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Transitioning to summer starts with the end of spring.  MOE! BURNING PASSION! NASU! Summer 2009 has it all, but can it top Fall 2006?

Due to my anxious anticipation of the season, this will be the start of a series of Summer posts everyday this week.  I haven’t been posting a lot lately, so consider this round one of possibly the best season in the last three years.  I’ll be starting with the ending of K-ON!


Budokan 2010

So the Afternoon Tea Time didn’t quite make it to Budokan, but I was left with an overall good impression of the series for the last two episodes.  All the characters (with possibly, the exception of Mugi), were expanded on a decent amount and seeing the characters created a familiar feeling.  In the end, my favorite character wound up being Ritsu.  She’s fun, energetic, and cares about her group.



Maybe it was CoalGuy’s speed subs, but it always seemed like Ritsu had the most realistic idea of what was going on.  Sure, she generally got bored or lazy with it, but she knew the general feelings of the group most often and how to react to them.  Her attractive outgoing and energetic personality isn’t all she needs, however.  While the band in general is really laid back, I felt that Ritsu was more often than not looked down upon in the group.  They really don’t give her enough credit.



So where can I get Ritsu as a daughter?  Is there any country that has laws allowing something like that?  She acts a lot like me and I understand her frustration, while most people may of found her acting to be rather unnecessary or immature, I love that part about her.  It shows she really wants to keep the group together, and anyone with intelligence feels the futility of life and society from time to time.  Though, most people know to try to have fun, which Ritsu is very good at.  I love her so much ;_;



I liked seeing Azu-nyan’s dedication to the group as well.  While her drama felt a little uncomfortable at times, the writer just wanted to show what a sacrifice she makes to play with this group.  I can understand that.  I’ve said it in my previous posts, but the chemistry between her and Yui was always comedic.  I mean, who wouldn’t wanna hug and embarrass dat Azunyan every day and night.  I finally came to terms with her, because I think she was way to bitchy when she came into the group.  I’m pleased.



Still never understood the Mio fandom.  I find her to be annoying and naive at best, and her miko look is something I’m willing to pass over.  Ah well, something for everyone.


Though I’m glad she became the tool that all the Otaku wanted her to be.



In my eyes Mio will never match up to Yui, Ritsu, and AzuNyan.  Can’t really say much for Mugi because her character wasn’t developed that well, much like Miyuki’s.  I can confidantly say the other characters developed atleast a little bit.  And Ritsu just got more and more cute.


I’m not going to stop posting Ritsu pictures in this post.  Look at that Yukata~!….;_; HNNGNH…I can’t take it…


More Yukata’s!








The ending song and performance met my expectations.  I would of liked to see more, but I suppose it was a short series, and animation budget was being diverted for different camera angles in Endless Eight.  Damnit KyoAni! You couldn’t give us some Azu-Nyan~ fan service! Why would you do this!?!



For all it was worth, Yui made an awesome main character.  While Ritsu would stay my favorite, Yui was a close, close second.  She’s fun, energetic, and naive enough to make simple things comedic.  These summer would be endless if I could spend my days with her, and a certain brigade chief.


I’m happy with this much.  K-ON! Did it’s job as a light series and exceeded it’s expectations.  When I heard about a music anime at the start of Spring, I wasn’t interested.  Well, I guess saying K-ON is about music is…hehe….

Ganbatte, Yui.  Hope to see that DVD Extra/OVA from you in the future.  It’ll be a pleasent reminder of this series.


3 Responses to “Summer 2009 R1 – K-ON Ending [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 darkslime
    July 6, 2009 at 6:50 PM

    so why am I Mio

  2. July 7, 2009 at 4:39 PM

    If you knew the character, it would make sense, Mr. I-won’t-watch-moe-stuffs.

  3. July 8, 2009 at 11:22 AM

    I get to be Azu-nyan? Nice!

    I am getting pumped for Summer 09 (mostly for Spice and Wolf II, but Seagulls looks sweet). More on that in your Canaan post.

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