C76 Day 2 – UI-70 and Sonic Hybrid Orchestra (Darkslime) [Orange Farm Archive]

I’m getting my grubby hands on more and more lately, so here’s Darkslime bringing you two of his favorite doujin groups~


The first CD is UI-70’s thirteenth release, another Touhou arrangement album.

jacket-front[UI-70] The Gift (UI-0210)

The genres here range from chiptunes to rock to trance, and stuff in between, too. My particular favorites in this album are tracks 2, 3, 6, and 9.

Track 2 is a rearrangement of Old Blood, the stage 3 theme from Imperishable Night, which was always one of the ones I liked. It’s upbeat, too – if any of you recall their Comiket 75 album, if, think about what they did to Fall of Fall and Spring Lane, and you’ll get the picture. It’s simply beautiful.

Track 3 is a nice mix of Nuclear Fusion, a song that a lot of groups seem to have trouble arranging just because of how unique it is, so it’s worth noting here.

Track 6 is an amazing take on Reincarnation, which seems to be the PC-98 track favorite among doujin bands. The song has always been amazing, but this is simply a pleasure to listen to.

Track 9 gets an honorary mention too, just because Sanae’s theme is one of my favorite all-time Touhou songs. This remix certainly does it justice :3

The jacket art was illustrated by Kanata Minamino, whose website can be found here if you’re interested.

Next up we have SHO’s anticipated TOHO TEMPEST IV. We got a small sneak peak at the Candid Friend track when the Another Side albums came out, but now the real thing is here.

jacket-front[Sonic Hybrid Orchestra] TOHO TEMPEST IV (SCDA-1012)

If you’ve ever listened to SHO before, you know what to expect: lots and lots of hispeed metal, and symphonic metal-type arrangements.

Track 3 is a great remix of Dark Road, which I almost never hear redone… It’s just as well, since I don’t really like the original song that much D: Speaking of which, the Mysterious Mountain arrangement is basically the same thing – I hate the original, but like this.

And MoF’s stage 5 theme, another one of my favorites, appears here on track 7. If I had to describe it in two words it would be “guitars everywhere”.

I also never thought he would remix Romantic Fall, but he did, and it turned out pretty well too.

Overall, another outstanding album by SHO. If you like this, and don’t know much about this guy’s music, I’d highly recommend BEST OF TEMPEST, which he released at C75 last winter.

The jacket was illustrated by pppo, whose site can be found here. There’s not actually that much there, but he’s done all the artwork for SHO, I believe.

Anyway, that’s the last post for the day, guys. I’ll be gone tomorrow and Monday, so Komi will be covering everything until I get back. See you later~


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