Darkslime’s Adventures in Lunatic Mode (Part 1/99999) [Orange Farm Archive]

I’ve completed most of the Windows Touhoes on Hard already, but SA was one I hadn’t 1cc’ed yet.

So, against my better judgement, I decided “what the hey, let’s jump to Lunatic mode!”

Let’s just say these two weeks have been quite a ride…

th000Here we go…


So I open the game, load up Reimu+Suika for the luls, and enter the first stage and–


Well, that was probably just a sucker punch. Let’s see how the helix fairies are doing OH MY GOD

Holy shit, I didn’t know I could do this.

Yeah, I could sit here all day.

th003Note the lesser fairies shooting stuff at me.

…Dammit, what!? I can’t move! It’s like I’m just waiting for death!

Okay, I’ve died twice before the midboss. Let’s see if I can handle her.

Okay, that’s cool…

Why is the second one easier?
WHAT THE HELL SHE HAS A SPELLCARD OH GOD. …Apparently I need to get waaay out of the way. Well, that’s not *too* hard. See you next time bucket loli.

Which might be sooner than I think.


Okay, okay. That’s a game-over before even getting to the first boss. I’m going to wrap up the story there, because you get the picture.


There seem to be three ways to handle the spread-helix-fairies – shoot the fairies as they come and dodge what remains(simple), sit in the middle and get out right before the last one so you don’t get hit by the subfairies shooting at you(needs good timing), or stream the subfairy bullets while SITTING INSIDE THE HOLE. Which actually turns out to be not as hard as you would think – thus, I choose this one. : D

Kisume is usually a piece of cake.

Moving on, the rest of the stage is careful streaming. Careful because the helixes are obviously wider than just a single bullet – you can’t just move a couple pixels and expect to be safe.

Anyway, Yamame is freaking annoying. Her first non-card took me until today to figure out.

You *absolutely cannot* sit under her while she fires the wave, you need to be to a side. Then you can stream the red bullets as long as you keep an eye on the blue ones.

Her first spellcard is tough dodging practice. Second noncard is a no-brainer. Why is it so backwards!?

Her final spellcard is pretty tough… You really have to be on your toes when the second half of the wave rushes at you.

It took me about 5 or 6 tries to clear this stage. And that was using bombs – add on another 10 or so until I cleared it without bombing. Y u do dis to me, ZUN : ( In the end, though, figuring this stuff out is a lot of fun especially when you skip a difficulty level altogether. I believe Subterranean Animism is widely regarded as at least the hardest Windows Touhou, and possibly the hardest Touhou ever. Of course, I don’t play the PC-98 ones, so don’t take my word for it, haha.

I must be insane.

To be continued! Stay tuned for my journey into the tunnel that connects Gensokyo and what used to be Hell, and run into one jealous fairy! Elf? Dwarf…? Whatever she is, fun with MarisaB is definitely included.

On the fanon side of things, Yamame x Kisume has always been the norm, but the new crack pairing that puts Yamame with Wriggle is suddenly appearing. I guess it sort of makes sense; bug getting caught by spider, etc. but why the hell is it a pairing.

Anyway, while you wait, have some fanart.



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