Gundam 00 – Looking Back on the Last Thirteen Episodes [Orange Farm Archive]

Now that we’re halfway through the second season of Gundam 00 – and, thus, three-quarters of the way through the entire show – it’s time to look back at what’s happened over the course of the last 13 episodes, and look towards what will happen as the series comes to a close. I’ve also included all of the past opening and ending songs, as well as the 4th opening song as a gift for all you fans. Scroll down to the bottom for the link. Or, you can actually read the post. :D


First of all, as it seems to be the trend to switch openings and endings every half-season, the opening and ending we’ve been hearing will come to an end. In the opening’s case, good riddance, I say. I don’t like the song, and I don’t like the lyrics. Love has got nothing to do with a giant fighting robot series. The lyrics *might* have been acceptable if Setsuna and Marina had gone *anywhere at all*, but as of now, the only real romance has been Allelujah and Soma, and that hasn’t been going anywhere since the island episode! Argh. I just hate the song. The animation sequence is good though.

In contrast, I’m a big fan of the new ending song, Prototype. I really like the singer, and the tune is one that gets stuck in your head easily. For once in my life, I skip the openings and sit through the endings. What is this world coming to? I do think the end of the ending, with everyone opening their eyes, was really REALLY cheesy, though. This is not bishounen. :<

In any case, what’s happened plot-wise over the last thirteen episodes? Well, after the timeskip, most of Celestial Being got back together. Of course, there were deaths in the first season(Lockon ;__;) but they managed to replace Lockon anyway with his twin brother. Which is weird. When you think about it, given Lockon’s immense popularity, the *only* reason they would have showed his twin brother in that *one* scene in season 1 was if Lockon was going to die. Argh. Anyway, seems like a pretty cool guy, eh snipes GN-XIIIs and doesn’t afraid of anything. The scene where he kisses Feldt was great too.

He never did reveal his relation to Catalon, though.


Vowels was with Celestial Being from before the season started – I wonder how much involvement he really had? At that point, he was practically in control of the Ptolemy II. It’s also *finally* revealed that Tieria was an Innovator prototype, hence, he’s not actually a robot per se, but the genetic engineering that went into him(and Nina, incidentally) basically makes him a human interface to the Veda computer system, which is pretty close to a robot, if you ask me.


Hiding out in a colony with a half-destroyed Exia for the past God knows how long, Setsuna finally makes his escape, and runs into Saji in the process. The immediate battle goes absolutely terribly for Setsuna – his outdated Gundam isn’t even able to take down one of the A-LAWS grunts. Remember back when Exia could kill everything? Anyway, Setsuna gets the Double-0 Gundam, fulfilling the series’ namesake – which kicks ass, but if you’ll notice, it’s not super-overpowered except when in Trans-Am mode, which only has a limited time of activation anyway. It actually has trouble against the Gadessa until it gets the O-Riser attachment near the climactical battle of the first half of the season.

Also, Setsuna in formal car-driver attire and Tieria cross-dressing for a dinner party was *so* a reference to Turn-A Gundam.


They pick her up off the streets drunk. Almost literally. She’s been shacking up with that gay mechanic with the glasses. Anyway, it was nice to have gotten a little backstory of her when she was in strategist school. Apparently the gay mechanic and her were a couple already. Too bad he’s… GAY FOR MISTER BUSHIDO!

Allelujah had it the worst, as he’s been locked in an insane asylum for like five years. Man, sucks to be him. Well, they break him out early on, anyway, and he gets his new Gundam. With his alternate Hallelujah personality dead, there are no more crazed psycho sequences… :'( And of course, the island episode actually starts his relationship with Soma/Marie. (Much to the Colonel’s dismay ;_;)

However, when the Double-0 Gundam first tested out the Trans Am system, it released a whole hell of a lot of quantum particles, which managed to make both Allelujah’s and Marie’s personalities re-emerge, if only for a few moments. Foreshadowing? Hmm…

Weirdest transformation out of the whole cast.

Mr. Bushido.

He does whatever the fuck he wants, because he’s a Japanese samurai, god damn it. Yet, he’s managed not to do anything of particular value. Graham cracker wasn’t even present at the final battle, which surprised me a lot.

Nice boat mask.

