K-ON Character Analysis Start! (Episodes 1-3) [Orange Farm Archive]


Only 1065 days until performance!  Seriously, they can do it.  Right?



Shydere, Mio – Bass

K-ON! Has caught alot of attention this season, and there’s no reason why it wouldn’t.  I mean come on an assortment of high school girls and made it into an anime.  Real hard pick that one was.  But I’m ready to give it credit.  To me, K-On! feels like some weird combination of the less-plot oriented parts of Haruhi and Minami-ke thrown together.  The effect artwork fit’s the show pretty well, and kudo’s to CoalGuys for matching their op subtitles with that.  Going with my favorite first, here’s Mio.  She’s cute, shy, and intelligent.  Can’t say I care much for the bass or shy girls, but I certainly find her the most attractive.    I go for girls who either completely lost it or ones that are self-sufficient.  Mio scores pretty high in the second category.   Extremes are always the most interesting, anything in between is pretty boring.  That’s probably a reason generic character archetypes have been doing so well the last decade so well.

Baka Taichou, Ritsu – Drums

Next up is our Light Music Club leader, Ritsu.  She’s pretty carefree and fun loving – but still assumes lead to make sure things get done.  I see a lot of myself in her – and a lot I don’t.  Ultimately the people who wind up being leaders are the people who want to do something enough to start a project for it.  Nothing really gets done without useful people, though.  I’m sure there will be an arc involving her learning something along those lines unles it stays super minami-ke style.  I wonder how much drama they’re going to add to the series.

Club Funder, Tsumugi – Keyboard

Another ditzy nice rich girl.  Ugh, super innocent – totally not to my likings.  You guys actually like girls like this?  Why does this character archetype make it into my shows?  Well, I guess the club needs a fall back, and financially I suppose it will be her.  Any Tsumugi fans care to explain to me why you like girls like this?  Anyway, I guess it’s fitting since the keyboard is the best tool of the band.  She’s pretty much just support.

Club Genius, Yui – Guitar

At first I thought she was a little ditzy, but my friend goopman managed to correct me.  “She revolutionized the music and guitar world with the creation of the x chord.”  True story.  Also, she scores 100 on her tests.  Though in all seriousness, I wonder how she manages to keep a body like that with her massive cake intake.  A moeblob at it’s best, the story has centered around Yui so far.  I’ll give this series a few more episodes for the simple fact the moeblob is usually an accessory to the cast and not the main character.

oh hi thar

But we all know who I’m watching for.  Also the full mp3 of the opening (Cagayake Girls) isn’t bad.

P.S. Sorry for the long wait for an update, just finished finals! *Thumbs Up*.  Yeah…I still lost 50 hits a day for not posting for nearly a week Q.Q Gettin’ to work on Full Metal Alchemist BroHood next.

Edit: This is by Kyoto Animation?  How did I miss that?  HOW DID I MISS THAT? I’ll comment about it next episode…oh man.  *twitch* this is beyond slowpoke.  I award myself, Slowbro.bmp.


4 Responses to “K-ON Character Analysis Start! (Episodes 1-3) [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. April 26, 2009 at 8:22 AM

    Good job with finals! Relax. You deserve it… As long as you post. ^_^

    That said, it was great to see a K-ON! posting that gave equal time to all four characters. Most of the blogs are all, “Teh Miozz!!!11111 *moeswoon*” While Mio is definitely Moe-queen of this series (episode 4 will show you that the creators know it), I remain a Yui fan because she’s a constant source of amusement. I find the shydere traits in Mio’s character a strange wrinkle when put next to her other character traits. I like her a lot as a Tsukkomi to Ritsu’s Boke (see? I WAS paying attention). The group needed one sane member, but instead we get these shyness traits added to her personality as otaku-bait.

    Finally, I think people sell oujo-sama characters a little short. Rich people ANYWHERE have more regimented and cloistered lives because it’s a privilege of being rich. It is fair to assume that what seems natural to her is outlandish to her friends because it’s what she knows. I, for one, love Mugi’s cavalier attitude. Now that she’s in high school and able to make some decisions for herself, she’s up for anything. Her totally upbeat bargaining is one of my favorite moments in the show so far. But she is NOT a pushover. To think that would be a mistake.

    Heh. You make a real post and get a real response. How do you like THAT for synergy?

  2. 2 darkslime
    April 26, 2009 at 11:28 AM

    Don’t like this show.

    S-S-Synergy breaker!! ;D

    Maybe I should post.

  3. 3 Zero
    April 27, 2009 at 11:19 AM

    i find this show very interesting. and as a music lover i cannot wait for more songs XD.

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