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And here is the promised Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei post. Episodes 1 and 2 of the new OVA are out, leaving the third and final episode to be released sometime next month. Hilarity ensues.


As has been the case with most of the second season, each of these “episodes” is split into three parts, each of which covers a certain chapter of the manga. As such, I’ll review each of the six parts independently of each other!

Episode 1 – Part 1 – Naive Princess

This would be the obligatory Valentine’s Day episode. You might have expected romantic… antics between Zetsubou Sensei and his students, but that actually isn’t the case. The despair of this episode? The infamous “honey trap” – when someone attractive seduces someone else into falling for them, and then uses their secrets in order to blackmail them! But first, Valentine’s Day might well be a bigger deal if it happened every four years. Also, Kitsu’s Valentine’s gift to Zetsubou Sensei(chocolate, like everyone else in the class) is definitely something…

It’s a chocolate heart! No, seriously, it’s a perfect replica of the left atrium. Speaking of Kitsu, they also seem to have started flashing blank screens with punctuation marks in the middle of her sentences(like periods, commas, !, etc.). XD IN ANY CASE, Itoshiki-sensei starts despairing about honey traps. However, Kafuka reassures him that even though that happens all the time(a negative comment from Kafuka? WHAT?), there is a secret elite force in Japan that was made specifically to ward off intelligence gathering by other countries via the honey trap! The solution?

ANIME NERDS. 3-D girls just can’t compare to 2-D ones! They bring up the point that many 3-D girls are overweight, or have hair in gross places, or… Yeah, you get the picture. It seems like a pretty accurate representation of the otaku culture to me. Cue Kaere panty-shot jokes. In any case, precisely because they’re like this, Nyan-Nyan – a seductive spy from “a certain country”(lol China) – who, incidentally can’t speak Japanese properly – tries and fails to get the secrets of the country out of them! They just don’t seem interested in her at all.

Until she pulls out her trump card – which happens to be fake anime goods of Haruhi and Lucky Star. Note: The following two pictures are here pretty much for the sole purpose of making Komidol, and any other fans of these series, RAGE.

Hahahahahahaha. Anyway, much to a “certain country”‘s dismay, the otakus can immediately tell that these are not genuine.

With all of Nyan-Nyan’s attempts failed, she will be randomly reappearing in scenery for no purpose whatsoever, like the stork, and the yin-yang penguin.

Episode 1 – Part 2 – Banned Excerpt

Now we move on to an episode all about the “unaired battles” that don’t make it to broadcast. Don’t worry, there are plenty of self-referencing jokes. Anyway, Tsunetsuki – who is in the teacher’s house, always by his side, yet he still manages to be surprised at it after this long – attempts to go on a rant about the fact that since on-air battles are so boring, unaired battles must be even more so.

Well, Itoshiki-sensei has a couple things to say about that. Behind-the-scenes competitions to get that role…

The unaired everyday battles of a manga writing group…

szs-g1-08“You expect me to write everything with this much time!?” “You think I can wait that long?” “Let me go home already!” “Don’t hold up the press!”

And a joke that literally took me three times watching it to understand(bad, feel bad, etc.):

szs-g1-09“Tsunetsuki-san, how did you get those wounds?” “Ah, doesn’t matter…” “Mm? Komori-san, how did your nose…” “Ah, doesn’t matter…”

Also, cue jokes about cheating on exams and everything that goes on behind-the-scenes in political campaigns. There’s also a rather strange scene where Kitsu follows Itoshiki-sensei to the gym, where he is busy training the muscles in his neck… She said it best – “He’s that desperate not to die?”. He runs away in despair. Character development? In my comedy show?

In any case, Kafuka then leads the teacher to places where other fierce unaired battles are raging – in particular, Chie-sensei’s apartment. Apparently she’s been fighting demons nonstop. It’s… well,  it’s really creepy.

And of course, on the other side of the moon, the Moon and Walker armies have been fighting for over seventy-thousand years.

And when Abiru tries to ask the teacher out for lunch, Kitsu does one of her “going insane psychopath killer” scenes and is about to impale Abiru on a big shovel when the broadcasters censor out the scene to make a point…


Great. Episode.

Episode 1 – Part 3 – Prototype Shield

Following up with Valentine’s Day, we have Halloween. Who best to be the heroine of the episode, then, but the otaku doujin yaoi fangirl? But first, have some Zetsubou sensei with a leek.

If that’s not a reference, I dont know what is. Why else would he be carrying a leek, of all things? In any case, Fujiyoshi invites him to a Halloween festival, but everyone there seems to be cosplaying rather than dressing up normally(or, is there a difference? I miss traditional Halloween :<). See if you can name all the characters.


Anyway, Fujiyoshi is dressed up in a ZAFT pilot uniform(see: Gundam SEED Destiny), while Zetsubou-sensei is dressed up as a mere jack-o’-lantern. Kitsu is also properly staying within the boundaries of tradition and is a normal witch. Anyway, all Kafuka has done is grow her hair out, and following that, there is a long, drawn-out joke about a “certain popular baseball manga” where the writers are discussing ideas, most of which are throwing the original idea out the window. Also, Ikkyuu shows up randomly.

