Fate/Stay Frenzy! (TypeMoon Update) [Orange Farm Archive]

ilyaIt’s a good season to be a type moon fan.  2200+ words good.  (Spoiler Tagged)


Who needs GAR when you can be THIS cool?

Fate/Stay Night, is by far one my favorite Visual Novels.  The reason for this is since I was a young lad, I starved for mature adventure story.  A story that had fights, but only because they were necessary.  A story with good execution, being fought over people who differ in opinion, and are not the stereotypical “bad” or “good” guys.  A story that had erotic scenes as an act that occurs, and may or may not have story significance – but always character significance.  Fate/Stay Night has a lot of what I look for in a good adventure, and the fact it’s a visual novel I think shy’s away people with a low attention span, and keeps people who are willing to read.  At the same time, the sound effects, music, and interaction (since you do get to choose what you want to do at some points), make it incredibly immersing.  I’m sure some of you can argue F/SN isn’t really an “adult” story, isn’t terribly in depth, and can get boring at times.  And while I can understand all these arguments, I focus on the games better points.  And for the Heaven’s Feel Route, that took place on the last couple days.


The loli is mine!

As mentioned above, the execution of Fate Stay Night is done incredibly well.  This scene was particularly focused on Kotomine’s combat ability.  Even though I didn’t like seeing Ilya’s character in the “princess in a tower” scenario, I absolutely loved this sequence.  Look at Assassin chasing in the distance, that loli skirt waving dangerously close in the wind, the characters rushing by – sensing for any change of direction in the wind which may lead to their death!  But of course, if you’re reading this post, I probably don’t have to tell you how awesome Fate/Stay Night is.  A lot of people didn’t like the Heaven’s Feel Route, but I’m not one of them.  It put the characters in different positions, and a slow build up, but the main focus on the story gave better exposition on the characters not touched on in the general Fate/UBW play through.  It was certainly different, but far from bad.

verynoHere dies everything you knew about this game from the other two routes.

Definitely didn’t like when they finished off Saber.  She was an enemy all the way from the second she was taken over.  But this again raised my opinion of the route and the game.  Sometimes the choices we make lead to consequences which are irreversible.  The scene was not rushed with her, and they gave the character a proper end despite it not being her route.   My only question to TypeMoon is, how is this “True End” when you have Saber in the sequel and your crossover games?  Heaven’s Feel felt more like a bonus route or alternative ending.



Like Kotomine, Rider’s character was also expanded on.  This is one thing I can be happy about in SEIBA’s death sequence.  While purple hair isn’t my type, and I don’t dig her figure, it was always a relief to get a Rider scene for whatever reason.  She’s listed as “Chaotic Good”, and I didn’t like how she was portrayed as an enemy in the first two routes.  She’s certainly an understanding person I would consider a friend if I could shatter the dimensional wall.  The good news is that’s been getting easier lately.  <.@


Tiem paradox?

So in this route Archer gives up his arm to Shirou, allowing him to do some pretty outrageous things.  My question is, who is the Archer in this route?  Is he the Shirou from the UBW route?  The Fate route?  Is he the same Archer in all three routes?  What about the original Shirou that made a bitter Archer?  Now, the only thing we can be certain of, is that Tohsaka saved his life, since Archer had the jewel on him when he returned.  But, does that mean Shirou summoned Saber and lost, and Rin was killed?  Did Shirou escape?  And biggest question of all – who did Tohsaka summon?  Did she summon random Archer and lose?  Did she summon a different class, Saber even?  Did she fuck up the summon all together?  But then how did Archer have the jewel if she wasn’t their that night!?! Headache.  I would like to see an extra route depicting the original Shirou becoming the Archer in Fate route.  Does this mean each route makes a new Shirou that becomes Archer?  Does that mean a sequel is possible since there should be infinite routes possible?  What would Heaven’s Feel Archer do?  Anyway, you can comment on it.  I’m going lolgrail on this one…the only solution is that time isn’t linear.


Overall the HF route was fun but it didn’t feel very Fate/Stay Night’ish.  What was it missing, was it missing awesome attacks and GAR?


No, this was by far the most GAR thing the series had to offer.  The ending fight scene with Kotomine and Shirou was one of the most GAR scenes, if not the most GAR scene, in visual novel history.  So, no…it wasn’t GAR…was it weaponry?


