Touhou Fan Music at Comiket 75 [Orange Farm Archive]

So! With the craze about Comiket 75 over and done with, and with all these fan-arranged Touhou albums sitting on my Z: drive(yes, I have a Z: drive), Imma go through them and comment so you know where to look for awesomezors music. As Komidol is on a two-week hiatus, I’m going to try and step up to the plate, lol. Since I’m off of school and everything. Warning: this post is image-heavy! Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the beautiful artwork!


ALiCE’S EMOTiON, Alstroemeria Records, SoundOnline – Trois Rouge, Trois Noir, Trois Bleu

Trois Rouge tracklist

Trois Bleu tracklist

Trois Noir tracklist

First of all, we have a series of three albums made by a collaboration of ALiCE’S EMOTiON, Alstroemeria Records, and SoundOnline: Trois Rouge, Trois Noir, and Trois Bleu, respectively. Each has ten songs in all, and most include vocals by various people.

Unfortunately, I was not impressed by many of the songs here. A couple were kind of cool, but most of them weren’t. A lot of the vocals fell flat on their face. I’m also not a fan of dance/techno remix, which is pretty much *all* these albums are.

IOSYS – Touhou Ephemeral Heaven


IOSYS has returned with yet another album, Ephemeral Heaven. Umm, most are vocals, and there are a bunch of drama kind of things, but I don’t speak Japanese well enough to understand any of it.

Hobby Factory Ninjinwain – Touhou Rockgirl Arrange Sound Track


Here’s an interesting arrange album done by Hobby Factory Ninjinwain(carrot wine? I’m not responsible for the translation here). There are 22 songs in all, and almost all of them remix a different song from Touhou 6 – and they’re all 8-bit arrangements. The theme here was an old 8-bit video game based on Rockman(Megaman) – so there are a few tracks at the beginning to give you the feel of those old NES “character select” and “title screen” songs. :3

Overall, I’d recommend this to those who are fans of 8-bit arrangements, or chiptunes, or whatever. It’s a little hard at times to recognize what the original song was without looking at the title, but it’s still pretty cool on the whole.

(Was there actually a fan-game of this? :O)



This album by SOUND HOLIC is pretty much all vocals, except they do most of them right. First/seventh song is far too cute for my tastes, but Komidol might like them. I dunno, I seem to have a problem with people singing over video game music, since sometimes it just makes it awkward(see: track 4). I also can’t handle Engrish, which is in not one, but two songs… and by that, I mean, the entire song. :P

The final song, Priere, is the first “slow” remix of a Touhou song that I’ve liked. I believe it mixes the stage 6 theme with Remilia’s theme, from Touhou 6. Give it a listen.

UI-70 – If


Okay, here’s where it’s at(in my book, at least). Most of these are amazing heavy guitar remixes. There are a couple that are lighter in there, as well, but this album’s main attraction is the guitar.

Just… wow. This is an amazing group of songs. My favorites, which are in the fan-pack I made, are Force of Fall, Invisible Full Moon, Capriccio, and Border of Life.



KAN-NAGI is another album with some vocals in it. It didn’t impress me all that much on the whole, save for perhaps the first track, Iris Joker. It’s Orin’s theme rearranged with vocals, and actually isn’t too bad. Overall, okay, but not great.

CROW’SCLAW – Brutal Games for Reminding of Death
(No art available)


Some more good electric guitar remixes in this one. There aren’t all that many tracks, but the ones that are there are very good! And very heavy. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any album art, so the tracklist is far from complete. :/

Innocent Key – 東方楼蘭 (Touhou Watchtower Orchid)


Lots of vocal remixes in this one, but they are all way too cute for me to listen to for too long. If you like that kind of thing, then I guess…

DJ Schwarzeneggar – 東方女犯坊 (Touhou Girl Sin Boy)


Five over-the-top dance remixes of popular final boss themes. Again, I’m not a huge fan of techno, but this still will MELT YOUR BRAIN. It’s trippy and rave-ish. The first and last songs also have random moonspeak voices all over the place. The title of the album is also strange. As well as the title of the fifth song. Native Pedophile? WTF? XD (By the way, the speech bubbles all over the sleeve say “please do it slowly, okay?” in case you were wondering)

Silver Forest – 悠久パラダイム (Eternal Paradigm)


This is probably my favorite vocal soundtrack released this Comiket. Tracks 1 and 2 are really nice. So is number 4; though I’m not into that kind of music, I’ll admit it was done very well. Track 6 is very interesting – they actually remixed this song well, and the vocals are great.