Anyway, Itoshiki-sensei starts on a despair about things not staying true to the original, but an Indian man interrupts him by despairing about the curry they serve in Japan which is nothing like the original. Finally, Abiru shows him the coelacanth, a living fossil – a perfect example of something that’s stayed true to the original. They then set off on a quest to find more of such animals, and in the forest, they find a soldier of former Japan. They bring him back, and…


And then, what to his tearful eyes should appear…

szs-g1-20szs-g1-21szs-g1-22(Hammer swinging in mall)

I’m in despair! The degradation of modernn society has left me in despair!

This. I couldn’t have put that any better. At the very end of the episode, it’s agreed on that not everything can be kept like the original. The punch line? Zetsubou-sensei being drawn like the original character designs in the last few frames of the episode… as well as the entire ending sequence.

Anyway, that episode was kind of all over the place.

Episode 2 – Part 1- To Say That the Pursuit of Happiness from a Process is the Origin of Crime

This episode plays off a weird joke on “home visits”. Normally the teacher would visit their students’ homes, and make sure there aren’t any problems or anything. All Itoshiki-sensei is doing is “passing by”, so technically he is “visiting homes”. Kitsu is furious.

To make things worse, they decided to continue the punch-line from the end of the last episode by drawing *everyone* as per the original designs. I believe that’s part of the next joke. Itoshiki-sensei begins to despair about the fact that Japanese people care more about the process than the end result. For Itoshiki-sensei, that would be passing by all the scenery on the *way* to Kitsu’s house; the actual home visit wasn’t important. Cue staking out video game stores jokes, Matarou pedophilia jokes, and not caring about whether the story has a “good end” or a “bad end”.

However, the moral of the story is, if something ended quickly, there would be no room to grow.

Episode 2 – Part 2 – A Notice from the Ministry of Protection

By far my favorite part of the OVAs thus far. Basically, the joke of this chapter is that there was a prediction for a big earthquake under some important buildings in Japan, and none of the characters(save Kaere) believe that this chapter is actually going to get published. (Even though you’re watching it at the moment. Apparently, it was published. Ha ha!) Anyway, all of the characters randomly appear in Itoshiki’s house for no apparent reason – they, as well as the authors, are apparently being really lazy this time:


But since this chapter probably wasn’t going to be published anyway, it doesn’t matter! And because it wasn’t going to be published, all of a sudden, naked Rin out of nowhere. The camera keep panning up, but then they finally show her fully clothed with the message “If this is published, she will be fully clothed” written on the screen.

szs-g02-05Also, lol penis joke (that rose was on his crotch before)

Zetsubou-sensei starts to despair about the fact that even though nothing will come of them, there are certain things that people just have to do. And then they actually have three random people confess something like that – one of them is dressed like a soldier, and says “Even though I knew there weren’t any WMDs, we had to search for them anyway”.

Amazing. Also, I think this is the first on-screen appearance of that student who is married and works two or three jobs to pay off all the bills.

Finally, everyone starts acting concerned about the fact that “The Magazine”(whatever magazine SZS is published in) won’t be published at all, and start making up weird stories about what was “going to happen” in other comics serialized in it.

There’s also a scene where Kaga “confesses” to Itoshiki-sensei, since it won’t be published anyway. All she says, though, is that she likes a certain kind of food. (It says on the bottom, “If this is published, it will be a totally uninteresting confession”)

Even so, Kitsu overhears her, and goes psycho killer on her.


Damn, this was a great episode.

Episode 2 – Part 3 – Names Ripped in Pieces

Finally, we come to the last part… to discover that the character artwork has changed a lot, again! The art style they use is primarily to make fun of shows with characters who actually look like that, by exaggerating everything. It’s a gross art style, anyway.

szs-g02-07This art style has left me in despair!!

IN ANY CASE, the flashing characters at the start of part 3 said that the art style would return back to normal afterwards. XD The episode is about things that have a certain name that doesn’t make sense – and it would be easier to understand if they had a name that DID make sense. For example, Itoshiki-sensei pulls out many books whose titles don’t have very much to do with the story. Kitsu is all for making the titles of the books more proper. Kudou and Kino, a new character, then get into a battle “fit for a shounen magazine” – though it’s a battle for changing the titles of books and seeing how many people buy their idea. “If we don’t change the titles that are lies…!!”

Of course, they don’t sell. Apparently the names were carefully decided, and were actually bestsellers.

However, this doesn’t only happen in the novel industry! All literature, video games, and comics do the same thing. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of references here that I don’t get because I don’t read Japanese novels, though.

Finally, they make fun of the title of the show, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei – there hasn’t been that much despair lately has there!? There is a scene where Itoshiki-sensei is driven off a cliff by a huge pack of wild dogs into a pit of spikes, and Kitsu starts yelling “SAYONARA ZETSUBOU SENSEI”. There, all better.

This makes the third time he’s died so far in the anime.

So, now we’re all waiting for the third OVA. However, one of the chalkboard writings quite clearly said “EVERYONE SAY SZS SEASON 3” on it. We can only hope <3. We also got to meet a new character, Kino, who apparently hates Kudou for always telling him stories that make him cry.

Also, a really REALLY scary part was in the opening for the second episode – near the end when they show Kafuka’s face with a kanji on it, the kanji says “LIES”.



See you next time!

szs-g1-23Next time will leave you in despair again!


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