Clannad ~AS~ 07 [Orange Farm Archive]


So how much for a Yuki-nee piggy back ride?  I’d pay more for that than any prostitute.

snapshot20081117050542The I-want-my-female-harem-back look. (Tomoya)

The newer characters are either older, more male, or both.  It seems like KyoAni has given the banstick to all the cute and basically said “You had your time, now for hotblood.”  That in itself isn’t bad, but I could do without the new male side characters like Shima and the little kid.

snapshot20081117050910The Sunohara-you-idiot look. (Yukine)

The only look remotely-malice from Yukine made me laugh a bit.  Those eyes are so perfect.  Now it’s time for the gang to beat Sunohara up.  What do you guys think this look from Yukine says?  There is definatly some gang experience behind it.  How about the “I have never seen someone dig themselves into a hole so easily before.”  Wait, no one comments on this blog!  Quick, to #animeblogger to answer my question!

<Komidol>    https://komidol.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/snapshot20081117050910.jpg Guys what do you think this look from Yukine says?

<Komidol>    I think there is gang experience behind it. “I have never seen someone so easily work their way into being beat into a pulp before.”

<Guncannon>    hgfdsfrt5678opi;lkjhgftret65678ioiklnmbvcfdtry78uiiuokljnmbbhgftretp[
<JTFish>    Guncannon’s gone mad
<JTFish>    we have to put him down
<meganeshounen>    ?
<Lupus-sol>    lol, 4chan eroge, at lesat it doesn’t look like shit like another eroge that we all know about
<JTFish>    i’ll go get the shotgun
* DrmChsr0    eats the JTFish
<meganeshounen>    Lupus, you lost me.
<Lupus-sol>    http://www.sankakucomplex.com/2008/11/18/disabled-girl-eroge-%e2%80%9ckatawa-shoujo%e2%80%9d-developed-by-4chan/
<Lupus-sol>    it’s in bad taste as usual, but it looks quite nice
<Komidol>    >.<; No one answered me.
<Kurogane>    Lupus-sol: i’m actually interested to see how it goes.
<meganeshounen>    Komi: She’s… definitely worried?

<meganeshounen>    Well… custom eroge…. it’s not like someone in the blogosphere didn’t make one…
<Lupus-sol>    <Lupus-sol> lol, 4chan eroge, at lesat it doesn’t look like shit like another eroge that we all know about

Okay, so I have no clout on #Animeblogger…

snapshot20081117051108Random Drama

More parent drama to make Tomoya still seem like the main character.  I’ve had enough of it already.  Key overload is getting to me.  I can acknowledge this is somehow still the best show of the season, but I don’t know if I’m enjoying watching it.  None the less, it’s fun and easy to blog about.  They practically build frames and dialogue to take out of context.  Maybe this KyoAni’s true secret?


Finally a little bit of fanservice.  Too bad it’s played with that traditional Clannad depressing theme…OOOoOOoOoOOo…yeah, you know the one.


KyoAni should follow it’s writer’s advice and stick to keeping large amounts of fanservice available between it’s drama.  I’d kill for a sleeping Nayuki right about now.

snapshot20081117051505Very No.

Does this mean we’re going to have more genderbending?  No…NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

snapshot20081117051719Student council law beat down.

Good to finish off the episode with some Tomoyo, since she was completely absent in the Misae arc.  I mean, didn’t she look up to Misae?  There’s no reason she shouldn’t of stopped by at least once in the episode and a half they were at her house to learn a new “lesson” from Misae as Tomoya and Nagisa watch.  Anyway, I’m looking towards seeing Tomoyo in a police uniform laying the smackdown on some of the gangs.

On a completely unrelated note, I wish this was my gym teacher in highschool…


He must be loving life with a highschool model and the palmtop tiger bathing in front of him…

And to finish off with a final word from #AnimeBlogger about the aforementioned…

<DrmChsr0>    My typical answer: Yukine is staring with rape in her eyes.
<Guncannon>    …
<DrmChsr0>    Realistic answer: MIND = BLOWN :V
<Komidol>    Well someone is about to get raped in that scene…
<meganeshounen>    lol
<Kurogane>    raperaperaperaperaperaperaperape
<Kurogane>    10 rapes/second~!
<TheBigN>    Komidol: “Does she want to be saved?” is my first thought. But I haven’t seen the episode.



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