Kawashima Ami Army Enlistment [Orange Farm Archive]

Guys, we’ve been through a lot of DFC together…and, Taiga is sexy and all…but I think I’m going with Ami on this one.


How many girls can smile like this?

A lot of people are diggin’ on ToraDora! this season, and with good reason.  The cast is well rounded, likable, and has a lot of the archetypes that have been popular in recent series built in.  But it occurs to me, as I look through the wave of minorin meme‘s and Taiga pics I see a distinct lack of Ami.  Most people worship their TsunTsun and crazy girl, swords raised, ready to skirmish all who oppose.  Also, Taiga has that DFC, raising her popularity dramatically.  Let me get something straight.  Ami is an excellent character.  And I wrote 1000+ words as to why I think why.

When you see it…

It occurred to me a lot of people don’t understand Ami, either seeing her as a bad girl, or the trouble maker.  While this is to a small degree true, ToraDora is a well-executed generic show.  Key words here would be well-executed.  It’s been criticized for being generic, and that’s fine.  But everything is about how you go about doing something, and ToraDora! is easy to watch – easily becoming my favorite show of the season, despite my predictions and in depth season preliminaries, which were horribly wrong – or horribly correct.  Anyway, my point is – as a generic show, it’s about high school kids learning social reactions and how to deal with each other.  Ami is no exception, nor a static character – in fact she’s quite dynamic.  Ami is quite the looker, but that’s not why I like her.  In fact I didn’t even realize much about her until episode 12.


Yes, she’s wearing some, you have to look…they’re pink.

Ami seems like she’d be a good friend, someone easy to get along with.  She can balance having fun well, petty arguments, and being there when you need her.  Especially in episode 12, as I said, is this noticeable – by her attitude.  When she was first introduced, she was unlikable and hard to get along with.  I feel I myself am the same way – so maybe is this something I can understand others can’t, but I will do my best to explain it from my perspective.  People can treat their close friends, acquaintances, and strangers incredibly differently.  It’s a different story with everyone, because you want to prey on what you like about the person and stretch that.  I admire Ami’s place in the story because she’s in a sense discovering how to socialize.   When she comes in; her whole life is a little game.  She is essentially living by her persona.  Then, she meets Taiga, and first it’s a comedic clash of persona, but as we know, she eventually learns to drop her persona and show her true personality thanks to Taiga.  That’s the start.  Al ot of people engraved that into their minds, that’s the type of person she is, but she’s probably the most valuable cast member on the show.


I like it when girls RAGE.

ToraDora was mildly boring before Ami was introduced.  All we had to watch was Taiga’s and Ryuuji’s interactions.  Ami’s is good character interaction, making the characters second guess themselves, or even change their course of action.  Especially for Taiga.  This is because she both admires and is disgusted by Taiga – since Taiga is better at manipulating and more satisfied with her persona than Ami is.  At first Ami admires Taiga’s ability to change, and personal freedom – meaning, Taiga isn’t binded to her persona, and Ami learned from that, so now she can choose  more easily who to share her personal self with, and cares less who sees it – and for that she is grateful to Taiga.  But at the same time, Ami never brought her persona into her personal friends/life, as small as it was, and she’s disgusted by Taiga for doing so and toying with Ryuuji.


This comes back to the whole analogy about Minorin being the sun.  She says, she won’t follow Ryuuji like Taiga does or be his shining star.  She’s equating it to the sun, moon, and earth.  The moon(Taiga) receives light from the sun(Minorin), but ultimately follows the earth(Ryuuji) around.   She goes on to say she’ll walk the same path as him, meaning she intends to be the earth when her persona kinda gives off the sun to many people, even though she doesn’t want to.  I guess if we were to go further with the analogy, Ami is a good Venus, sister planet to Earth, upset at the moon for acting the way it does, and gets kinda burned out by the sun. But ultimately Ami is just a girl who is following in Ryuuji’s footsteps, because while she admires that adaptive attitude about Taiga, she sees Ryuuji easily deal with it, when she couldn’t. Because of that, she’s sorta a puppy following him.  Throw in a high school setting and she has a lost puppy’s love for Ryuuji.  She’s doing what she can to be helpful.


She invites them to her villa, but mostly because she’s playful and wants to be part of their group.  But because she’s walking the same path that Ryuuji is now straying from, she’s a good reflective mirror for him to remind himself of the straightforward way he thinks. This may relate to the symbol of the mirror when they were in the villa, but it really shows in episode 12 when she comforts him.



I think Ami isn’t givin’ enough credit as a character. She really has a lot of depth and supplies a main character interaction in the series. The show was slightly boring without Ami there, but I don’t like her always being seen as the third wheel, as anyone who tries to enter a group as tight knit as those four are will be. But then you have to think of the time perspective of the show, Taiga and Ryuuji didn’t know each other much longer than she did.

So it’s completely possible for her to be a main character, but unfortunately the plot – as I said – is a little generic. But I want to see Ami and other characters continue developing. It doesn’t have to be a lovey-dovey end, and since the source material is still running, I doubt it will have any character end. But Ami’s development is a huge part of this anime, and people should realize how important she is to the plot.


3 Responses to “Kawashima Ami Army Enlistment [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. December 27, 2008 at 3:59 AM

    Actually, I think Ami is being supported a lot, in the past few days either because of her…sensuality or whatever it is that attracts, I’ve seen nothing but Ami supporters hehe. I think all the cast, while generic, has something that really gets to you, a little twist in the tsundere or the crazy girl, or the one that seems to be a bitch but isn’t. We all know them, yet their interactions and quircks are awesome!

    I wasn’t getting that much what Ami told Ryuuji about her acting differently from Taiga and Minori, so thanks there.

  2. 2 komidol
    December 28, 2008 at 9:18 AM

    Ah, I just think people have the wrong idea about Ami or liking her for the wrong reasons…

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