Touhou News 2009.09.12 + Weekly Arrangements I [Orange Farm Archive]

Got a whole bunch of stuff for you guys today. News, plus a whole bunch of arrangements.


But most importantly, of course, is the release of the Touhou 12 English patch. You can find it over at Gensokyo.org.

Jesus christ, the game hasn’t even been released to stores yet and they already finished. I believe UFO uses the same engine as MoF and SA though, so it was probably a lot easier. So, grab the update to v1.00b, and grab the patch to enjoy your non-moonrunes.


In other news, the Touhou TF2 reskin project seems to be coming along quite nicely. You can check it out here – they finished the Patchouli skin for the sniper the other day, bringing the total count to 4.

tf2skin-patchouliI stay away from FPSs, but this just might make me reconsider.

They’ve been tossing around this idea for quite a while on poolshmer, so it’s great to see that they found some people that were willing to do the skins. Now, if only they could find some voice actresses to do the voice clips…


In case you haven’t seen it yet, the Marisa Nendoroid figure has been designed, and there are some pictures of it floating around the Internet.


The Reimu figure has already been released… I think it’s pretty awesome how they’re actually making figures of a doujin game.

nendoroid-marisa2…and fire your Master Spark of love!


Finally, in less important news(to us Westerners anyway):

  • Applications for the next Reitaisai have opened online. By the way, it’s going to be on March 14, 2010 – early again next year, unfortunately for ZUN~
  • The circle maps for Moon Banquet 2, Scarlet Square 2, and Sunshine Creation 45 have been released(don’t ask me to translate)


And finally, it’s time for the first installment of our weekly legally downloadable Touhou arrangements, shamelessly taken and translated from Seisaku Shiori. I’ve included a file with all the songs in it for your convenience; scroll down to to the end of the post to see.

Or, if you only want a few of these, you can go to the website(click on the banner) and find it yourself(it’s usually not difficult – if you need help, just comment on this post).

EDIT — WordPress is being a total fucking bitch(again), so none of the banner pictures will actually show up for some reason. They’re displayed on this edit post dialog just fine, and the preview page. Sorry for the inconvenience.

* Summer Carnival ’09 Rekka Mantle / YS (from Hellfire Mantle)
* Konparo / YS (from Forsaken Doll)
* Hong Meiling’s Super Chinese 3 / YS (from Chinese Tea)
* Cirno no Ikki / YS (from Beloved Tomboy)
These are the four NES-style chiptune arrangements comprising FragileOnline’s first part of the new series of arrangements, “True Touhou Chiptune Jigoku -Shameimaru’s Portrait of Hell-“. They’re available in both MP3 and NSF format. Of course, the Cirno no Ikki one is for Cirno Day – there’s even a video on nicovideo with it(it’s right at the top of the page). If you’re into chiptunes, give these a listen.

Golden Pe Done’s free C76 CD, “2nd EP”, is available for full download. It’s pretty much all heavy electronica stuff.

ziki_7 has released the music he arranged as a guest on doujin CDs to the public. Everything he did from 2006 to 2008 that wasn’t his own album is up for download~

* River Child / Futepen (from Candid Friend)
* Die Nacht Des Puppenspielers / Futepen (from Doll Judgement)
* GUREMIKO ~Shinto Priest’s Theme~ / Futepen (from Dream Battle; BOSKONE ~Inbousha’s Theme~ 2)
Jazzy and ska remixes galore~ That GUREMIKO song has elements from a game called Shin Jingi-naki Tatakai in it, in case you were wondering.

* Fall / Rikuya (from Romantic Fall; Because Princess Inada is Scolding Me)
A neato medley of Touhou 10’s first stage and boss themes; I really like how it sounds.

* Urei Yado / Shirogane (from Awakening of the Earth Spirits)
A nice, dark piano arrangement of Touhou 11’s title theme.

* Shoujo Satori ~3rd eye~ / Utsubo (from Third Eye)
* Alice in Wonderland / Utsubo (from Alice in Wonderland)
A couple of really beautiful songs filled with emotion. Of course, I’m a sucker for Satori remixes… Very nicely done on both counts, anyways.

* Heian Alien / gin (from Heian Alien)
Another Heian Alien remix; there must be a zillion by now.

* Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ Battle Reimu / Fresh Bread (from Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly)
* Crystallize Silver ~ Piano Etude / Fresh Bread (from Crystallize Silver)
The first is a pretty cool rock arrangement of Reimu’s theme from Shuusou Gyoku, and the second is a piano arrangement of Letty’s theme.

* Beloved Tomboy / Aiiro Salaya (from Beloved Tomboy)
Interesting sounding electronica remix.

* A Tiny, Tiny Dream Land / mocchie (from A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander)
A speed arrangement; you can watch it in nicovideo form here. This is number 32 in mocchie’s “Touhou Speed Arrange -Bousoukuse-” series. Kinda shrill, but I wouldn’t mind checking out some of his other stuff. And of course, Nazrin’s theme is *always* good.

* Shoujo Satori ~Unreadable Heart~ / Yuusuke Ouka (from Third Eye)
This is a pretty cool arrangement(but again, Satori’s theme is one of my favorites). Piano over a rhythm guitar, for the most part.

* Emotion Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind / Tomoya (from Cosmic Mind)
Tomoya has contributed a few songs to the CD-producing circles for some events, and is apparently a member of NEUTRAL2. In any case, this is a Lunatic-mode piano arrangement. The PDF file is there, and in the fanpack link at the bottom of this post. I would not want to try playing this… ^^;

* Heian Alien / Daifuku Kagura (from Heian Alien)
* Phantom Ensemble / Daifuku Kagura (from Phantom Ensemble)
Trance/techno music, with a hint of a haunted-house thing going on.

The pack of all these arrangements can be downloaded here.


Credits for the pictures go to Gensokyo.org, the Touhou Fortress 2 website, and the Mikatan Blog.


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