Kara no Kyoukai 06 – Wincest Edition [Orange Farm Archive]


Imouto Acquired!

“I’m what you might call a troubled young lady.  I going to explain something so there  won’t be any misunderstandings.  I’m not troubled by the fact I love my older brother.”

Azaka is what you might call an S-tier imouto.  I’m going to explain something so there  won’t be any misunderstandings.  I am not troubled by the fact I love Typemoon wincest.


Lookin’ pretty Rin there, Azaka.

Does this mean if Rin had an older brother she’d be wincest for him?  I hope so.  She seems like the type.



I need to praise Touko for forcing these two together on a mission.  Also the flash back to seeing young Ryougi was a nice reminder of KnK 2.


“I beg to differ.”

Seeing Azaka frustrated and forced to spend her time with Shiki was delightful.  KnK 6 is now my second favorite of the series, after five and before two.  Azaka’s origin is “taboo”, and seeing as Otaku’s tend to not be accepted by society, this makes her very attractive.


Me, while watching this movie.

There are two types of taboos.  The first is the type that creates a victim and the second is the type that is shunned by civilization.  Rape, murder, and theft are the big three, and the three I will never agree with – along with a myriad of others.  However, there is a second taboo.  Things that are frowned upon in society that I do not understand.  Things like Azaka loving Mikiya.  I can say, I’m not as partial (if at all) in reality, though I can say it makes for a very entertaining show.




Love how the dog woke up after sleeping with Azaka.  Now there’s a taboo I don’t agree with Azaka, don’t you have any other ways of venting your frustrations for your brother?  Hfuhfu…though I will praise Nasu for her symbolism.  I liked seeing how she related the dog to Ryougi.



“What the fuck! – Get off me before I cut your lines!”


I love Azaka’s pushy personality.  Ryougi’s blunt honesty is also attractive.  The two of them in that bed is…


This is a picture of Azaka’s face. What?  I thought I’d have a normal caption for once.

Mikiya doesn’t know what he’s missing.  I’ve always wanted a pushy fiery imouto.  The church garbs do bother me, but I admit I love the natural look.  Very pure girl.



It doesn’t take a psychologist to see why she fell in love with Mikiya.  Figured that one out way before the end of the movie.  Shame on you Nasu.


Azaka-kun, denwa.

I raged a little bit when Ryougi said “denwa”.


Determined DFC.

Azaka’s backstory wasn’t terribly in-depth, but I guess that makes sense with her character.   I think it’s ironic how Mikiya has the origin normality and his sister has the origin taboo.  Taboo does more amazing things.



Like blushing ferociously and being able to spend thousands in animation budget.  God I love Azaka.  While fire isn’t my favorite element (being the conflicted person I am), it is my most dominant.  Being the narcisst I am, I have to say Azaka is one sexy girl.


Dem eyes.


Dat ferocity.

I have to say I really enjoyed the animation for the fight scene.  This style of special effects is unique to KnK.  I have to hand it to TypeMoon and a lot of Japan in general for really ushering in the age of modern-looking art styles.  We were 10 years late, but it seems it’s finally set in as this generation gets a bit older.  I really look forward to what my generation has to offer the art field.  Being a man of science, I like to work to make things like this a reality.


Even if I know I’ll never manage anything this damn awesome.

I can try can’t I?


Ah well, natural beauty will always be the best anyway.


3 Responses to “Kara no Kyoukai 06 – Wincest Edition [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 Alexander
    September 2, 2009 at 11:25 AM

    Your second favorite? Wuaaaat… Was it the moe factor?

    But I have to agree, the animation in the climax was definitely one of the most impressive I’ve seen, if not the most. And I was already blown away at the climax of the first movie!

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