Let’s show these greenhorns… [Orange Farm Archive]

Hello. My name is Rob. Just, Rob. I’m a friend of both Komidol and Darkslime and I’m slightly bored enough to try this blogging thing. I’ve decided for my first pew posts I’ll be doing some excerpts from my time playing Legend of Galactic Heroes VII.

Pew Pew

However, I’m sure some of you are asking, what is Legend of the Galactic Heroes? Well, if you’re too lazy to check wiki, I can tell you.

combined with
with classical music playing in the background. Yes, you read that right, classical music. All space battles get a 100x increase in awesome with trumpets and violins.

Oh and this stuff about society and decadence and social issues.
Did I mention they fight ground battles with halberds or double axes?
No, I don't mister. Please don't slice me in two
It’s the little things that matter during battle.

Anyway, they recently released a game based off the series. I’ll be detailing some battles and doing my best to make it interesting. As a matter of fact, here would be the first battle on the Free Planets Alliance faction.

Stageu 1
Battle of Legnica

Stage 1 takes place during the Gaiden chapters, I believe. In any case, not really necessary. Also, take note of the gas giant – will become important later.

Come on down, you're the next Commander on...
Today’s all star cast

Normally you’re allowed to pick which commanders to fight on the battlefield, but the single player campaigns usually restrict you (to keep it in universe). Today we have Paeta as First Fleet’s Commander. Paeta is notable for being one of the more incompetent FPA (Free Planet Alliance) officers in the show. Yang Wen-li, one of the main protagonists of the show, is First Fleet’s adjunct. I don’t understand really what adjuncts do in this game (I think they add their stat’s to the fleet commanders), but he’s there irregardless. Finally, as First Fleet’s Right Flank Commander, we have Attenborough. Attenborough is an awesome guy in the show, and an awesome commander in the game. I’ll show you why later in the battle. First Fleet doesn’t have a Left Flank Commander, as Right/Left Flank Commanders aren’t necessary for the fleet. It also doesn’t state it, but the total fleet size is 4,000 (3,000 under Paeta, 1,000 under Attenborough)

The battle starts and pretty soon…

Tekikan Sekkin!
The enemy fleet commander is not aiming at the main fleet because he has no eyes. Or just grossly incompetent

One of the advantages of having Flank Commanders is their ability to detach from the main fleet. As you can see here, Attenborough is attacking the side of the enemy and causing severe damage. The blue bar represents morale, the green bar represents how many ships are left (The yellow portion are damaged ships, I don’t know what kind of penalties, if any, they suffer). The levels are tied directly to the Fleet Commander, and higher level has higher stats. But since those are all in Japanese, I don’t know what they mean.

Run you coward!
Not seen here: The wreckage of 999 ships

He starts to run, but only after his entire fleet is gone. Jeeze, you think you would do that before such a thing happens. Attenborough forms up with the main fleet and we give chase.

Oh Hai
Don’t mind us, we’re just having a friendly chat

He retreats back to another fleet. In some kind of fit of madness, he then decides the best option would be to charge my fleet with the other fleet. I don’t think he realized that his allies weren’t charging a little to late.

Enemy Officer – Defeated!

Well, that’s one less incompetent fleet commander I need to worry about. I start to battle with the other fleet, but we greatly outnumber them as well. The battle doesn’t go so well for them and then –

I am the bone of my sword– wait wrong game

One of the no-name enemy fleet commanders activates a special ability. Some of the more observant folks might have noticed a bar filled with green on the bottom portion of the GUI. That represents “Commander Points”. Every Person in your fleet has one Commander Ability, and they can cost anywhere from 1 to 3 points. They can do any number of things, and are normally your ace in the hole when things look bad, or when you want to make things look bad for the enemy. In this case, the enemy fleet commander activates an attack power bonus ability.

This was slightly bad, as I was being flanked from a second fleet, and I had to retreat back a bit and wait out until his ability ran out. I had trouble doing this, since I was at point blank range with him. Luckily, he didn’t cause too much damage.

