tamaya (for Chen)
* Fate Blood / Tamaya (for Remilia)
* Refreshing Cucumber / Tamaya (for Nitori)

A bunch of anime-ish guitar rock arrangements, in that the arrangement is created specifically to fit the character’s image. Tamaya is also working on an “OP” at the moment, but it’s not quite finished yet. Enjoy these creative remixes.

* Poltergeist Ensemble / Citolo (from Phantom Ensemble)

A nice Phantom Ensemble with guitars. Which are probably synthesized, but still…

* The Maid and the Bloody Pocketwatch / Nakajima (from The Maid and the Bloody Pocketwatch)

Hahaha, it’s a Ska/Latin song.

* Shoot It !! / Futepen (from Title Theme; “Interceptor” from FANTASIA)

More ska for you~ This one combines the title theme from Touhou with a song from a game I can’t find any information on. :D

[Sequence Club]
* For Transient People/original / Inami (from Faith is for the Transient)

Lulz techno

[Water Mill]
* Cosmic Mind / Gauche (from Flames of Hokkai and Cosmic Mind)

A medley of the Stage 6 theme and Byakuren’s theme from the end of UFO.

[Crunchy Crunchy]
* Phantom Ensemble / Konbu (from Phantom Ensemble)

A very ZUN-sounding version of the song, what with the synths and everything.

* The falls in love ~ Falling in Love / Nyakitsu (from Fall of Fall)

I can’t tell what this song is going for most of the time. After hearing amazing remixes of this song by circles like UI-70, it’s just…

* Wind God Girl / Beckman (from Wind God Girl)

It’s played with a recorder! With a whole bunch of other stuff. I wonder if he played all those instruments himself?

[Illusion Melody]
* Touhou Medley 2 / Iruka

A really nice piano medley… Almost 16 minutes long in total XD It goes through, let’s see… The SWR title theme, Mysterious Mountain, Wind God Girl, Love-Colored Master Spark… There’s just way too many to list. It comes with a midi, pdf, and sdf file as well, if you dare to attempt this monster…!


As always, here is the pack of Touhou arrangements. It’s split into two parts – one contains only Tamaya’s arrangements, and the other has the rest of the songs.

2009-38 Touhou Arrangements
2009-38 Touhou Arrangements(Tamaya)

All pictures courtesy of 1) the respective arrangers’ websites, 2) Seisaku no Shiori, and 3) Habitual Calamity blog(who probably got his pictures from somewhere else).


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  1. 1 komidol
    September 20, 2009 at 7:36 AM

    I’d pay 2500$ for Remilia, if you know what I mean.

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