C76 Day 3 – Route of Ayano and other H-Games (Komidol) [Orange Farm Archive]

Also known as “The girl and the world and the sword of sweets.” (同人ゲーム)[私立さくらんぼ小学校]少女と世界とお菓子の剣 ~Route of AYANO~)

This post also includes the other assorted 18+ H-games I observed for C76~
Remember our disclaimer before reading more.


The thing I wanted the most going into C76 was the route of Ayano and I was happy to see it found it’s way to our side thanks to the bro’s at #c76.  It was very well done with good CG’s, voice acting, history and save options – and even works great with wide screen.  If any translator teams want to pick this up, I strongly reccomend it.


Don’t trip like that! Eye will helps you up~

There was also a K-ON H-game (放課後あずにゃん! – If you want to look for it on TokyoTosho) which might interest some of you.  I’m actually a bit disappointed however, while the voice actresses sound very close (though noticeably not, if you pay attention) to the original voice actress’ and the CG’s seem to be decent the game seems coded pretty horribly.  No skip buttons or anything like that, or fast keys.  Since, as you all know, I’ve worked on translating Magical Girl Kirara and Sarara, I can say the work put into this one is actually pretty shoddy.

Overall the whole thing was pretty lulzy, with no character sprites and just H-scenes, haha…


“If you don’t leave sensei alone I’m going to turn into a green goo tentacle monster with spikes and fangs, throw paint on your walls, and do alien brain surgery on you! MOU!

There was also a random H-game (oh you Otaku!) called honey that came out.  I was going to play it, but the menu screen has the same beeping noises that Saya No Uta does, being coded in the same engine.

If you didn’t guess, that scared the living shit out of me.

Anyway, C76 had decent eroge releases, so I’m sure me and a lot of other people are satisfied.

Updated 8/17/09: All things that have been striked out are content links have been removed with the end of the event.  Please check the sources listed in the wrap up post for your doujinshi from #c76!


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