Summer 2009 [Orange Farm Archive]

I have no regrets, this was the only path!!

My whole life was…Konata-GET

Unlimited Otaku GET!!!!!

Is it the end of the Mayan Calendar already?  Maybe they were off by a few years? Do you guys realize how much epic is coming this Summer?  Do you?!


1. Haruhi S2

KyoAni’s attack strategy was pretty clear and concise.  They wanted a big bang return, and they got it.  With an anime flagship back on the field, I feel more comfortable about the industry doing well for the next year.  But hey, uhm…did anyone notice this sorta looks like the mission in Freespace when you have to rescue the Vasudan Refugees?  Any of my fans all space simulator fans – you’d have to be atleast 18 to remember the game…but seriously, if it is, I love KyoAni even more.

And we all knew that shouldn’t be possible.

Oh yeah and, K-ON! will be finishing at the start of summer as well, but we got bigger things focus on, like…


2. Comiket 76

Comiket is always full of the best doujins (both games and art), music (especially touhou), and fan creations Japan has to offer every six months.  When you’re not getting fakes or upscales it’s normally a wondrous time to be alive.  I expect with Haruhi, K-ON, ToraDora, Spice and Wolf, and KnK to draw off of, there shall be no shortage of epic from Comiket 75 – especially if we get another Touhou Maikaze.


3. KnK 6 – July 29th

A new Kara no Kyoukai is never a bad thing, and with the DVD series coming to an end within a couple DVDs, I’m expecting good things.  Hopefully they do Fate//Zero next.  It’s ashame due to internet issues I never got around to reviewing the previous one, but I assure you this is no April Fool’s Joke.  KyoAni is going to lead us into Summer, but the finishing party is going to be Type-Moon centric.  Type-Moon and Kyoto Animation seem to be fighting over rights to my soul this season, and I’m okay with that.


4. Spice and Wolf Season 2

The only thing I see this season lacking is it’s responsibility to fulfill my god complex, but since Kraft Lawrence’s actor is the same as LeLouch, and Horo is mah favorite furry god, Spice and Wolf should be a nice backup midway through the summer.  I’m anticipating my macroeconmics animu with great interest.

5. Melty Blood Actress Again

A picture is worth 1000 words.  This video is 15 seconds at 60 frames a second.  You do the math.



6. Umineko no Naku Koro Ni Anime – And finally a lot of people are looking at the spiritual successor to Higurashi – Umineko.  I don’t know much about this one, but Kamina should be covering the series – and I’m sure Darkslime will have alot for you guys around new Touhou and Comiket time.

Hey, where have my other writers been the last month?  Am I the only one holding this ship afloat?  Ah well it’s okay, you guys know I’m the best writer, right…right?!

Anyway, all I can say is don’t die, become mentally unstable, or lose any senses, eyes, or fingers before Summer 2009.  I recommend staying away from cars and eating healthy as well…

Do you understand me, Anon?  You must do everything in your power to survive until and through Summer 2009.


It’s Spring Summer.

It’s Summer.
It’s Summer.
It’s Summer.


1 Response to “Summer 2009 [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 Ssuusshhii
    May 25, 2009 at 10:07 AM

    I demand a huge review of Umineko from Kamina.

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