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saya-says-helloSeeing the world in shades of…..Ugggghhh

tragic-fuminoriCreepy MC is CREEPY

Submitted for your approval, one Fuminori Sakisaka. A tragic character with a tragic past. A young man whose world has been hurled upside down. Surrounded by friends and loved ones who try to support him in his time of need, they only serve to become thorns in Fuminori’s side. But within the sea of thorns, Fuminori finds a peculiar flower. A gentle, delicate, and fragile flower. A flower that calls herself…….Saya. Take a seat and join us, as we become grand spectators to the journey that will be set in motion by the love of these two individuals. For the sake of their own happiness, they take each step together,the inseparable couple, who are truly a match made in……..

The Twilight Zone.

How’s that for an intro?

This is Saya no Uta. The setting is a certain time, in a certain place. A story thats displayed much differently from what your normal MC is used to. A simple story has our protagonist, Fuminori, a victim of a terrible accident, who’s life was only saved by drastic surgery to his brain, which soon resulted with him seeing his world in a strange way. Everything had changed in his environment, the ground he walked on, the sky, everything– even people, became grotesque and filthy-beings in his eyes. The only thing left that was pure in his world, the only thing he could cling to for the sake of his sanity, was a pure and normal girl named Saya.

sayas-creepy-smileSaya….. what are you smiling about??

Now Saya no Uta can be a little graphic, so those of you with weak stomachs be warned. Its like the worst stomachache you have ever gotten from that milk you knew you shouldn’t have drank out of last night, that turned out to be expired by 3 months only to get a rude awakening in the morning…… times 1000. Heh, and while not everything in Fuminori’s world is pretty to look at, I’ll have what he’s listening to, as the tracks in Saya no Uta are pretty superb, and really set the mood for each scene that takes place, and may sometimes have you at the edge of your seat, waiting to see whats going to pop up next. The game’s cast of characters you’ll remember, considering where the story will take you, and also, as you can see, the CG’s are pretty top notch as well.

sayas-eating-dont-bother-her2Hey Saya, you’ve got something there on your li– errk never mind….

Now you’re probably sitting there, at your desk, on your bed, whatever, yelling at the screen saying, “Kamina!! What about the H-scenes?!?! Whar in blue blazes are mah H-scenes?!?!?! RAAAGGEEE!!” Well, as for the H-scenes, they’re not particularly vital to the story, only to maybe one small detail in the plot.

Complete with 3 different endings, Saya no Uta is a short ride but a fun ride indeed. For those of you with weak stomachs, its like a hardcore tea cup ride after you ate that egg salad sandwich on a stick. The game would probably run about a day or 2, heck, maybe a good couple of hours. While its short, Saya no Uta will leave you pondering for much longer with the question, “What would you do if you were in Fuminori’s situation??”

surprise-koujiSURPRISE!! Butt secks!!……sorry, had to do that…h-h-hheh heh…..

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to get the translation patch on your way out..

Looking forward to comments and some responses to this, my 1st post!


5 Responses to “Saya no Uta (Kamina) [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. February 19, 2009 at 5:42 AM

    I read a brief synopsis of SnU a while ago and it’s interesting to hear more about it. I’m one of the weak-stomached, though, so I’ll always experience it vicariously through posts like this rather than actually (*shudder*) playing it.

  2. February 20, 2009 at 11:57 AM

    Heh, good first post Kamina. A little bit of a formatting issue, but we’ll work on it. Reading what you write is a good contrast to Darkslime’s narrating style, while I think I lay somewhere in the middle of you two.

    Even so, don’t expect to many posts, we don’t get too many views/day…but, maybe you could do some advertising :3 It worked for Community Crucis.

    Though it seems we’re more an otaku game blog recently, with all the visual novels and Touhou, than anime. I’ll make more anime posts upon my return. Feel free to make a Tora Dora post about the latest episode and stuff. Darkslime will format this post, so note the changes.

    Welcome to the Orange Farm, finally.

    Anyway, I plan to play Saya when I get back. Can’t play an Visual Novels where I’m at right now. Can’t wait.

    Also, dat Saya butt is amazing.

  3. 3 komidol
    February 20, 2009 at 12:01 PM

    It’s nice to see some bigger names looking at the blog. We hit a huge spike during C75, but it’s a little low since then. I guess it’s my fault, but glad to see some good readers still hitting the page. Thanks Anima, but seriously, just go and finish through one broken thing. Then once you’re broken we can all hang out.

    Once you cross the line, you never want to go back <.<

  4. 4 komidol
    March 17, 2009 at 1:32 PM

    I regret everything I said here. This was all said before I played Saya.

    It’s so great, isn’t it? You all get to live thinking it’s just some fucked up game…hahahahaha


    I hate all of you…I hate all those screams….the only thing I want is Saya…

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