Comiket 79! [Orange Farm Archive]

The Orange Farm is in Comiket 79 Modo!  For this weekend we’ll be dedicated to covering the Japanese animation convention, Comiket, and keeping everyone notified when any doujin of any type or sort hits the net, so keep checking in!  Please check our disclaimer.


Update 01/01/11: Updated for Comiket 79!

Update 08/14/09: Make sure you have the appropriate tools to get what we show you.
Update 08/14/09:
Updated disclaimer for more specific text.
Update 08/16/09:
Updated disclaimer and added FAQ.


1) What is comiket?

Comiket is the largest anime con in the world taking place in Japan twice a year -once in the Summer and once around Christmas.

2) Are you actually there?

-_- No, but we will be one day.  Like we always do, we’ll be covering the otaku’s response on the net to Comiket.

3) So many posts!

Yes, whenever we find new content we’ll explore it and link it up.  But content for the most part is only linked during Comiket, so check back often!  The entire front page will be covered with post less than two days old, so check the archives as well.

4) New style?

Yup, every time Comiket is going on we (try to) cover it!  We try to dedicate the entire weekend to getting things available as they come out.  The blog gets a lot of traffic at Comiket, and we love making all the stuff found available (if only for a short time).  We hope some people stick around for our normal season anime and doujin coverage after it’s over.

5) Where can I find more Comiket stuff?

If you have a bit of patience, convenient means such as torrents and IRC bots will have most of the stuff throughout the week after Comiket.  If you don’t, you can hawk Japanese networks if you have the knowledge.  If not, that’s what we’re here for!  We will put up content we come across of our own interest as the community comes across it.  We will, however, remove most of the content after comiket is over.

Disclaimer: Caution, we are not responsible for any files linked offsite.  By clicking the links you are choosing, of your own volition, to obtain the data within and acknowledge the laws of your respective ISP and country.  This is true for all posts on the site, but especially so for posts tagged, but not limited to C76, Comiket, or Comiket 76.  (Or any future Comiket).  Also, most of the Comiket posts will have a mature theme.  View at your own risk.

Please note that The Orange Farm (or it’s authors) are not directly linking to any mature content as well.  Links provided will require further acknowledgment for download.  This is so we are not in violation with our service providers, wordpress.com.  You download all material listed at your own risk.

============================================Comiket 76 Archive

Most, if not all links will be removed after comiket.

Edit:  There will be updates before C76 underneath this sticky, so please enjoy them~

Edit2: This is the original post before C76 started. 



The Orange Farm is preparing for Comiket 76.  Put your guns on and stand by ready!  Please excuse any downtime or lack of updates (read: laziness) before August 14th.

Updated 8/17/09: All things that have been striked out are content links have been removed with the end of the event.  Please check the sources listed in the wrap up post for your doujinshi from #comiket !


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