Rideback Episodes 2-3 [Orange Farm Archive]

Hey everyone! Back with a post for episodes 2 and 3 of Rideback. Even without being able to torrent, I can apparently take screenshots from streaming video sites, so I’ll still be able to post. Yay!


Well, episode 2 starts out with Tamayo’s older brother visiting their father, Nanpuu, in the hospital. It seems that the GGP(world order) is reassigning some personnel to Japan in order to deal with recent terrorist activities. Ryuunosuke is being transferred directly under the newcomer, Captain Romanov.


Of course, they could always be using terrorism as an excuse to come into Japan and do whatever they want. ;)

In any case, this episode begins the rivalry between Rin and Tamayo.


The usual stuff happens here. Tamayo sees Rin as a rival because she’s so damn good her first time, so she challenges her to a race around campus over the weekend. Rin accepts, of course. What self-respecting anime character wouldn’t?


I swear it’s not what it looks like!

Anyway, the interesting part is that Rin starts looking on the Internet for new ways to control Rideback and defeat Tamayo. Hahahaha, that’s pretty awesome. She discovers the form called “spread legs form”(sexual innuendo definitely intended?) which pretty much makes the arms stick out while in motorcycle mode.


She also gets a new flight suit uniform to ride it in. I must say, it’s a better idea then driving a motorcycle around in a dress. Anyway, lots of shit happens, and she ends up not decelerating enough to take a tricky S-curve and ends up in the lake off the road. She manages to get back out, though, amazingly enough… Lucky, lucky. Now she knows what she’s doing. She takes a 90-degree turn at full speed by using a ballet move:


and manages to pass Tamayo. Unfortunately, Tamayo crashes her Rideback, the RB-Z(great name by the way!), all over the place in order not to run into some stray cat that happened to be there. So, they call off the race… for now.rideback-02-07

Fucking cheerleader girl. Just shup already, god.

Anyway, the race apparently convinced her to join the Rideback club herself.

And now onto episode 3.


That’s right, bitches. Commander Romanov has arrived in Japan, and he’s even being promoted to a seat on the cabinet. While Ryuunosuke meets with his new captain, two weeks have passed since the last episode.


Suzuri still can’t figure out how to ride the damn thing. Anyway, a yearly race happens to be coming up, starring the best Rideback riders from all over Japan. Of course, Tamayo is the reigning champion, and she decides to settle her rivalry with Rin here.

The only problem? Rin can’t use Fuego, since it doesn’t actually quite meet the requirements for the race. Instead, she has to use the mass-production model. Who cares, you say. Awesome pilots can use mass-production models to the best of their ability, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Rin can’t get the hang of riding the thing – she doesn’t have enough control over its movements. While she lags pretty far behind in the preliminaries, Haruki and Douta try to figure out what’s wrong. Oh, Shouko’s here too but no one cares.

So, right before the race begins, Haruki gets the crazy idea to unhook some kind of wire. Apparently, the Fuego had the same wire, to control and automate a lot of the functions, yet a lot of Fuego’s settings in that regard didn’t even do anything. So, by unhooking the wire from the MP model, it will give her more control. And so it did.


So, there’s the doofus brothers, a classic first villian in anime. Unfortunately, Tamayo knows what the fuck she’s doing and ends up driving them both off the track and forcing them to retire.


Meanwhile, Rin’s little brother Kenji is watching the race from his English classroom on a little portable TV or something. And as Rin finally starts to make her way up the field because of that wire, they’re about to announce her name to the viewer when Kenji’s teacher pulls the wireless receiver out of his ear. Won’t he be surprised when he realizes his big sister’s driving motorcycles.

Unfortunately for Rin, Tenshirou (the big guy) has realized what Haruki did to the Balon. He warns Haruki to pull her back in and fix it, because it’s dangerous, but like any good college student would do, Haruki procrastinates the problem away.

Unfortunately again, as she’s in fourth place and about to round the corner into the home stretch, the engine blows, and she crashes into the side of the road. Yeah, she’s done. Too bad, rookie, try again next year.


However, it’s implied a few times in this episode that some people have their eye on Rin in particular. Could it be the terrorists? Could it be the GGP? Tenshirou has some connection with all this too, but what is it?


Yes, Suzuri has either gotten drunk off the alcohol fumes or the placebo effect is taking place. Anyway, of course Rin’s not there – she’s out for a drive with Fuego. She runs into Tenshirou out there, too.

By the way, the main site lists Tenshirou as Rin’s “protector”. I wonder what that will mean in the coming episodes? The GGP is now in Japan, and the terrorists have been using armed Ridebacks to do their work, so something’s bound to happen soon.


2 Responses to “Rideback Episodes 2-3 [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 Zero
    February 1, 2009 at 4:14 PM

    i’m enjoying this one a lot

    RideBack——DO WANT!

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