There should be a separation here between tracks 8 and 9. The last three songs on this album are “joke songs”. The first one is a Touhou 11 stage 1 medley that will have you going MIRO-MIRO-MIRORIN by the end, it’s so weird. The last song, an amusing remix of Flandre’s theme, starts out with a nice piano, but then one of the chords goes wrong, and it really sounds like cats are walking across the keyboard. NUKO O NUKO O NUKO O NUKO O GAA GAA GAA

Sonic Hispeed Omega – THE BEST OF TOHO TEMPEST



Sonic Hispeed Omega has gifted its fans with a treat – a two-disc compilation of the best tracks from all four(?) of its collections. As the name implies, most of these are high-speed remixes. I’ve found very few songs in these 29 that I didn’t enjoy listening to. Never having heard their work before, this is truly amazing!



Only two tracks here, and the second is an original song. The Touhou arrange is a fairly nice version of Green-Eyed Jealousy, Parsee’s theme from Touhou 11. But, that’s really it.

East New Sound – Lyrical Crimson


I believe this East New Sound’s debut onto the doujin music scene. Overall, it wasn’t too bad. I have gripes with a lot of the songs, but they honestly weren’t terrible. Track 5 is actually a remix of Touhou 1 (that’s right, 1) theme for the first few levels. It sounds really cool. Track 8 also stood out for me. It arranges a rare song, the Stage 2 theme in Touhou 6, and really makes you feel like you’re flying through the sky.

dbu Music – 鬼譚奏鳴曲 Demon tale sonata


Dobu Usagi has released its rearrange album for Touhou 11, the latest game. The twelve tracks are for the most part… well, “incredible” doesn’t do a good enough job of describing it. dBu is probably my favorite doujin music group at this point. For all you people who like rock/high-speed arrangements, this is for you!

Dark PHOENiX – Arrow Revolution


I have never heard of Dark PHOENiX before, but now I kind of regret not looking them up. This is quite a good album, with high-speed guitar arrangements for quite a few songs. I especially like their version of Crystallized Silver, a song I never thought would ever sound good(XD). Unfortunately, the accordion remix of Cirno’s theme made my ears bleed. Final word: some of these songs are good, one is great, and a few just don’t work.

Demetori – Sendaisoushi offering to the sukhavati
(No album art available)


Some really heavy, fast guitar remixes, once again. It didn’t impress me as much as dbu or UI-70, but still fairly good. Demetori’s a big name, so I might not know what I’m talking about though :D Couldn’t find album art, so I couldn’t figure out the origin of some of the songs.



I’ve never heard of “ska” before now – but I can say that I’m not really a fan. All the songs, save for maybe the first one, sound like polkas. POLKAS ;_;

Light Reception’s Warehouse – The Hell You Saw


This album is lighter rock remixes than, say, dbu and CROW’SCLAW. I’m not familiar with all genres of music, but some of these are pretty light, while others are fast and have some guitar in it.

As always, plenty of Touhou arrange albums were released this Comiket. Even though there’s probably a zillion by now, I’ve put together a little fan-pack for everyone with my favorites from across all twenty or so of these albums XD You can get it here (link). This is the first time I’ve done something like this, so. I’m pretty sure it works, anyway!

Also, there are probably a couple of soundtracks I missed – Komidol mentioned a few, like Rewrite or Actress Again. I haven’t found them yet, so… Maybe I’ll update later with the rest XD

And maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll (finish) translating a doujin or two? Who knows. They’re probably done by now anyway.

…If you’re all the way down here, I have a bonus for you! This was new to me this time around, so… If you’re torrenting an album that says (tta+cue), and you finish downloading it and there are no mp3s there, don’t panic! The .tta file is actually the entire soundtrack compressed with a lossless algorithm – meaning, it’s the exact same quality as you would hear on the CD.

In order to play this kind of thing, first you need a program called foobar2000. Download the latest version, then search for the .tta plugin(it can’t play .tta files by default). Second thing you need to do is go into the .cue file with notepad – basically, there’s a tracklist here. Look for where it says “FILENAME.wav” WAVE, and change the .wav to .tta. Finally, open the .cue file with foobar, and it will play them!

You can even use foobar to convert any of the tracks into whatever format you want, provided you have the right encoders. lame.exe is for mp3 encoding, flac.exe for FLAC, etc. etc. Give it a try. I’ve been using it this whole time :D


3 Responses to “Touhou Fan Music at Comiket 75 [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 Freedom III
    January 10, 2009 at 1:17 AM

    Hey Darkslime, do you have any clue about a piano album that TAM released in C75? I remember my friend sending me a track of it that was uploaded to youtube, but I’ve failed to find any trace of the whole album thus far.

  2. 2 darkslime
    January 10, 2009 at 10:56 PM


    This is a huge 116-album compilation of Touhou albums released at C75 – TAM is in there. :D

  3. 3 Freedom III
    January 13, 2009 at 10:14 PM

    Thanks Darkslime…I’ll use Azureus to pick the TAM stuff out of there, seeing as getting the whole torrent is physically impossible for me atm (3.11GB left on my drive).

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