Magical Girl Kirara & Sarara 01 English Patch Chapter 1 Release Dates [Orange Farm Archive]

ksg050Lone translation team fight on!

It’s about time for a Kirara & Sarara translation project update.  I’ll briefly go over the visual novel translating process.
A few of my off projects have started as whims on this blog.  Community Crucis is one, and Magical Girl Kirara and Sarara is another.  Overall, this blog is centered on otaku culture, and not just anime.  I’m also the type of person who likes to see things get done and spend my time constructively – and the Orange Farm is one such project.

Having no internet lately has been killing me, but I did manage to keep the project going despite that, and get the other phases going while I was (and still am…March 4th seems so far away…) without internet.  A shoutout to Freedom_III for keeping up the translating in my absensce, after I extracted the script.  Now let me go into detail about the process, consider this a self-interview: there’s a few main steps to translating a visual novel…

1) Identify the engine.  If it’s a commonly used engine, such as KiriKiri (thank loliness)…then you have some tools you can use off the bat.  All the games will have to a small extent variations, but you can use the tools available to do most of the hard work and break down the data files.  If not, you have to make your own, which takes a true programmer.

2) Extract the script.  Obvious.  The script is needed for translating.

3) Extract the images.  Most of the menu buttons will be in Japanese, along with the settings and title menu.  These need to be taken out as well.

4) Translate.  The longest and hardest part of the project.  It dead ends alot of groups, because alot of the pressure goes on a single translator, usually.

5) Edit.  Editing is a long process, luckily, just about anyone with a decent grasp on the English language can do it.  You don’t need an English major, since this is all fan made and no one is being paid, just so obvious spelling mistakes don’t ruin the mood of gameplay.

6) Modify Graphics:  So they’re in English.

7) Word wrap.  Western and Eastern languages aren’t read in the same way by a computer.  You basically need to insert a special space around every word in english.  If you don’t have a tool to do this, you just expanded your project time by about two years.

8 )  Insertion.  Insert all the modified script files and graphics back into the game.  Some tools make this an easy and forgiving endeavor, while others cause utter destruction.

9) Build the patch.  You build and apply the first patch, and work out any kinks so you don’t get any runtime errors in the game.  Probably the second most difficult part of the project, because you need to pry through every single thing that was modified to find errors that would cause such a problem.  If you don’t know Japanese, this is even more difficult.

10) Beta-test.  Once it doesn’t crash and the script and images display normally, you need to issue beta’s to get people psyched, advertise the patch a bit, and to find any more obvious mistakes that might of slipped through your teams fingertips.  Again, an ardrous task since you have to go back a few steps if any mistakes are found.  And mistakes will be found. Also the beta test makes sure the patch is compatible on most, if not all, computers.


You can buy the game at the developer’s, Pandadanpa’s, main site.

It takes a lot to patch something, and there is normally little interaction between the team, but rather each individual member to the project director/patch builder.  Anyway, I’d just thought I’d give you guys some insight into all the work that needs to be done!  Without further adue, I give you your tentative release date:

Episode 1: March 22nd, 2009. EDIT: This is almost 1000% getting pushed back after we realized we have to translate roughly 6x the amount of graphics as assumed.

We have the translating release date coming up soon and will begin extraction and editing as soon as we can.  The team was also considering getting a website.  Now, keep in mind none of this is a promise in any way/shape/form, but merely a date we are shooting for to get everything done.  Also, this will only be Chapter 1.  There are currently I believe 6 available, and the first 4 come in a pack called Episode 1, I believe.  Though, it should be enjoyable, brings you through some nice highquality H-scenes, and a good start.

Look forward to it.

Edit 2: Slow Translator is Slow.  Hope to have this done by summer :(



1 Response to “Magical Girl Kirara & Sarara 01 English Patch Chapter 1 Release Dates [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 Freedom III
    February 27, 2009 at 9:50 PM

    I’d prefer not to have that underscore in my name…but otherwise, good post…

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