Nope.  The parallel universe dagger gem sword Zelretch was definitely a neat little toy to see being used.  It gave us another scene with Ilya and seeing Tohsaka use it was a nice mini-twist in the game.   So, I don’t think it was the weaponry…what was it…?


Was that it?  No, we had one Tohsaka sex scene.  Definitely liked her more, so it contributed to the overall awesome of the route.  I do love my tsundere and I do hate purple hair.  Sakura’s ass was pretty big, and this was one aspect of the route that probably took away from the route the most for me.  Masturbatability (TM) is a huge factor in games with H-scenes, and Sakura CG’s do not deliver.  But anyway, what could it of been missing, since we has some delicious Tohsaka…



THAT’S WHAT IT WAS!  Yeah, the lack of Gilgamesh seriously got to me.  If Saber was the one they involved in the route and gave a suitable end, Gilgamesh is the one they completely skipped over and put off.  He didn’t even get a new CG or anything.  Just some alleyway side effects.  Gilgamesh is probably my favorite character, so that RAGED me more than anything else.  Chaotic-Good at it’s most chaotic, Gil was a radical of his belief’s, and like most people who do wrong(by societies standards) in the world, thought he was doing what was best for humanity by cleaning up those who don’t deserve existence.  The fact he was just killed off without even a battle scene…Argh…I hope he has a better role in Fate/Hollow Atraxia, whenever Beast’s Lair gets around to translating that.


Anyway, the H/F route revived my F/SN love and caused me to go out and search for any fan material.  What did I find?  Some doujins, some fanart, and a hell load of AMV’s…

For those of you who have been regularly visiting (all two of you), you probably noticed Kamina has an “About Kamina” page, but yet to post yet.  Well, good news, his first post will be an AMV we’ve got some exclusive rights to (along with the joint community for Crucis Fatal/Fake we supervise, Community Crucis).  So, that will likely be his first post, he’s probably put more time into that video editing than I’ve spent writing my posts over the last two weeks, so look forward to it.  When looking at this one, he said he hopes it can be as good in terms of special effect editing.

Faker is a F/SN AMV to a Shakugan no Shana op, and probably the most popular F/SN AMV out there.  With good reason.  I can only hope I one day will become as good at video editing as this person.  Of course, it’s a youtube repost with source from Nico Nico, as most good AMV’s are.

Crucis Fatal/Fake, a doujin-game I’ve mentioned several times on this blog, is a fighter made from the folks at Light’s Maguro.  With v1.02, the netplay improved quite a bit, and the boards I mentioned above, Community Crucis, is easily becoming the English headquarters for CFF Netplay.  Anything you might want to know about the game from combos, to finding a netplay game, to troubleshooting fixes, or anything regarding FRAMES can be found on there.  As I am a big part of it, I will plug it from time to time.  Most recently, I did cut together the above video.  We also fixed up the boards, got a new banner, a new theme, and have nearly completed all the character guides.  Coming together quite well and feeding into my current F/SN hype.  If you want, visit us at irc.rizon.net in #crucis for a game.

This is a good video if you’re hungering for some F/HA (Fate/Hollow Atraxia).  It’s a general F/SN AMV, and doesn’t have the best editing, but it has alot of F/HA CG’s (including that delicious Ilya bathing suit), but does have minor-medium spoilers.  The song, the Sakuranbo, is a minor meme and popular to use in AMV’s, and I liked it so much I ripped it so you guys can download the mp3 here.  Enjoy.

Speaking of things I ripped, out of Crucis Fatal Fake I ripped Archer’s UBW voice chant.  This is also something fun to play with, no background noise or anything, and it’s great for video editing.  Let me know if you use it anywhere.

And Speaking of UBW, I went into the mirror moon forums, compiled all the funniest UBW parodies, and posted them on the CFF boards here.  I made my own specifically for the “good end” (not true end) in Heaven’s Feel, for Sakura, since I hate her so much.

I am the cherry of my blossom.
Frail is my body and tsundere is my blood.
I have planted over 1000 flowers.
Unaware of loss,
Nor aware of gain.
Waiting for one’s arrival…
Have withstood pain to plant many flowers.
I have nothing but regrets, this is the only path.
My whole life was…

…Damn I hate Sakura.  Getting off the topic of F/SN, finally, TypeMoon has some titles I’ve been looking out for lately.  Of course, Melty Blood Actress Again (MBAA) is coming out soon, and The Sacred Red Moon is heading up the charge on that one.  As for Act Cadenza, if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t visited meltybread in a while, Mauve made a tool for melty which measures everything you want to know about each character’s attacks.  From hitbox to frame, it’s the most valuable tool a player can have, besides the netplay caster, anyway.  Q4 2008 is shaping up to be the best season in a long time to be a Type Moon or fighting game fan.


