Umineko no Naku Koro ni 03- WINchesters and Cold Showers [Orange Farm Archive]

Umineko Animu 8 o clockIt’s 8 o clock, do you know where your SeaCats are? More info inside….

Yeah I dunno where I get these titles either…. Anyway, welcome again to my Witch’s Tea Party this week, where this episode reminds you to believe in the witch or GTFO!

Umineko Animu Dead Sayo is Dead T___T;__; I BAWW’d with you too George…UWWOOHH!!

With the set of murders now revealed, the family tries to settle down and get a grip on the situation. Jeez, how are they going to explain to a 9 year old loli that her mother was murdered like this, she won’t take it well I be— oh….

Umineko animu trollface Maria“Kihihihihi”

Well for one thing Maria is sure enjoying this, you tell by the lack of Uu~ and oh and lest we forget the reintroduction of datFANG, that now comes in trollface edition! Theres was more mystery solving this time around too, Eva and Battler in a bout of wits over Kinzo’s whereabouts. An easy victory for Battler, who shows us a small fraction of the WIN he can put out!

Umineko Animu Hiding KinzoBe sure to check under your beds before sleeping, cuz Kinzo’s waitin’ to drag you away and join him in his “special” banquet! Keh… and you thought the boogeyman was bad….

Hmm….–oh yeah! I was also glad to finally see the WINchester rifle in all its glory, Natsuhi making shit hit the fan and not hesitating to fire away at signs of trouble! Also, in case you didn’t notice Beatrice’s magic, Higurashi was playing on the television that Maria was watching, must be some kind of time travel going on here….

Umineko Animu Maria's watching TVTIME PARADOX

and just when you think things might change, it only took a matter of time before the 2nd set of murders take place, man is George having a bad day or what? Some more tunes from the VN played as well, “goldenslaugther”,”問い詰め, and sirabe, one track that I really enjoy and nice to see them adding more notable tunes to help flare up the atmosphere a little. Overall this episode was good, will still have to get used to those Maria faces, not really what I expected…..then again it’s NOT REALLY WHAT I EXPECTED, oh DEEN…. still alot left in store, better raise that power level when the time comes!

That’s it! Now its time once again for your favorite parts of this post, the fangasm section!

Umineko Animu Maria DO IT FAGGOTKihihi—DO IT FAGGOT

Umineko Animu Kinzo's secret“No one must learn of my terrible secret… I’ve been stealing Nanjo’s fetish pr0nz and fappin’ to them furiously, I hope he doesn’t mind, we’re chess bros like that…”

Umineko Animu Hideyoshi editGawd Hideyoshi, hide your shame!! FFFFFFFF

Umineko Animu what is this I dont evenSigh.. hard one.. so this is what it’s like in 1986? Who changed the channel?!?! Maria will not be pleased with this!!

Umineko Animu Maria disappointedKihihi–Alright which one of you fegs did this??

Umineko Animu shocked George and JessicaD–Don’t look at us! It was Nanjo!

Umineko Animu NanjoThats what you bitches get for not giving me a kodak moment!

And now due to popular demand, time for some Kei n’ K!

Umineko Animu Kanon on the phoneKanon:….sigh… *RINNNNG* *RIINNNNGGG*


Umineko Animu Kanon on the phone

The area you are trying to reach is experiencing difficulties due to volcanic gases, please call back at another time….

Umineko Animu Kanon's hanging upKanon: *Sigh*…….

Higurashi Maid CafeMeanwhile…..

Higurashi Maid Cafe 2Keiichi: ….and thats the story man, I dunno wat happened, this chick be trippin’ balls!!

Higurashi Maid Cafe 4Ooishi: *Sip*

Higurashi Maid Cafe 5Keiichi: *GLARE!*

Higurashi Maid Cafe 3Ooishi: Oh NO, you best be joking….

Higurashi Maid Cafe 6Ooishi: And whaddaya want me to do about it?? datFIESTA is tomorrow!!

Higurashi Maid Cafe 7Keiichi: *SLAM!!*

Higurashi Maid Cafe 8Keiichi: Dammit Ooishii, don’t you think I know that?!?! datFIESTA is gunna be the biggest thing since that Mackeral Monthly fetish pr0nz truck crashed into a tree last week!

Higurashi Maid Cafe 6Ooishi: Well you better tell this bitch to get to steppin’, cuz Ooishi ain’t having it! I’m sure you didn’t hear about it but…

Higurashi OLD FIESTAOoishi: Back in Rena’s old school, she had requested for a datFIESTA Day every 1st Friday of the month…but when she was denied, she made the school her own giant pinata, it was horrible! So much broken glass…..

Higurashi OLD FIESTA whaKeiichi: Wai…wha?? Come by me again?? Giant Pinatas??

Higurashi Maid Cafe 6

Ooishi: Look, for now just go home and try and figure out how to get rid of this problem, if things get too tough, gimmie a call, I’ll be coming right over anyway..

Higurashi Maid Cafe 10Keiichi: Yo–you’re right…. I better just go home and call a friend of mine and see if he’s going….

Higurashi Maid Cafe 11Ooishi: Uh yeah sure sure, whatever bro, Oh hooo Oiishi likes~

Higurashi Kei RING RING Banana PhoneKeiichi: Alright, let’s see here, what was that number again…

Umineko Animu Kanon on the phone

Kanon: Ahh, hello Kei, what happened to you earlier, you sure took your time trying to call me back…

Higurashi Kei on the phone talkinKeiichi: Well lemme tell ya man, shit happens when you got datFIESTA to worry about… but.. about that, what were you going to say before?

Umineko Animu Kanon on the phoneKanon: Yes, well.. I… I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to datFIESTA coming up….

Umineko Animu people died 1st twilightKanon: Some things came up recently…….

Umineko Animu Dead Eva is Dead

Umineko Animu Hideyoshi editKanon: Also I may need to perform an exorcism….

Umineko Animu Moar Maria TrollfaceKanon: Yes, it seems I’ll have my hands fu—-

Umineko Animu Natsuhi and the WINchesterNatsuhi: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! I have had it with these muthafuckin SeaCats on this muthafuckin island!! Everybody strap in! I’m about to open a fuckin window…

Umineko Animu Kanon on the phone

Natsuhi: UWOOOOOHHH!!!!

Kanon: *Sigh*…Sorry about this, but I’ll call you back after I’m done….

Will Kanon be able to calm things down in time for datFIESTA?!?!?! Will Keiichi be able to solve problems of his own?!?! Check out next blog post to find out!


3 Responses to “Umineko no Naku Koro ni 03- WINchesters and Cold Showers [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 BillaBomb
    July 16, 2009 at 1:43 PM

    man love your writing style; gets me going every time XD
    look forward to the next

    PS: this show is awsome…

  2. July 19, 2009 at 11:52 AM

    “but when she was denied, she made the school her own giant pinata, it was horrible! So much broken glass…..””

    lol so that’s what triggered Rena’s rage. Looking forward to more datFIESTA next episode.

  3. January 10, 2010 at 11:26 PM

    Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! :)

    I’m Out! :)

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