Umineko no Naku Koro Ni 02- The SeaCats have left the building….. [Orange Farm Archive]

Umineko animu episode 2 title

Episode 2, the 1st Twilight, the beginning of Beatrice’s golden slaughter, heh~, do you still not believe in the witch? More thoughts inside…

Umineko animu Kinzo's Golden BRICKTHIS. If you’re new to this and you haven’t shat one of these babies by the time the episode was over then YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.

Well this episode was pretty much dinner and a midnight show:

Umineko Animu Krauss liedKrauss Lied.

Umineko Animu Uu~ Maria cried ;__;Maria Cried.

Umineko Animu people died 1st twilightPeople Died

Umineko Animu Maria am I cute kihihihiThis post just got AWESOME

I didn’t so much like the face Maria had on when she read the letter, it’s different when compared to the VN, it was more as if Beatrice was actually speaking to them, a sort of high and mighty expression in her speech that looks down on the rest of the family, being the mysterious witch that is closest the Kinzo, the one who wishes to take back everything that has meaning to the old geezer, upon this stormy night she declares her challenge with pride.Umineko Animu Engagement RingYou know what they say, with marriage theres 3 rings, an engagement ring, a wedding ring, and suffering…T___T

Doh, and the scene with George and Shannon, after datNUDGE into Shannon’s giant filled cupboards (lucky guy…..), it kinda lost it’s romantic touch, poor guy though, lets hope he avenges his waifu for this!

Umineko Animu Nanjo Reaction FaceMy apologies, but your Mackerel Monthly Fetish pr0nz have arrived….

Also, as usual with Ryukishi’s work, and like some people might have seen in Higurashi, the reaction faces are priceless, I lul’ed at the thought of this one with Dr.Nanjo seen here… ohh the possiblities of the captions I could put there, but I already used a potential caption token…FFFFFFFFF!! The twilight of course had some censoring, that dark looming smoke and mist that clouds your view, though still pretty gruesome regardless, when the DVDs or the ATX version is out, expect to toss out an extra Kinzo brick or 2, or 5 tons in my case! But all in all, definitely in comparison to episode 1, this is quite a bit of improvement, hope that DEEN continues to try to step it up for whats to come, Ryukishi probably doesn’t want to give too much away to people playing the VN, so expect some cuts for the sake of the overall mystery, heh heh. Well, thats it for now, expect me to submit thoughts for the next episode, and now’s my favorite part of the post, some pic spammin’!!

Umineko animu Mmm~ datJessicASSMmm~ datJESSICAss…. notice, there.. right corner,the CROWN is DOWN!

Umineko Animu how does I insert keyYes, Jessica-sama, why its very simple, just like this, insert PONOS into VAGOO! Understand?

Umineko Animu Krauss WTF is this Shit!WTF is this—-I dunno even!!


and now for something completely different……

Umineko Animu Kanon on the phoneKanon: Yes hello operator, I need to make a long distance call…..yes I’ll accept the charges…….yes I’ll hold…….

Tsurupettan will now play in your head MANUALLY

Higurashi Kei RING RING Banana Phone20 minutes later…RING RING BANANA PHONE

Higurashi Kei on the phone talkinKeiichi: Hello? Ahhhhhh sup bro, man I havent seen you in ages! Last time I saw you was at datFIESTA last saturday!! datFIESTA was poppin’!! This girl Mii~’d me, shit was so CASH. I can barely remember it all, I was so out of it, it’s a blur, but you were pretty stiff as a board man, you stood there the whole time, just holding people’s stuff! What are ya, a man or a table?!?! Jeez… anyway, we’re still planning to have another FIESTA goin’ on in about 2 days an—

Umineko Animu Kanon on the phone

Kanon: Yeah bro, you were really loaded off of datFIESTA, you were an animal, I’m talkin witches n’ hoes man! Pinata in one hand, loli in the other, savin the day, kno wat I’m sayin’?

Higurashi Kei on the phone shh~Keiichi: Whoa whoa whoa hold up son, keep it hush hush, I gotta keep a low profile, you know what I had to go through to keep datFIESTA behind closed doors?? Anyway, like I was sayin we got datFIESTA coming up in a few da— ahh, the lights just went out!!

Higurashi Kei on the phone dark 2Kanon: Listen K, about datFIESTA coming up, I d–

Higurashi Kei on the phone I'll call ya backKeiichi: ehh, hold on a sec….

Higurashi Kei on the phone I'll call ya back 2Keiichi: …………

Higurashi FIESTA 3Rena: Fiesta……

Higurashi FIESTA 5Rena: Fiesta…….

Higurashi FIESTA 6Rena: Fiesta……

Higurashi Kei on the phone Rena's outsideKeiichi: Yeah….. I’m gunna call ya back……

Higurashi FIESTA Go HomeRena: Fiesta….Fiesta…..Fiesta….Fiesta….Fiesta……Fiesta…..Fie—

Keiichi: GO HOME DAMMIT!!!!

Umineko Animu Kanon on the phone

Kanon: Sigh…..

Will Kanon send his message to Kei?!?! Watch for next post to find out!


2 Responses to “Umineko no Naku Koro Ni 02- The SeaCats have left the building….. [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 BillaBomb
    July 9, 2009 at 11:58 AM

    Fucking Epic Review man. Keep it coming.

  2. 2 minhgurluver
    July 14, 2009 at 5:16 PM

    Haha LOL with the Kanon-K1 conversation XD keep up the humor plz XD

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