Canaan (02-04) Character Analysis [Orange Farm Archive]

I’m just glad this time the character named Maria is really a girl.

Canaan, Spice and Wolf, and Endless Rage have built themselves up for my anime lineup this season, and I can honestly say it hasn’t been this good in years.  Though, since Canaan is the only new runner for this season (if you don’t count the endless references to previous TypeMoon characters) I want to pay special attention to it.  There’s a lot to watch this season outside of what I’ll just be posting about, so don’t expect episodic posts – but rather just posts when they catch my interest.

So since Canaan is the wildcard this season, I’m giving it first blood at a character analysis.  I’m only doing my top five, ready? Overdrive!

5. Siam


You don’t make loli Canaan blush and don’t make my top 5 list.  What a bro.  I’m looking forward to more of the backstory he’s going to contribute Canaan.  I hope he’s not just a plotpoint we’ll never see again to give reason to Alphard and Canaan fighting.  Seems like a pretty cool guy.

4. Side Characters


Everyone from the old man, to the boy who proved Canaan could be a heartless murderer, to the taxi cab driver entertains me without end.  Moreso than Alphard, her cronies, or anyone hanging out with Kiritsugu clone.  I don’t know how I feel about the main antagonists, but if the episodic plot point characters are this amazing, I’ll expect good things from them.  Though right now, I’m not too excited about Alphard and the crew.

3. Minorin Minoru


Ah, the life of the journalist looking for the big story.  Minoru is pretty keen, or atleast has enough common sense to pick up on what Maria misses.  Regardless, I somehow see nothing but failures coming to this man for the whole series, except maybe one big moment.  The poor soul.

2. Ryougi Shiki SHIKI Shiki Canaan


Canaan has main character syndrome big time.  She’s the central relation with every character, so much so I hope we don’t miss out on some of the other characters interactions – which I think are more entertaining.  I’d rather watch Mino and Maria fight than find out about some other regime that wants Canaan dead for some reason.  That aside, she’s a solid main character despite her lack of intimacy with the other characters.  I find her reactions entertaining, but I think Nasu has gone on the girl-who-has-mystic-eyes-and-has-no-problem-killing-people thing one too many times.  I personally find Ryougi more interesting since she doesn’t have a problem with killing, and in some senses, prefers it.  For Canaan, death is more an accepted part of life and something she seems to do only out of care for others or self protection.  Definitely a much nicer person.  I’m not sure if I like that, but it’ll make for a good story.

1. Arcueid Saber Moeria Maria


Maria’s genuine innocence brings the most reactive and the most moe element to the story, so naturally she’s number one.  I love her attitude, her outfit, her messy hair, that ahoge, and spirit.  She also seems to have quite a bit of backstory as indicated by I believe episode three regarding the virus and her odd appearence in the opening.  Super attractive in every way and an energy which will push the story along.  Want moar Maria, for sure.


Overall the story so far has been pretty entertaining and action packed, but it’s not much to write about.  I’m not amazed by anything in the story yet, but as always with Nasu there will be plot twists that make the work and the most interesting element will be the interaction between the characters.  I’m already pretty satisfied.  I’m glad TypeMoon finally started making full-series animes.  Because they’ve never done that before.



2 Responses to “Canaan (02-04) Character Analysis [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. July 29, 2009 at 4:04 AM

    Taxi Driver, FTW!

    But seriously, I have a friend on Anime-Planet who claimed that after episode 4, he thought the series wasn’t unique enough to continue watching (and then ran to Taishou Yakyuu Musume? I’m a little confused…), but I think your analysis follows more closely with my opinion.

    Canaan herself isn’t super-interesting except for how she’s going to get the more-interesting-than-it-looks-at-first-glance cast to dance around her as the plot goes forward. On the surface, I still feel more compelled by the pretty visuals, because the plot seems complicated but not mysterious (does that make sense?), but now that you mention it, the tiny little character interactions are one of the highlights.

    For a show with a lot of awesome action set-pieces, Canaan might be most enjoyable as a study of a set of relationships at a very intimate level. An interesting idea, no?

  2. 2 komidol
    July 29, 2009 at 8:31 AM

    I want to enjoyably study maria at a very intimate level if you know what I mean.

    Yeah, that complication without mystery does make sense though. Fate/Stay Night sort of felt the same way.

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