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Since I’ve been studying so much lately, I thought it’d be a good idea for the newfags to study too…

A while ago I did a post about what you should do if you want to be a fightan game fan.  So, today, I’m making a post about what you need to be an anime fan.  It’s one of those posts that “needs” to be made, and it’ll also let me look back in a couple years at how things changed.

Anime fans have alot of preference, so I’ll go through a couple of options in each category.  There’s a lot of things you need to be an anime fan, and it breaks down in to these major categories:

0.  Preamble

I.  Computer

II.  Media Player

III.  Torrenting Program

IV.  IRC Client & Community Access

V.  Image Manipulation Program


Subs only.  Dubs GTFO.  Buy the anime you like when it comes out on DVD.  Otherwise, anime dies.


First off, you need a halfway decent rig.  There’s generally two types of file qualities that are released nowadays, and that’s the h264 (high quality) and the xvid codec.  If you’re going to be spending alot of time watching anime you want a computer that won’t lag on hardcoded subs.  Also, you’ll need alot of harddrive space.  Archiving anime is a large data endeavor, and backups will be crucial.  The funniest thing I see though, is that most people tend to forget the most important part about watching anime – you need a good screen and a good set of speakers!  That’s how the information is relayed to you, so if you’re recycling your 8 year old CRT monitor get rid of it already!


3D Glassess Help

+Media Player

You have a few options when it comes to your media player, but the standard is mplayerc(media player classic) + cccp (combined community codec pack).  It’s decently light weight and has alot of options.  It also has native support for the .mkv file – the preferred file format of h264 encoding.  The Combined Community Code Pack has all the codecs you need to decode your anime.  You’ll also need Xvid codecs for the lower quality vids, but I’m pretty sure that’s even included in CCCP these days.

The next option you have is KMPlayer.  It was recommended me to some guys in #AnimeBlogger, I never used it personally so I can’t say much.

A more processor reliant player is zoomplayer, which is optionally included in the CCCP installation (as well as mplayerc).  It’s good for running some files you might be having trouble with, but isn’t very functional as a music player, mostly for just large files.

Finally, VLC is the old standard and pretty reliable, but is pretty bad for the newer files.  Some subbers hate VLC’s lack of support for the new codecs and actually sabotage the file to not work with VLC.  I think it’s great for screenshotting though, but that’s about it.  Not the best choice for viewing, but better than any shitty default player like Windows Media Player.  Any self-respecting anime fan would atleast have this much.


It helps to have a clue in hell what you’re doing.


Most anime files are released on torrents.  Torrents work by having a certain number of seeds and leechers.  The reason why the torrent is superior to your general direct download is because the leechers, or the people downloading it, can actually send the pieces of the file they have to other leechers.  Seeders are people with the whole file.  The bad thing about a torrent is it relies on people downloading/uploading it.  The better ratio of seeds to leeches the better.  I’ve seen downloads go as slows as .05kb/s and as fast as 3.5 megs/second (~3500kb/s).  It really depends on your connection and the health of the torrent.  It’s sad that these days, ISPs (such as Comcast) are blocking out torrent data to preserve their unused bandwidth.  You might want to check out your ISPs policies before heavy torrenting.

I found the best torrent client available is uTorrent, but Bittorrent and Azureus are still quite popular.  I like the Azureus community the most, as their wiki has alot of helpful information.


+IRC (And the community.)

Ah, Internet Relay Chat.  This is where most anime fans reside, in channels spread across Rizon, IRCHighway, DeltaAnime, and EFNet.  There’s alot of IRC Clients, but the most popular one is mIRC.  It’s free, stable, and easy to use.  If you’re feeling lightweight, there’s a firefox plugin called Chatzilla that’s pretty good if you only have one or two channels you connect too.

If you do alot of IRCing, my favorite is Xchat, but you have to buy it after a 30-day-evaluation, unless you use Linux.

IRC isn’t the only gateway into the community though.  There’s alot of fan forums, such as hongfire, that are dedicated to making material available and talking about anime.  There’s also alot of blogs like this that are great to comment on (hint, hint).  Usually (I stress this, as there can be so many exceptions) blog authors spend alot of time watching anime and know a decent amount about what they’re talking about.

Animesuki is a great resource to check for torrents of new anime that has come out, and if you stick with anime suki you won’t be downloading any anime that’s been licensed (AKA, Illegal to download/keep).  So they’re a pretty safe bet if you’re looking for new anime.  And of course, if you want some lol’s  you can visit the ch’s.


+Image Manipulators

Finally, I have to say Anime is an art, and you want the best for your fanart/doujin/demotivational posters.  The standard is photoshop, but it can be pretty processor intensive.  A good lightweight alternative option is paint.net, or if you’re pushed for cash, the GIMP.  MS Paint is good for quick edits.  Sad they’re remaking it in Windows 7.

There’s not much else you need if you stay on the more casual side of anime fandom.  If you’re a true otaku, you wind up with a whole bunch of stuff.  Subtitle extractors, audio/video rippers, video editing software for AMVs…but that’s a post for another day.

It’ll probably be more interesting than this one.  But if you know any new or normalfags trying to be as awesome as you, you can send them this post.


If your loyalty and abilities grow, you may one day be GAR enough to stand on the blogging plateau.

Are we too newfag friendly here?


7 Responses to “Tools of the Modern Day Anime Fan [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 darkslime
    March 19, 2009 at 10:43 AM

    Komidol, you forgot to mention Media Player Classic, which also comes with CCCP. I like it better than mplayer if only because the user interface is nicer(mplayer was originally meant for linuxfags who know what they’re doing with a command line). Its resizing abilities are better than Zoom Player’s, too. It’s my player of choice.

  2. 2 komidol
    March 19, 2009 at 10:57 AM

    No I didn’t. I said mplayer. Mplayer is media player classic. I guess I shouldn’t have abbreviated though. The first thing I say is mplayer+CCCP….I guess it can be hard to see it as anything else than mplayerc.exe. I’ll edit it a bit.

  3. 3 darkslime
    March 19, 2009 at 2:55 PM

    Well, what I meant was, mplayer is actually a different program. http://www.mplayerhq.hu/design7/news.html

  4. 4 komidol
    March 19, 2009 at 4:58 PM

    Oh shi-


  5. 5 komidol
    March 19, 2009 at 5:04 PM

    Oh guys, I forgot the most important thing.

    The thing you’ll need the most…is Time.

    Watching anime is a fun experience, keeping up with the new seasons and being part of the otaku base. It’s also very time consuming. It’s really a hobby, you’ll be spending money on DVDs, Figures, and Con events. But, that’s the best part.

  6. 6 ivana
    August 28, 2009 at 9:06 PM


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