Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei – START [Orange Farm Archive]

The girls are back, and they mean business.

zszs-01a-01Dual-wielding Comiket catalogs for the win.

So, we start off the new season of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei with an episode that manages to reintroduce everyone(yes, for the third time). Episode 1-A(chapter 126) deals with the aspect of superstition when preparing for exams. Everyone does some pretty weird things for so-called “good luck” in order to get themselves to perform well. Some of the things mentioned are totally ridiculous, and mostly Japan-oriented(like the rest of the show), but has anyone really not tried to give themselves a little luck through witchcraft rituals or sacrificing lambs?

…Uhh, since I sure don’t. Yeah, that’s for sure. No hexagrams or sacrificial altars for me, mm-hmm.

Anyway, they picked a pretty good chapter to use because they remind you of Nozomu’s name’s “other reading” – Zetsubou, or despair. Therefore, all of the teachers suddenly gather and throw him out of the school based on this, and he’s locked up in a prison somewheres.

Of course, this won’t do – the girls are too attached to their suicidal teacher to let this pass. So they all charge the prison and literally kill everyone in sight. I’m not kidding – Fujiyoshi actually does draw blood with that C73 catalog.


Of course, Tsunetsuki was already with him from the start. The funniest part about the episode was its anti-climax – all it takes to get him out is Usui walking up and unlocking his cell. No one sees him, including Nozomu. Poor fairy.

After they break him out, they realize that the actual pronunciation of his name, “Nozomu”, uses the character for “hope”. That’s something that a lot of English watchers might not have caught, simply because no one ever says it or explains it or anything. Then they start to worship him. The end.

Episode 1B(chapter 179) is all about the things that really make it feel like spring. Nozomu points out that these aren’t necessarily good things, though.


Don’t ask me why the hell that postman is in his underwear, because I don’t know. Also don’t ask me about that weird fat guy that was in most of the episode because I don’t freaking understand that either.

Anyway, there are cliche things that make it feel like spring, like the blossoming of love, or taking on a part-time job. Then there are some weird things. For example, Ai’s house’s door is made of iron, so the warmth of spring makes it hard to open it because the metal expands. That kind of thing just makes you think, “ah, it’s really spring, isn’t it”, right?


Speaking of which, did you know that March is the month where the largest number of shops and stores go out of business? It’s also the month where the most middle-aged divorces take place. Walking through the streets and seeing closed-up shops and middle-aged men moving into apartments just makes it feel like spring.

Of course, we wouldn’t know because we don’t live there. But it doesn’t look like any of them knew that either. XD

Finally, Episode 1C(chapter 103, part 1) is the first of a two-parter. Nami wants to go on a journey to Hokkaido this summer(summer? time doesn’t matter at all for this show) to “find herself”. Nozomu, obviously, berates her for wanting to do so. All that ends up happening on jourenys of self-discovery is all your faults and bad points come to the surface to tormet and embarrass you.


Of course, Nozomu is already thinking like a troll, so he’s going to tag along just to search for fault in others. Not much else happens in this episode, so stay tuned for that. XD The rest of this chapter will be the last part of episode 2.


Okay, so this is the third drawing song that they’ve had on Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, so I figure it needs a little explanation. If anyone has ever played the original Kirby’s Adventure, you remember where it showed you how to draw Kirby? Well, in Japan, there are these things called “drawing songs” that basically turn the method of drawing something into a poetic song. Read the lyrics on the subtitles – the joke here is that Kaere’s drawing is actually exactly what the song is saying, instead of taking what the song says and drawing Zetsubou Sensei.

IN ANY CASE, I think most people agree on this, but I don’t like the new opening song as much as the other three(yes – that other one from season 1 is better too). My main beef is the yelling. I mean, the songs have always been like that, but there was a lot less actual singing in this one. Ah, well. At least it’s not a total disaster, and it gets better halfway through.

But they obviously haven’t come up with an opening sequence yet. They’re just using the student info cards and the karuta cards. Oh Shaft, what else would we have expected from you. <3


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