Rideback 04-05 [Orange Farm Archive]

Gun-bristling Rideback is whar?


Rideback episodes 4 and 5 have been subbed and uploaded to my local streaming anime site at last. We finally get some action, too. The plot of episode 4 is that the club is meeting(not really) and Shouko ends up at the mall by herself, before Rin calls back since club was canceled. On the way there, however…


Terrorists attack the shopping mall! Shouko is suddenly placed in grave danger, but manages to hide out for a little bit. Against everyone else’s common sense, Rin hops on Fuego, which happened to be in the trunk of their pickup truck, and breaks through the police line to get into the building.

This is one hell of an action scene. And by “scene” I mean most of the second half of the episode, and some of the first. As Rin rushes to the scene to save her best friend, the GGP is setting up a fairly heavy perimeter around the mall to trap the terrorists. Rin bursts through their line like it’s nothing.


Fed up with the terrorists, the armored cars all start firing tear gas grenades into the mall, causing Shouko to panic. Rin finds her and performs a high-speed pickup, and then manages to elude the terrorists and get out of the building. The GGP soldiers on the ground start to panic and fire at her, thinking she’s a terrorist, but she breaks through them all anyway.

A helicopter even starts to chase her, and when Rin is finally trapped on either side in the middle of a bridge, a missile suddenly appears, ripping through the drained river towards the bridge, and she jumps off the bridge, literally misses the missle by a few feet, and lands on the ground to watch the bridge explode. Then she runs, and out of nowhere this evil-looking bastard with silver hair approaches and tells her how to get out.

Well, shit, this was a great episode. Rin is ashamed at herself for craving the fear and adrenaline above all else, and it was confirmed that the Fuego model chooses its own rider, and that there are actually around twenty or so in Japan. It’s kind of a cliched plot device, but whatever.


Tenshirou is pissed at her(and everyone else actually), and orders her to stay low for the time being, since, y’know, she’s practically viewed as a terrorist at the moment. He even orders the Fuego to be taken apart and sent somewhere else. But we all know he’s just looking out for Rin :3 Tenshirou does, however, seem to have something to do with all this…


Meanwhile, the free journalist characters are introduced. The GGP has announced its plans to mass-produce a white Rideback with weapons on it in order to suppress terrorist activities, so we’ll see how that turns out. Everyone is still wondering who exactly that girl on the Fuego was. After they ruled out Tamayo, they started watching Rin secretly, since she seems to fit the picture.

And unlike what I thought was going to happen – Rin going over to the terrorists’ side because she had no other choice – the GGP confirms that she was not a terrorist, and they even broadcast this across all news networks. However, not only are they interested in Rin, they’re also interested in Tenshirou, for some reason. The female journalist, Kei and her friend Akira appear to have come to the same conclusion, after Kei approached most of the members of the college’s Rideback club.

Rin’s brother Kenji also seems to be getting involved with something, but we don’t know what just yet. Presumably something involving Ridebacks, given his enthusiastic reaction to that weirdo that approached him in the arcade.


I’m also kind of interested in this Romanov guy now. The impression he’s been giving off has not really been one of an evil villian, despite the Nazi-like getup, the mean-looking demeanor, and his evil army-guy-sounding voice. However, he’ll probably just become like the rest of them eventually.

Also, sorry for the terrible-quality screenshots, but that’s what you get when you can’t torrent. ;_; Anyway, look forward to the next episodes!


3 Responses to “Rideback 04-05 [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 Zero
    March 1, 2009 at 11:42 PM

    just wait 6 and 7 get better.
    i’m biting my nails waiting for the next ep XD

  2. March 2, 2009 at 8:28 PM

    Will this series fill the hole in my heart Code Geass left when it finished? Or is this just one more of your mecha spins, DarkSlime?

  3. 3 darkslime
    March 2, 2009 at 9:53 PM

    That’s just it. It’s not really that much of a mecha series, it’s just a transforming motorcycle high-speed action series. I like it, but I don’t think *anything* will ever fill the whole Code Geass left in our hearts ;__;

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