BroraDora 23 [Orange Farm Archive]


The Moral of this entire episode is that getting a girlfriend changes things alot.

snapshot20090313011727BRO bro_fist_by_doyora FIST!!!!


I considered making the entire post just this sequence of images.

I really can’t get over how much of a bro Ami is.  The total bro fist from behind was a neat sequence.  But before we get to the awesome end of the episode, lets make fun of J.C. Staff.  I’m in a trolling mood. I wrote a lot today already, so lets just take a moment to admire.


Glasses sides whar?

The goggles don’t just do nothing, they’re pretty much not even there anymore.  I saw a similar pic with Ami doing the same thing.  Are they just being cheap or do they want you to see the eyes THAT much.  Or is this some new style of glassess I don’t know about yet? Can anyone give me a protip?


“I don’t need to do anything with my life…there is only 2 episodes left…”

Looking forward to generic epilogue ending.  What I said in my ToraDora 21 post will probably come true.


I just didn’t expect it to happen this fast.


Why so srs?

ToraDora 21 had alot to analyze and write about.  This episode, not so much.  They’re running out of time with the series, so they didn’t have time to build up.  The writers tell you there is a huge time skip and then the next dramatic eruption occurs.  Not to mention they basically threw them all in this room for the scene.  Seems pretty overdone to me.  You can tell there is a bit of a push.  All in all, if this is the way it happens in the novel, I guess they just needed to fit everything in.  Can’t really blame them for it, but I’d hate to see a bad rushed end to all the accumulation thus far.  They spent too much time on Ryuuji last episode.



Seeing Taiga’s little fake world crack around her was an interesting scene.  Somewhere between a mix of pity and pathetic.  I’ve only seen a few scenes like it, but I like the execution here.   You can tell they put most of the work into the end of this episode.


You’re the main girl Taiga! You need to fall in love with him before the end of the series! Snap out of it!

It looks like we found our winner.  I wasn’t all in for the Taiga end, but I guess it just has to be this way.  I’m pretty sure Ami will be a real bro and get over it, but I’m wondering if Minorin is going to go Yandere, even in the slightest.  Hopefully Ami/Minorin start a lesbian relationship to get over the trauma like Sia and Kaede did in Shuffle!.  The best ones never win, but must start a sexy lesbian relationship afterwards.  This is the law of anime.  Or atleast 2chan.


Again an emphasis on the bangs.

Ryuuji stands up and declares “I…”, wouldn’t it be interesting if he said, “I don’t know”, or “I pick Ami.”  Yeah, he’ll declare he loves Taiga.  Which is why his bangs weren’t in his eyes any longer.

I would really be suprised otherwise.  Do they honestly think the watcher believes he still romantically loves Minorin?

Is there a reader who read the lightnovels and is laughing at me very hard right now, or is it going to be as cliche as I think it is? :(

In any event, anime is 50% plot, 50% execution.  Lookin forward to the ending.  Two more weeks of ToraDora you guise.

Looks like you’ll have to look forward to more Taiga.  No more Ami ;_;


One for the road…


3 Responses to “BroraDora 23 [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. March 13, 2009 at 9:48 PM

    I was waiting for you to post! I’ll have to agree with you once again:

    I felt the scene in the computer lab was great, but not as good as I had been anticipating (one of the other blogs mentioned it, and I was expecting something else). Maybe because this is the first straight drama anime I’ve watched in its entirety (I usually gravitate towards high school comedy), I’ve been disappointed with the plot progression as we’ve started the slow dance toward Taiga and Ryuuji’s pairing. As an American, I probably subconsciously demand more direct confrontation than the Japanese culture provides (which explains why all of the Shounen anime is about friendship, because it has NOTHING to do with combat).

    The short of it is, Ami is putting on a waaaay braver face than I expected, but still playing the martyr (it’s clear that she wants Ryuuji to infer that she fell for him, but does not want a relationship… maybe so he’ll reverse understand all of her Taiga references?). Instead, Minorin gets to force Taiga into action (which seems the opposite of her decision episode 22?). While the confrontation was pretty awesome, I found Taiga’s reaction to ring a little hollow with me. Isn’t it a LITTLE contrived for Taiga to run, FORCING a plot point where Ryuuji makes a choice? It’s a little too symmetric for me to find believable.

    On the other hand, I LOVED Ryuuji’s breakdown. That was MUCH closer to the final confrontation I was expecting. I loved Taiga doing the hard, and dangerous thing of chasing after Ryuuji (dangerous because if she thought that he didn’t know, she ran the risk of revealing herself). There was real potential for Ryuuji to let go of his fear in that moment, but he walked away from THAT soul searching moment by resuming the chore he’d set out for.

    While everyone loves Ami, Taiga makes the CORRECT choice Ryuuji because they give meaning to each other. I read Ryuuji’s reaction to Yasuko’s illness as a subconscious suicide attempt (the abortive, crappy, misdirected attempt of someone with too much self-control, but essentially a suicide attempt). In the same manner as Ryuuji’s bear suit interlude during the Xmas party, Taiga’s chasing after Ryuuji showed him that he is not worthless. For me, that interaction was one of the most touching moments in the series.

    I think the problem with pacing is that the situation evolved too quickly over the last two episodes, and now we’ll have to draw out the resolution over the next two. Lame. If Ryuuji goes back at this point, it will require MUCH more work to resolve (second season?), but if he chooses to go forward, there isn’t much left to do. Hmm…


  2. 2 komidol
    March 14, 2009 at 12:02 AM

    From what a friend told me this single episode just ran through, from start to end, volume 9. ToraDora only has 10 volumes – so I guess this really is the end of anime without hopes of a second season. I can see how that would be a 3 episode arc, easily.

    So two episodes left with volume 10 to cover…it makes sense that it felt rushed. I don’t believe there will be a second season, contrary to former belief. Maybe an OVA, but that’s about it.

    Overall I think ToraDora is a well written love story and not a highschool-drama-harem. Ryuuji never really considers Ami and it takes more than two girls to run consider something a Harem, not to mention harems are normally based on the standard choose-your-girl Visual Novel.

    I’m satisfied with ToraDora, it’s alot better than I thought it would turn out to be – and I only mildly like J.C. Staff or the whole DFC Tsundere roles. I look forward to the entire conclusion.

  3. 3 Person
    March 14, 2009 at 6:50 PM

    Eh, Ya-chan’s mood at the preview sure gives a lot of foreboding.

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