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In case you guys haven’t realized it, Gensokyo.org has gotten their doujinshi scanlation archive back up. For those of you looking for something interesting to read, check out the Advent Cirno series, by the circle One Night Stand. In other news, I’ve been hooked on Tales of Hearts, and VGMDB has completed a long-awaited new feature.


Sorry guys, summer doldrums have caught on to me as well. I figured I’d just post some random cool stuff to get myself going again.

As the name suggests, Advent Cirno is some kind of Final Fantasy VII parody featuring Cirno as the main character in place of Cloud – and, of course, all the characters are replaced by Touhou characters as well. It’s nice and lengthy, with an extra side-story and a prequel as well. Watermelon sword <3

I’ve never actually played FF7, though, so someone who has might appreciate it more than me, haha. Maybe it’s actually Advent Children or something. Anyway, all you Cirno fans should definitely already know about this doujinshi – and if you don’t, go read it when you get the time.

gelbooru gave me exactly 22 results for Tales of Hearts, and most of it was porn. Here’s one of the worksafe ones.

Yeah, so, Tales of Hearts is a pretty neat game. For those of you not “in the know”, there were two versions released: one with anime-style movies, and one with CG movies. I don’t know who in their right mind would pick the CG one though. Anyway, the story is pretty J-RPG so far(“so far” being… not very far I think). It hasn’t really impressed me. Also, the voices are GRJSKGHFKJGHFJKGHFG. Shing’s and Beryl’s are just… really bad.

A couple of the systems are pretty neat. It features a Tales of Destiny II-style guage where you can pretty much chain any actions you want until you run the guage out. If you upgrade its capacity and recover rate, you can pull off some pretty silly combos. The battle system is nice and 2-D, as well – none of this 3-D that Namco still seems to not have gotten the hang of yet… The weapons the characters use, called Soma, are neat as well. Only Shing’s is a recognizable weapon – a sword. But then, for example, Hisui’s is some kind of ridiculously ornate bow-blade, Beryl’s is a giant freaking paintbrush, and Ines’ is a sword-lance-halberd-hybrid-idunnowhatitis-thing. I’m pretty sure Kohaku’s is a baton, but we haven’t recovered all of her personality yet, so she’s not fighting. The sixth character is the most amazing character ever, but I haven’t gotten to him yet.

By the way, the Hisui and Kohaku thing – they’re even brother and sister for god’s sake – doesn’t appear to be a reference to Tsukihime. Apparently everyone’s named after some sort of precious stone, so I guess it sort of makes sense.

Finally, Zorbfish over at VGMDB has completed is CDDB/freedb access to their database. I haven’t gotten it working with foobar2000, but it works wonderfully with EAC from what I hear.

And now for a shameless plug: if you’re wondering where all the Touhou album info is going, it’s all there. I have a huge to-do list sitting on my desktop containing Touhou-related doujin albums that haven’t been uploaded yet(over 1000 albums with Touhou music in them and there’s STILL a buttload of stuff) – so if you want to help out, or are just bored and have nothing to do, give me a ring. The system for submitting info is not difficult.

Finally, a cute Touhou/SZS picture I ran across.


It’s funny because every single one of these makes perfect sense…!


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