Touhou Doujin Music Part 5 – Reitaisai 6 (1/7) [Orange Farm Archive]


It’s been long in coming, but here is the first of a series of Reitaisai 6 music posts. This post covers most, if not all, circles that start with the letters A and B. (That 1/7 is an estimate – at this rate it will end up taking about seven posts to list everything. Oh, and I skipped Scarlet Square. I have a draft of it sitting around, but whatever.)

I’ll just be listing the album information and a link to the original site – tracklists are at the VGMDB links. I thought it would be a good idea, seeing as how contributing to a public database is always a good idea. However, not all of them have English tracklists, or even pages – if you would like to request more information on an album, post it in a comment and I’ll go update VGMDB with what I can find! For example, if you want a tracklist to be translated.

I’ve linked where I can to the album’s page via a banner or text link; where that wasn’t available, I just link to the circle’s website. And for those who are wondering what a crossfade demo is, it’s a sample mp3 that puts smaller samples of each song into one thing. So, it’s a great way to preview an album you’re thinking of getting, just to see how you like it. Again, though, not all albums had crossfades. If it says available at link, then I probably couldn’t hotlink the thing, or else there are a bunch of sample tracks there that I couldn’t list in the table.

neutral_logoYumemizakura =NeutraL= None NLCD-0019 NLCD-0020
neutral_logoTsukiakari ni Terasarete =NeutraL= None NLCD-0021
neutral_logoSouten Gekka -Resurrection- =NeutraL= None NLCD-0022
ECPR-0001 banner-small[neutrino*] PROJECT At site ECPR-0001
no_banner1Touhou Ningyou Taisen a-TTTempo At site None
A1CD-0002 banner-smallPOLYGON RAIN A1 Click A1CD-0002
ADLB-0005 banner-smallYoufuurenka ad libitum records Click ADLB-0005
no_banner1Kaze AcAs! None None
no_banner1Soushun no Sakura AIRWINDOW None None
no_banner1ROT AiZet Fabrik Click None
no_banner1Cycle of Rebirth Alice Friends None None
AECD-017 banner-small1Chaos Flare ALiCE’S EMOTiON Click AECD-017
Alstroemeria RecordsAspherical Surface e.p. Alstroemeria Records Click AREP0001
no_banner1Koji Genteishou AncientChronicle None None (ANCCD-901)
APX-0005 banner-smallRectia AniPix Click APX-0005
AQUA-0022 banner-largeKouma to Youshu to Enkaimono. AQUA STYLE None AQUA-0022
AQEL-0002 banner-largeShinsoku Saiban ~ Rapidity is a justice AQUAELIE Click AQEL-0002
no_banner1SpellCore ACT5 – Valley AramiTama Click ARAM-0005
Aria RhythmKanojo to Hoshi no Uta Aria Rhythm At site None
ArtBookChipikaTouhou Kyoukkouten Art Book Chipika Click ABC-Mu003
no_banner1Chigi Asa Banka Click None
atelieroguu-pasteljam-01 banner-largeGensoukyou Gakusai Atelier Oguu & PASTEL JAM Click None
PAER-0005 banner-smallA Cafe Chic Records #04 -open code- Attrielectrock Click PAER-0005
ASCD-0008 banner-smallYakumo Yukari no Tasekai Kaishaku Azure & Sands None ASCD-0008
no_banner1Touhou It’s All Right B.H.B. None None
no_banner1The Secret of Alice BITPLANE At site N/A
no_banner1Touhou Fuugetsuka Bamboo River None None
no_banner1Hikyou Tsuisou Behind the Shrine None None
no_banner1Gensou no Sukima Goudou Kikaku Behind the Shrine None None
BTMR-0004 banner-smallOtenba Musume no Denpa Yohou Birdtune At site None
BLCD-13 banner-smallTouhou Otogiban 2 Black Label Records Click BLCD-13
BLCD-14 banner-smallTouhou Gensoubayashi Black Label Records Click BLCD-14
no_banner1Out Of Door ~Kono Saki no Anata ni~ BrainStorm None None
BB-0002 banner-largeRe:- Bubble Records At site BB-0002
bushitekitamashiiTouhou Houmusou Bushiteki Tamashii Click None

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