The Suffering of Mikuru Asahina [Orange Farm Archive]


Shit just got real.


You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

Haruhi’s large back story and execution always helped in making seemingly small encounters seem (or, maybe – really are) on a much larger scale.  If there’s anyone who weathered all of Endless Eight along with me, it just makes the large plot development even better to watch.  Though, we have already seen episodes past this in season one, so I don’t know if that makes re watching those episodes more valuable or it makes watching these less exhilarating overall.


The big difference between Haruhi season one and two is that in the first season anything could happen.  We might not know the end to that cliffhanger from three episodes ago (since it was aired out of order), or we could be way further in the future.  Haruhi got a lot of flak for being aired out of order, but ultimately it was the best decision for that show, especially with how anticlimactic the final episode was.


Season two we know the end result of everything airing.  I found episode thirteen particularly entertaining, but there’s no rush to watch Haruhi every week.  You know nothing in the story is going to dramatically change.  On top of that, we know that the novels are still being written, so no definite end even exists.  Though, on the bright side, the next light novel has been announced.


It’ll be years before we see the end, or maybe even the climax for Haruhi (now that’s it’s such a money horse :\) though I’m going to keep watching for a variety or reasons.

Reason #3) LOL-FANG-TAN



Dat Fang, dat Hair, and dat Alcohol slipping.  If anyone can get me a one night stand with Tsuruya I can pay you in Japanese territory and slightly used princesses.  Gahaha!   Speaking of which, what would the laughing battle between Rance and LOL-FANG-TAN be like?

Reason #2) Mikuru Suffering




Reason #1)  My Ex-Wife


A pony tail is fine too.

Haruhi’s the central element of the show, so she should be the reason to watch it.  I like her reactions to a lot of things, and while she wasn’t the one meant for me – in my youth, she changed my life by showing me to try to seek and find things one has never seen or done.  For that reason alone, she’ll hold a small part of me forever, and not even an Endless Eight movie could tear it break it apart.

I like the plot development that Koizumi determined, saying that Haruhi maybe a lesser member or entrusted with divinity – rather than be a god herself.  That would make the entire SOS Brigade a collection of the lower members of their respective groups.  Their amount of power could also be shown by their positions.

-Haruhi, divinity, has the power to destroy this reality.  Hence why she is the leader.

-Koizumi is the vice-brigade chief, who actively fights celestials and uses telepathy.

-Nagato and Mikuru are observers for their entities and only use power when absolutely necessary.  Mikuru is slightly lower, seeing as she doesn’t really have the ability to actively use her “powers”.


-Kyon is the lowest, who either has no power or has not awakened his power yet.  But considering Haruhi asked for a brigade of “Aliens, Time Travelers, Espers, or Sliders”, I’m guessing we’ll see that in season three.

Koizumi’s theory also makes the first few seconds of the season one opening make sense.


I’ve stayed away from the light novels so I could enjoy these scenes years later all the more, but I may cave in soon…


2 Responses to “The Suffering of Mikuru Asahina [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. September 10, 2009 at 10:21 AM

    People’s posts on the series make me WANT to start up again after Endless Eight, but real life is starting to intrude hardcore. I need to be DROPPING things, not adding them. *sigh* Maybe After Hayate no Gotoku finishes…

  2. 2 komidol
    September 11, 2009 at 6:02 AM

    Haruhi is really getting good. It’s hard to “get into it” since Endless Eight, but I really enjoyed this episode.

    Anyway, it’s not as gripping for the reasons I said above, but it’s still a top show this season.

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