Spring 2009 First Impressions [Orange Farm Archive]

Not having any trouble finding good stuff to watch this season, that’s for sure!

First of all, with popular shows like Gundam 00, ToraDora, etc. having ended, I was relieved because nothing really stood out to me at all in the list of anime for this season(well, besides True Mazinger, but that was a given). Fortunately, I managed to find a couple other shows that have been interesting enough so far: Pandora Hearts and Asura Cryin’. Now, I’m leaving the ridiculous awesomeness Sengoku Basara to my roommate(Masamune Date <3), and K-On! doesn’t appeal to me, so I’ll leave that to Komidol.

ac-01-01Of course not, I’m poor. That’s why I have my own house in high school.

Asura Cryin’ is another one of those high-school action animes. Except, there are giant robots and human robots involved. And with an opening sung by angela(see: Uchuu no Stellvia, Soukyuu no Fafner), how could I not at least try it out?


Oh hi thar.

Okay, so the basis of the story is, the main character, Tomoharu, has been haunted by the ghost of his best friend from childhood for three years since a plane accident, and now they’re getting into all sorts of trouble. Because of the power the ghost girl has, three separate factions want the Tomoharu to join forces with them. Soon enough, he befriends what appears to be a heterochromatic magical shrine maiden.

ac-03-01…I’ll be over here hugging a possible main heroine while you blow shit up.

Well, the characters are, uh… okay, I guess. The one woman, who since I don’t remember her name I’ll just call “Breasts” for now, has machine parts inside her. Breasts can fire missiles and fly and stuff. It reminds me of Sky Girls/Strike Witches(neither of which I’ve ever seen anyway), and it’s kind of cool watching her fight, I guess.

What’s interesting is that, to me, at least, it seems to be something taken out of a visual novel. It might just be that I’ve played one too many of them(which I doubt). Or, it might be the fact that this was originally a series of light novels. Because three different factions are trying to recruit him, the viewer gets a look at all a bit of all of them. In episode 3, they start to expound on one of them. It’s pretty neat.

ac-01-02“…” “Answer me!” “I’m sorry… I was just… looking at your eyes…”

Anyway, there’s some cool action and everything, but honestly nothing overly impressive yet. I think this is only supposed to go on for 13 episodes, so if it’s going to get interesting, I hope it does soon.


ph-02-01This scene was fucking HILARIOUS

Pandora Hearts, on the other hand, I’ve been enjoying more. Taking place roughly in medieval times, it tells the story of a young and slightly spoiled Prince Oz being thrown into a hellish prison called the Abyss. There, he meets the tsundere heroine, Alice.

On the character side of things, Oz has already impressed me a little as a main character. When he was about to be banished to the Abyss, he took the sword and tried to fight instead of just sitting there(unfortunately, he ended up hitting his best friend and servant, Gil). He managed to survive in the Abyss itself long enough for Alice to come bail him out. When she explains that she’s pretty much the strongest thing in the whole Abyss, he keeps himself calm and starts eating cookies, figuring he should stay calm and understand the situation before making any rash decisions.

ph-02-04Don’t you just want to hug it?

Alice seems pretty typical tsundere so far, but her Bloodied Rabbit form is the most badass bunny with a big cute ribbon and a giant chain scythe that I’ve ever seen.

It appears that there was a timeskip while Oz was in the Abyss, so when it returns to the now-abandoned monastery, it shows a few characters older, including Gil…

I’VE SEEN THIS BEFORE WITH SOMETHING ELSE! Oh wait, there is no wedding ring on the side of his hat…

Finally, the opening is sung by Yuki Kaijura, so that makes it awesome.

And if it isn’t enough, the last scene involves the main character being possessed and going batshit insane.

ph-03-01… : D


And then we come to Shin(True) Mazinger. I call it True because there’s a few different kanji for Shin, one in particular meaning “New”. I guess it implies that this is the “true” version of Mazinger.

Basically, they’re bringing in shit from everywhere. Shit no one’s even seen before.

Yeah, uh. They’re adding plot elements from Z Mazinger, a Greek god-themed manga version of Mazinger.

In addition, something interesting appeared in the first episode. I have no clue who this “Blade” person is. Either it’s a new character or someone *else* I haven’t seen before from a different manga, like God Mazinger or Angels or something. (Or “Blade” could be a pun on “Tsurugi”, Tetsuya’s last name. Tetsuya is the pilot of the Great Mazinger. I doubt it though. I dunno whether he had a sword or not.)

tmazzy-01-02What is our mission!

So yeah. The first episode was titled “Grand Finale”, and was apparently the first part of the final battle against Dr. Hell. It ended rather badly in the very start of the second episode, and then they got the story started.

We got to see a side of Kouji I’ve never seen before… Are they taking cues from the original manga versions of the Getter Robo crew?

tmazzy-02-011Poor Boss ;(


Awesome Mazinger is awesome. For a mecha fanboy like me, a remake of the grand-daddy of all giant robots is one of the greatest things that’s ever happened. On the other hand, there’s always the worries that it won’t turn out right.

The art style is super-bold lines, and all the character designs are exactly the same. Which is a good thing, mind you. The animation is modern, yet the art is old-school. And if I talk any more, I’m going to start ranting. So, suffice it to say, I probably wouldn’t stop watching this even if it was bad.

I’m also hoping for Great Mazinger and Grendizer to make appearances, with all the other stuff going on, but if they don’t appear, that’s really okay.

Finally, the third season of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei was confirmed. <33333 Good news for all you fans of the series, after that weird ambiguous message at the end of the OVA, I’m sure.


2 Responses to “Spring 2009 First Impressions [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 komidol
    May 5, 2009 at 7:23 PM

    Totally left out K-ON and Eden of the East :3

  2. 2 darkslime
    May 5, 2009 at 8:20 PM

    Totally forgot that I’m not even watching those.

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