With Heaven’s Feel English route being released by Mirror Moon, MBAA now in arcades, and CFF being released, you’d think the hype would start to die down after a bit.  NOPE.  December 17th cues the release of the next Kara no Kyoukai(DVD) movie, which TakaJun and gg collectively work on to translate (should be done in a couple days after it’s release), and Fate/Unlimited Codes(PS2) is coming out December 18th.  For those of you who don’t know, Kara no Kyoukai is the prototype to Tsukihime, and consequently, Melty Blood.  Fate/Unlimited codes is of course a Fate/Stay Night based fighter, and official – unlike CFF.  It doesn’t have the master/servant system, but it looks decently interesting.  If only it wasn’t based on 20-60+ combo system, I might actually by hyped about it.

first_prologue…are you my master?

In conclusion, I think it’s notable to mention Battle Moon Wars.  While it’s not new, it is translated and a crossover game about most of the type moon characters.  BMW is a tactics-style game for PC which includes everyone from the TypeMoon Universe.  The gameplay gets a bit repetitive after a while, but the story (while weak) is enough to feed hardcore fans of the series, and a nice way to spend your night waiting for that next anime episode/game release/something better to do.


Overall, while TypeMoon isn’t exactly on the EPIC scale, most of it’s works are pretty interesting and their characters all have something everyone can associate or admire.  I thoroughly enjoy a lot of their works, especially Fate/Stay Night and Melty, and the fan base is normally attracts atleast remotely intelligent people due to it’s source material and the fighters give people something to interact with and talk about.  Since I started blogging two months ago, I’ve always tried to capture the Otaku’s aspect during these times, and I must say the strength of the Type Moon fanbase is varied and strong, with alot of doujins, fansites, and organized groups dedicated to finding the best information possible.  Having a translation group like Mirrormoon only strengthened that base further.  And to end this overly long post, I leave you mongrels with a quote from the King of Heroes.




8 Responses to “Fate/Stay Frenzy! (TypeMoon Update) [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 Wired
    December 11, 2008 at 7:55 PM

    So yeah, Faker was pretty awesome, and the lack of Gilgamesh in HF was dissapointing. But since he played a big part in both Fate and UBW, I guess they had a little reason to leave him out. Just not that much. XD

  2. 2 darkslime
    December 11, 2008 at 11:54 PM

    Of course they had reason to leave characters out. The Sakura route was definitely *not* about Saber, Archer, or Gilgamesh, and *was* about Sakura, Rider, Shinji, Zelretch(coming from the universe of Tsukihime, lolol) and to a certain extent Ilya(why couldn’t you have your own route? ;_;). While I did miss the epicness of Gilgamesh and Archer, those belonged in their own storyline, and by the time HF comes along, Saber’s story has been done like three different ways already.

    Also, Tohsaka was badass in that last scene. And Shirou killing Dark Berserker was pretty amazing as well. And of course, his last fight against Kotomine… Ehh, what I’m trying to say is, HF’s fight scenes certainly weren’t lacking at all. XD

    In any case, yay Kara no Kyoukai 4 <3 also, Actress Again looks great… can’t wait to play it, but can’t say how long it’ll last me, as I’m not really much good at fighters.

  3. 3 komidol
    December 12, 2008 at 3:22 AM

    I disagree, there was more Ilya in this route than any other. Anyway, just because it was about the other characters, doesn’t mean you should completely leave them out. I mean it wasn’t about Saber, but she still had a role. Gilgamesh was completely left out.

  4. 4 darkslime
    December 12, 2008 at 12:04 PM

    Not true.

    He got eated by Dark Sakura >:3

  5. December 12, 2008 at 1:49 PM

    Goddamn Darkslime…I wish…you would listen to me. I’ve explained this THOUSANDS OF TIMES. It was an INTERMISSION, SEQUENCE, IT DOESN’T COUNT! HOW MANY TIMES DO I NEED TO TELL YOU?

  6. 6 darkslime
    December 13, 2008 at 11:59 AM

    Apparently once, as I don’t remember you telling me before. At all. ^.^

  7. 7 Grimwind
    December 20, 2008 at 1:56 PM

    All hail Gilgamesh indeed.. Interesting blog entry.

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