Saji and Louise’s story seems to be… uh, sort of coming along. Besides Louise in the doll dress, she’s a pilot for A-LAWS at the moment, and Saji *almost* shot at her, but he never actually figured out how to get over his battle fear. So he’s helping out on the bridge usually, along with Somamarie. He also knows Louise was there through some kind of weird Newtype-ness from when he flew the 0-Riser over to Setsuna during the one fight.

Anyway, boring characters are boring. They’re going to have a joyful reunion at the end, and no one is really going to care! (Man, if only Tomino had been doing the script for these two…)

Psycho-bitch is back. She’s a rebel, dammit, and won’t listen to anything the Innovators happen to say – even though she happens to be one as well. She even went against Wang Liu Mei’s wishes. (Or did she? I never can tell what she’s thinking.) I’m pretty sure she’ll have a much bigger role during the second half. At least, I hope so. :P

Ali Al-Sarshes was already a psycho, now he’s a psycho rapist. That bruise on Nina’s cheek wasn’t for nothing, you know. Also, the bastard managed to set the whole entire damn country aflame.

We love you Ali <3

God, what a shotacon. Let’s not fight, guys. Totally useless character again.


The happy mechanic family lost a father. Poor guy, he was the only cool guy on the ship. :( However, Ptolemy got an Innovator spy as a bridge crew member. Actually… You know, they made it obvious already, so I bet they’re going to make her *not* actually a spy. Not willingly, anyway.

Anyway, did you see how this post is steadily degrading as it continues?

Anyway, as for the story. The orbital laser has been successfully destroyed through a god-awesome high-speed all-or-nothing strategy. When the laser covered it, I was literally like, “Shit, there’s no way… How did they dodge it?” And then, all of a sudden, BATTLESHIP IN FREAKING TRANS-AM MODE. Jaw-drop. The Ptolemy isn’t awesome enough to have its own, so they just hooked Arios up to it and used it to power it. Holy shit. Take that, stupid white-haired egotistical wannabe.

In any case, during these next (and final) thirteen episodes, they’re going to have to possibly defeat A-LAWS, which means Louise has some decisions to make. They also need get rid of the Innovators before their world destruction plans come to fruition. They also are probably going to(at least, hopefully) finish the relationships between Setsuna and Marina, Louise and Saji, and Allelujah and Somamarie. The last of which you KNOW their old personalities are going to resurface at the worst possible moment… Maybe they’ll be the Tomino couple. mwahahah. Oh, and the relationship between Setsuna and Graham Cracker needs to be resolved as well. Was it really love that kept bringing them together!?

We also need to figure out what exactly is wrong with Louise. Also, what are Wang Liu Mei’s true intentions? Did she really want to use that orbital laser, or did she just pretend, just to get the plans so that Nina would steal them? Did she plan all this out? Nobody knows. Yet, anyway. I have a hard time believing she could have outsmarted the Innovators so easily.

Stay tuned for the ending to Gundam 00. Anime is on a two-week hiatus, of course. I’m not exactly sure when it’s going to start again.

So. If you scrolled straight down without reading, here’s the OP/ED pack I promised. It has the full versions of the first three openings and endings – as well as a bonus, the 4th opening, which is notably better than the current one. >_> Here’s the link.


3 Responses to “Gundam 00 – Looking Back on the Last Thirteen Episodes [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 Freedom III
    January 10, 2009 at 1:51 AM

    Where’s Wang’s ever-episode-is-different dress? Did she suddenly run out of funding for new clothes or something?

    As for overpowered gundams, I’m sure you were laughing histerically as Kira used every hack humanely possible to make up for his (past) emo-ness…and to put the real emo in his place (no, I don’t even need to name him because he’s THAT emo)…

  2. 2 darkslime
    January 10, 2009 at 1:23 PM

    wut? I’m a Shinn fan, you know. It’s a shame he never actually developed as a character. I hated Seed and Seed Destiny anyways. I hate Kira too. :<

    bwahahaha UC Gundam fan raaage.

  3. 3 Freedom III
    January 13, 2009 at 10:23 PM

    Shin was seriously dwelling WAY too much on the past…I get the fact that he has his family killed right before his eyes (I’d dwell on a sister’s death too…not sure yet…my sister (well…half-sister…wait…baby half-sister) is still alive and well), but blaming a stray laser on his country and kira (who probably couldn’t even see them anyway, let alone react fast enough to see them, them think “f’, this is going straight for them, lets use my gundam as a meatshield”) and essentially become a traitor to his country is going a bit far…

    And about Kira…he hacks…that is all…

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