Viper’s Creed START, Super Robot Wars K announced [Orange Farm Archive]

Hey guys, Darkslime here, with something outside your regular every-other-day post. A new anime from ANIMAX called Viper’s Creed just started, and when /m/ confirmed it to be good, I watched the first episode raw(being the mecha fanatic I am).

I’ll say that I was not disappointed. The show is basically giant transforming motorcycle robots. The entire episode consisted of a pretty epic chase scene. However, since I don’t believe anyone has picked this series up yet, I translated what little info there is on the main page as a little teaser.

Super Robot Wars K was also announced today; scroll down for more info. Enjoy!

Viper’s Creed
January 6, 2009

Opening Theme: “R.O.C.K.” by iLL


Halfway into the 21st century, environmental pollution was at an all-time high because of the actions of mankind. All-or-nothing large-scale countermeasures against this pollution, even sponsored by international corporations, failed due to food being harder to come by, the spread of diseases, and the rapidly growing frequency of abnormal weather. As the economy was on the brink of failure, vicious biochemical terrorists appeared, and a great war broke out suddenly. Before long, this great war appeared to come to an end; but now, cities of every nation have been divided into two parts – one geographical, one informational.

Within this global turbulence, a city called Fort Diversity has been able to capitalize on the circulation of key goods and prosper. In a world where air lanes and sea routes have been lost, this city is also an extremely important geographical location. For that reason, enterprises from countries around the world have set up at this city, with small-to-medium businesses trying to win over the citizens as customers, leading to the town’s prosperity. However, many citizens who have been living in Fort Diversity from the start do not think kindly of these foreigners in spite of the financial benefits they brought. To the citizens, they had selfishly come to the town and started doing unneeded business there.

Eight years ago, a private military company contracted the “defense” of Fort Diversity. This PMC is called “Alcon Grover Security”; it suddenly appeared and established its business there. However, the criticism of the citizens against them was just as strong as that against other nations. Even if they took it upon themselves to continue life-or-death battles, the company still cannot see goodwill in the eyes of the citizens. They are, after all, nothing more than foreigners, whose purpose is nothing more than to make money.


Saiki (VA: Kuroda Takaya)
Sakurako (VA: Toyoguchi Megumi)
Rudra (VA:  Kawada Shinji)
Norma (VA: Minagawa Junko)
Garib (VA: Hoshino Mitsuaki)
Haruki (VA: Fukuyama Jun)
Theresia (VA: Kaida Yuki)
Walter (VA: Yanaka Hiroshi)
Maika (VA: Kojima Sachiko)
Fuyuhiko (VA: Ouki Tamio)


Chief Director: Aramaki Shinji
Director: Kanbe Hiroyuki
Series Composition: Akahoshi Masanao
Screenplay: Ota Ai, Tanisaki Akira, Hasegawa Keiichi, Akahoshi Masanao

Sounds good, ne? Insert giant transforming motorcycle racing CG robots and you’ve got yourself a great setup. I also hear a new show called Rideback had a great first episode. While that’s been picked up, who knows when this one will be fansubbed.

On another note, Super Robot Wars K was announced for the DS today. The confirmed series list is as follows:

Overman King Gainer
Soukyuu no Fafner
Virtual-On MARZ
Gundam SEED
Gundam SEED Destiny
Gundam SEED C.E. 73 Stargazer
Mazinger Z
Gaiking: Legend of Daiku Maryu
Koutetsushin Jeeg
Zoids Genesis
Gun X Sword

Never thought I’d see Zoids in a SRW. From what I hear, Genesis is more “super”-ish than most, so. Also yay for Fafner, Gaiking LoDM, Stargazer, and Gun X Sword. <3

Anyway, tomorrow will be the usual 00 post.

See ya~


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