Magical Battle Arena v1.53+ Released / Spring Seasonal Update [Orange Farm Archive]

mehbleh2New characters are new.

Magical Battle Arena is a popular Doujin game featuring alot of magical girls(such as Nanoha, Fate, Kirara and Sarara) to do battle.  Equipped with netplay and decent AI, it’s been a pretty popular series.  At Comiket 75, they released the new Lyrical expansion which included Hayate, Vita, and StrikerS Nanoha.  Now – v1.53+ has released LoN Lina and that weird grandpa guy…


I shit you not.

And of course, with all MBA patches, it completely changes the gameplay and tiers.  Unfortunately, I haven’t seen many traditional or true magical girls added recently.  I’d like to see Caro or Lutecia, but they’ve been adding in joke and SlayerS characters.  Overall I’m not really pleased, especially since Vita got a damage nerf.  To me, the only good thing about this patch is a small Sarara buff to her Pylons, a bit of a retract to the horrible nerf she suffered back when lyrical was released.

Inverse Lina might be cool for Slayer’s fans.  Her spells cost HP, and she constantly loses HP, very slowly.  On the bright side, she can spam ultimates.  It’s ashame it’s nothing amazing that makes me go “OOO I want to play”, but, life goes on.

Anyway, I decided what I’m looking at as far as Anime this season.  I’m picking away at the following list and deciding what I want to watch for the season…

Chrome Shelled Regios (slowpoke.jpg)
FMA Brotherhood
True Mazinger

and of course I’ll be looking forward to the Higurashi Rei and KnK OVA’s as they come out.

For right now I’m working on the Umineko Visual novel, and Battle Moon Wars 4 – in conjunction with my normal fighting game obsession and other projects.

So for now, have a Feito while you’re waiting.


“Alright! Lets play some MBA!”


3 Responses to “Magical Battle Arena v1.53+ Released / Spring Seasonal Update [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. April 16, 2009 at 10:20 PM

    That is an extremely cute Fate pic you’ve got there!

    Just got back from Sakura-Con with less than an armful of anime. There was no RoD TV to be had, and Wallflower comes a TWO-BOX set where each one is $50!!!! (I really wanted Wallflower), nor could I find A’s in box set at the convention (which means I’ll have to troll Best Buy for it… Grr…).

    Not that you care about any of this, just letting you know that your devoted reader hasn’t deserted you.

  2. April 17, 2009 at 4:42 AM

    You say that, but I do care about my only devoted reader. >:3

    But yeah, unfortunately Feito has more fans than my beloved, my daughter, Nanoha.

  3. 3 notsofasttim
    May 6, 2009 at 2:51 PM

    Kukuri from Magical Circle Guru Guru is my favorite character!
    Altho lina comes in at a close second…

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