The Battle for Wesnoth [Orange Farm Archive]


It’s been a long time since I liked anything that had no Otaku-background or relation.

Seldom is it I will post anything not related to anything Otaku – but I feel since there are alot of Battle Moon Wars and Super Robot Wars fans about looking for online play, I think it’s a good idea to reccomend an alternative for those craving online play rather than playing the AI over and over.

The pro’s of this game feature full single/multiplayer/online (anything from 1v1, to team, to freeforall) combat in the form of a turn based tactics game.  Yes, online, turn based.  Unheard of,  right?  Well, it’s actually been around for a while, since the full download of version 1.6.1 is available here.  It’s also available open source, and has it’s own editing program for easy modification.  At it’s heart, it’s hexagonal tactics game with zone of control elements.  Despite the complexity of the previous sentence, it’s learning curve is very very small, and it plays like a chess match. The units are very balanced and 6 factions are available to play as (some factions share units, as they are organized by race in the game’s help database.) It’s also available on pretty much any operating system, and stable as hell on each one I’ve tried.  It also has a level up system, so if you do a multiplayer campaign (a series of games) you can recall certain units, or they can level up in one game (normally happens once or twice in a 1v1).  Don’t get the wrong idea, each regular game is contained, there’s no sort of MMORPG-style grinding.  This is a tactics game.


SssSSs Slither.  Drakes are pretty expensive, but pretty mean.

Further more, the help scripts (displaying what something does when hovering a mouse over it) are incredibly useful.  It also has an internal database so you won’t have to go look up the units in a wiki.  But if there are any you haven’t unlocked to view, the main page for the game has one anyway.

As for the cons, it has a very old-school feel.  I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing.  Something I didn’t like in particular is that none of the units have a “range”, and only do combat right next to each other.  Instead of Rangers firing from a distance, they enter a melee attack with a nearby opponent.  If the opponent does not have a range attack, they cannot counter attack.  Also, I think it’s fun to try out, but the gameplay winds up being very long and two intelligent people can battle for hours.  Time limit is pretty much a must – unless you choose to save the game (even in multiplayer you can do this, a big plus!) and play later.

Gameplay pretty much works like this.  Consider this your mini-newbie guide to everything you would learn in the tutorial.  Basically there are two castles with a king in each one. Objective is to kill the enemy king. While the king is in his keep he can recruit units.  The units cost cold.  By occupying a vilage (scattered along the map) you get 2 gold per round.  In a village, if a unit is stored it gains HP a round and heals all status effects.  Being in the castle or keep grants you a high defense rate.

Me about to pwn Darkslime’s white mage and fortress :3

This is what really drew me into the game – the advanced terrain and time of day effects.  Lawful creatures fight well during the day, chaotic fight well during the night (+25%, -25% in their unaffected time) and neutral are unaffected.  Each Unit has a terrain they do well on, all in an in-game database.  Some creatures have ranged attacks and others have melee.  Unfortunately, you can’t ranged attack from a certain number of squares away, this one does it interesting.   If your opponent does not have a ranged attack and you do, you can hit it and there won’t be a retaliation.  Same for melee.  If you do enter combat with it attacks back, of course.  Anyway, that’s pretty much everything.  The only other thing is zone of control, where if an enemy unit is level 1 or higher, and you pass the unit, your movement stops.

And that’s pretty much the whole thing in a nutshell.  It might sound a little in depth, but after 20 minutes you’ll have it all down if you’ve played tactics games a lot.  If you wanna give it a try maybe we can get a game going.  The game can get pretty intense and every unit counts.  Leave a comment and I’ll email yah.


2 Responses to “The Battle for Wesnoth [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. April 20, 2009 at 7:55 AM

    Hello !

    It’s my first visit for you web, and i noticed wesnoth, and i was shocked coz i was hoping stuffs like touhou, :) ..

    Anyway, i was very into that game too, very challenging in 1on1 in multiplayer games, but my games is still below 50 times .. very very addictive game. There are lots of good players out there in the official server, especially at weekends :-)

    I played 1.4.x though, but i heard that one of my favourite unit, the orcish assassin got the marksman ability now, hohoho

    Hope others could give this game a try and have fun !

    Aside from wesnoth, i was wondering how can i buy touhou games online safely ? I found none at amazon, and i’m living in indonesia.

  2. 2 darkslime
    April 20, 2009 at 8:47 AM

    Hey albert! Thanks for visiting and everything. The only place I can really ever find merchandise related to Touhou, besides eBay, is Paletweb: http://www.paletweb.com/top.asp

    Of course, they’re twice the price that they’re sold for in Japan, and shipping rates are rather high. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anywhere else.

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