Gundam 00 S2 – 06/07/08 [Orange Farm Archive]

Here’s Darkslime, posting again when he really shouldn’t be(with finals coming up and everything :D). Anyway, the last two/three weeks have been almost nonstop work, but it’s dragging down to an end. So here is the post for the recent three episodes of Gundam 00. (I’ll do 9 whenever I can get my hands on it)



I still get a kick out of their color-coordinated uniforms… Whoever designed them obviously had the fans in mind(I’m looking at you, Vowels).


First off, we get some Sumeragi backstory in this episode. As silly as it may seem, miscommunication – especially between those who are directing a full-scale battle – can cause disasters. Anyway, she still seems like she’s on the edge and will totally flip out if something happens.


I KNEW IT! They ARE the Titans! Unfortunately, the Colonel doesn’t punch other random people around at will for being stupid, so this bitchslap doesn’t hold quite the same weight. Whatever that white-haired A-LAWS dude is named, he’s doing a poor job at this.

Oh, right. So anyway, story. They run away from Caladan, and get into a fight with A-LAWS soon after. Saji thought he could help by manning the gun turret…


But he forgot that he doesn’t even know how! Anyway, Mister Bushido, Soma, and Louise are all among the enemies. Louise, being the total amateur she is, charges a battleship with weapons bristling all over it BY HERSELF. If not for Saji’s fail, she would have died. Allelujah also uses “Persuade” on Soma, which activates a special event if he proceeds to shoot her down. (Soma was a secret pilot.)


Mister Bushido, showing off his totally fake samurai… uh, chivalry, lets Setsuna go, because he was stupid and used Trans-Am even when the mechanic told him not to. Idiot.


Okay, I know without even having to GO there that /m/ is filled with this image right now. Anyway, during the hidden scene, Soma gets her Marie personality back, and it overtakes the Pieres one. The Colonel comes, but Marie/Soma refuses to go back. It disappoints me that they threw away the adoption plot point like that. They suddenly mentioned it back in, what episode 4, for a couple seconds – and then alluded to it again in 6, and now it’s out the window. Oh well. Smirnov goes back and tells his superiors she died in battle, and the two of them are rescued by CB.


Bridge bunny is quite amused that Allelujah is with his girlfriend. Sorry, Sumeragi, it looks like your “cling to any man you can find” isn’t working out quite as well as you had planned. Love cannot be planned with your kind of strategies, you know. Also, blunt bridge bunny is blunt: “HEY EXCUSE ME IF THIS SOUNDS BLUNT, BUT ARE YOU TWO LOVERS~?” (That’s the second time so far she’s done that…)


Meanwhile, Vowels runs into Regenerate. Apparently Vowels is a failed Innovator, but Regenerate – er, uh, Regen Regetta – wants him to come back. Vowels is confused. And not about the gender issue here. (Yeah, I’ll let you think about that sentence…)


…Oh boy. The fanboy is back.


Okay, folks, THIS is what you call fanservice. I don’t know how far along this road they planned to go at the start of this anime, but they have probably caught on to the fanbase. (Please! He’s been wearing purple the entire freaking show!) Also, this episode was practically one big Turn-A Gundam reference. A character crossdressing, then dancing with a member of the opposite sex faction.

But seriously. They even dressed Setsuna up like a valet. (For those that don’t know, the main character in Turn-A was actually a valet.)

Anyway, Setsuna runs into Louise, which is ironic. I really enjoy these ironic scenes where neither of them really knows the whole picture, so neither thinks to ask. In any case, their cover is blown, and they manage to escape, until…


Ali arrives. And, depending on what fansub you’re watching, that suit is either a prototype or an upgrade of the Thrones.

I’m going to go with… upgrade? Why the hell would he have a prototype? Seriously.

Anyway, that’s where it ends. The story is already picking up. Vowels isn’t buying into the Innovators’ plan of unifying the will of humanity, but there was something VERY interesting that Regenerate said… Besides the whole “Migrate humanity to space YE WHOSE SOULS ARE BOUND BY EARTH’S GRAVITY“, he mentioned that after that, there would be a “dialogue”… A “dialogue” with who? Either aliens are going to show up(which would be a first for a Gundam series), or something like UC’s Jupiterians is going to happen. That would add a third faction in, which isn’t too new – Axis, I’m looking at you.

So, I can’t wait to watch the ninth episode… but here at college, it’s pretty difficult to get. ^^;



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