Zawa Zawa
You wanna pray game? Let’s pray game

To take care of the pesky flanking fleet, I send Attenborough off since they have equal numbers. However, the way the battle is moving between the fleets, Attenborough’s suffering some losses because he doesn’t have a numerical superiority, and he’s also being pulled farther and farther away. I decide to pull Attenborough back into the main fleet. By the time he gets back, Paeta has managed to finish off the fleet he was engaging. I quickly turn the fleet around and engage the fleet Attenborough was having trouble with earlier. They don’t last long under my supreme power.

Run away~!
Another runner

We give chase until his engines give out.

Salute the brave

An eerie peace settles on the battlefield. Theirs probably more ships, but I don’t know where. I orient the fleet towards the right side of the map, since we’re near the left side of the map’s boundary.

Oh man, they have faces! They must be strong!

Oh man, they came out of nowhere, look how much bigger their fleet is. Immediately I start to suffer losses to both morale and the size of my fleet. I know what I must do. Yang Wen-Li stands up on the bridge of the Battleship and…
Stop Sucking
Translation: When I wave my hand like this, all of you stop sucking

Yang Wen-Li’s commander ability costs 3 points. I had 8, so I decided to eat it. His is an AOE (meaning it can effect multiple fleets), and…well, I don’t really what it does. All I know is that the Fleet size indicator on all allied ships gets a glowing silver outline, and starts to regenerate damaged ships. It also severely increases defense of all ships as well, since they stop taking damage. Fuck yes, Yang you are amazing.

The enemy fleet backs up, and I do as well. This gives us some room where our main ships are still firing our E-beams, but aren’t close enough to use the more damaging torpedoes most ships have. However, we’re far away enough to launch our missiles. I’ve been saving them for this!

Macross Missile Madness

The missiles fly and strike the center of the fleet. They start to take losses (mostly damaged, but a good number are destroyed). They take evasive maneuvers and start to head south on the map. However, by this time I started to move in. I orient my fleet to slide into the enemy fleets previous position and have the fore of their ships pointing north. This seems to catch them off guard – I’m attacking the rear of the enemy fleet. Before they can turn around and reorganize the battle line…

Attenborough stands up from his command chair and gives the order.


Attenboroughs special ability is to make all ships equipped with E-beams fire FULL Broadsides (normally they fire in rows to keep up a continuous stream of pew pew). Coupled with the fact the enemy fleet is in disarray and my entire fleets gets the bonus, I was expecting to see some explosions. I wasn’t disappointed, but then…

I keep my pimp hand strong...
Hold the Line!

Mittermeyer activates his special ability, which starts to regenerate enemy ships at an alarming rate. Not one to let him get away with such a counter to my NEEDS MORE DAKKA strategy, I send in the Spartans. They’re basically fighter craft.

Pew! Pew Pew! Pew
Kinda hard to see. They’re the glowing little white fairy orb things

They start to inflict damage. They don’t launch their own fighters as fleet defense, probably because it caught them off guard. But just to make sure..

Pictures cannot do justice for when the fleet fires

Attenborough activates his special again, since it just ran out. The enemy fleet starts to suffer heavy losses.

And then a cut scene happens. Most single player missions have cut scenes sometime through the mission, since they’re taken directly from the TV episodes.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS9hcMCz_fs (start at 6:00 if you don’t want to watch all of it) shows what happens.

Wait, what
I won! By losing! Hurray!

I get an S rank for my effort. You can also see the progression of the game. It’s mostly Paeta (Is fighting) Galactic Empire (Fleet whatever) and Galactic Empire (Fleet Destroyed) but it also shows the times.

And that’s that! Hope you enjoyed the read.


5 Responses to “Let’s show these greenhorns… [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 komidol
    September 18, 2009 at 12:50 PM

    You conquer the galaxy, I’ll conquer feudal Japan.

    I get princesses, you don’t.

  2. 2 fattierob
    September 18, 2009 at 2:57 PM

    The galaxy is bigger then feudal Japan.
    Statistically speaking, I will have more princesses then you.

  3. 3 komidol
    September 18, 2009 at 2:58 PM

    Mine won’t be green and slimy.

  4. 4 darkslime
    September 18, 2009 at 3:09 PM

    Hey, I take offense to that…

  5. 5 fattierob
    September 18, 2009 at 9:37 PM

    Just Realized The First Fleet total is 5,000 (4,000 under paeta, 1,000 under atten) and where it reads “Not Pictured: 999 ship wreckages” should be 1,999.


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