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y u do dis KyoAni?

Moe.  Everywhere.  There’s so much of it, it’s blinding me.  I’m actually starting to hate KyoAni.  Their fanboy for the longest time, it’s just painfully obvious how they’re forcing their fans to love them with moe.  But even if this is true…why can’t I stop watching?  I don’t – I don’t like it I swear!  I’m just watching for the story! Don’t get the w-w-wrong idea~!

“Ah…I’m such a…”

This episode was fairly Mio-centric.  And of course everyone is going crazy over her maid outfit appearence (check every other blog in existence for that pic – I don’t dig maids).  To me the most adorable part of Mio this episode was her casual clothing and her responsible attitude.  I really want to make a woman out of her >:3

Absolutely, Mio.  I promise to practice all night long…

So besides blowing up my moe-0meter this episode further supports my theory that the show will be a slice-of-life easy going show.  Which is good, because I need one of those every season.  Still, we’ve been lacking the epic since Code Geass R2 finished – over half a year ago.  While type moon has kept me plenty satisfied this past year, unless I get something to satisfy my god-complex sometime soon I’m going to start having problems.

“It feels weird, hahaha~!”

When I heard this laugh I thought she was a rather experienced voice actress.  After I looked up the voice actress roles in Anime News Network, I was surprised to see that Yui is actually the voice for Yoshino in Minami-ke.  Outside of that role, none of the cast seems to have any really big roles.  This is something I give alot of credit to KyoAni for.  They’re willingness to try something new and make it good.  Who was Aya Hirano before Haruhi?  This is something their English dubbers should take notice of, since there are alot of good English fan dubbers out there.  Most are younger with little to no experience, and they could use a jump.  It might actually make English dubs worth watching.  Of course, at this point I’m never going to prefer it over the original Japanese – but maybe the next generation can a little bit.  Also, since they were drawing from Minami-ke cast, it again supports my theory they’re going for a non-plot driven show.

EX Moe Attack

What I’ve always liked about KyoAni is that they’re daring and know what their fans want.  K-ON! is no exception, but they’re still not free until they make a new Haruhi.  I wonder if it’s just a business ploy to get us to watch other shows they’re doing until Haruhi 2 comes out.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he contract between them and Key said something like “We’re going to release all your games as animes before new Haruhi comes out to draw more attention.”  to get those shows more attention.  Who knows what’s going on over there.  What?  Of course we can’t have a serious KyoAni discussion without mentioning that new Haruhi isn’t out yet.  I’m a fanboy what did you expect?


I guess I’ll just go with this for now and enjoy it.  We’ll practice later tonight.


3 Responses to “K-On 4! – Moe Moe Kyun! <3 [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. April 28, 2009 at 8:03 AM

    True, true. Super-moe will likely get annoying, but again: This show isn’t supposed to be life-changing. ^^;

    On the other hand, I am a little disappointed that we didn’t get animation of Yui shredding. I hope we get to see SOMETHING to that effect in episode 5.

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