Fall ’08 Round 2: Week of “Onii-chan!” [Orange Farm Archive]

Suddenly, in just one week, I understand everything TakaJun ever said about imouto.

As I mentioned in round one, the preliminaries decide what I am going to blog about for the whole season.  Being round two, I have seen 2-3 episodes of every anime listed, and round three will be final thoughts and winner announcements.  For Darkslime there is one definite slot, and for myself, two definite slots, with room for another series per person if we have extra time or another series develops that’s interesting.  Since Darkslime is a huge mecha fan, Gundam 00 was decided before the season started.  With a KyoAni anime on the table, has my fate already been decided, being the LOYAL fan I am? Or can J.C staff geass cancel my love with DFC and saftety pins?  Time to find out…

As for the amount I’ll be blogging this season, I think I will limit the series I blog about regularly this season to two series.  Why?  Well with so many typemoon(or type moon-based) releases coming out in the next month, on top of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha movie to finish the season with, I’ll have plenty to blog about.  Thus forth, I don’t see a need to blog about more things.  This site will easily manage three updates a week, which is more than enough.  Plus, I do not wish to DIVIDE THE LOYALTY!  That being said, lets look at our competitors for round two.

Seat One:


Clannad -> I…I…I can’t take it…”Ano ne, Onii-chan!”…it goes over and over again…over and over…why can’t I stop hearing it.

Why?  Why can’t I…stop hearing it…I don’t want to stop hearing it…

“Ano ne, Onii-chan.”


Company: Kyoto Animation
Airing Date: 10/02/08
Subber: SS-Eclipse
Victory assured at: EX Moe Attack, executed by Mei-chan.

Seat Two:

This is not a bad development.

Chaos;Head-> I don’t know what to think of Chaos;Head yet.  Then again, I didn’t know what to think of Haruhi either around the first two episodes.  I still have no clue what the writers want to do, and I like that.  I definatly am seeing the same tone as Higurashi, but for a completely different setting.  I’m looking forward to seeing exactly how the series is going to develop.  As I said in my episode one post (which images have now been fixed, by the way), the op puzzles me in relation to the series.  In contrary to Index, this will be a story driven series, as the characters don’t seem to have a whole lot of depth.  This style isn’t used very often, so it draws my interest simply because I haven’t seen much of it in the 8 years I’ve been watching obsessively watching anime.

Company: MadHouse
Airing Date: 10/09/08
Subber: AoShen
Qualification:  Uncommon plot idea, potential.

I wish *I* had random young girls following me around trying to be MY imouto ;_;

~ef~ a tale of melodies -> ~ef~ has taken off since round one.  It took me some time but I got back into the style in a way I can enjoy it.  Since I saw the first ~ef~ in a marathon and not a week at a time, I’m looking forward to commenting about it because it’s not really about the story, but the atmosphere it creates.  While it makes week to week blogging difficult versus watching a full archive of the series difficult; I see it as a challenge.   Bloggin ~ef~ could be an interesting endeavor, so it’s still on the table.

Company: SHAFT
Airing Date: 10/06/08
Subber: Chihiro
Qualification:  Unique style and art design.

Shit closed space.

To Aru Majitsu no Index ->

While this is the lowest on the list to get blogged about, seeing as simple entertainment doesn’t warrant a lot to write about, this anime is still in the running.  The character’s are uncommon enough (or atleast the way they are portrayed), and the detail given to each character is relatively new.  Regardless, the story of protecting a girl with a unique ability, a child teacher, and a main character who isn’t effected by any of it…I’ve seen it before.  It’s for this very reason that I to have an overview of anime each season, and give every anime two or three episodes.  There’s alot of hype for Majitsu no Index, but I don’t think it’s going to deliver.  If they keep up character development, this may be what I look into later in the season.  For now, with ~ef~ and chaos head, this is almost guarenteed the runner up.

Company: J.C. Staff
Airing Date: 10/04/08
Subber: AoShen
Qualification:  Safety Pin moe mode, character development.

No Chance:

“Don’t go into a flashback sequence without my permission!”

Tales of the Abyss -> I guess Sunrise ran out of epic with Code Geass and dumped whatever was left into their Gundam series.  Tales games have never been terribly complicated, but more fun to play, especially Tales of Symphonia.  While the action scenes are done really well, the horrible dialogue, generic characters, and horrible transitions have kept this one out of the running.

Company: Sunrise
Airing Date: 10/03/08
Subber:  Weib
Knocked out because: Horrible flow.


I didn’t think I could still feel sorry for the loser male lead.

While ToraDora! has gotten progressively better and I’ve decided I’m going to watch it for the rest of the season because of that, I just don’t see much to write about.  For a Romance/Comedy/Drama it’s pretty good (in that these two are teaming up to date each other’s friends, that’s uncommon), Taiga is an excellent Tsundere and looks great, and the comedy is good enough…writing about such a story is not the strengths of this blogger.  It’s above average in most categories of it’s type, but there’s nothing special about it.  Can’t blame gg for picking this one up, though.

Company: J.C. Staff
Airing Date: 10/01/08
Subber: ggkthx
Knocked out because: I’ve seen way too many of these types of animes.

Honorable Mentions: Casshern Sins and Skip Beat have been gaining alot of popularity as the sleeper-hits this season.  While I haven’t seen much of them, a couple bloggers have told me I’m missing out on a lot by not seeing them.  Frankly, I leave the mecha to Darkslime and a showbiz story just doesn’t catch my eye.  The art style seems to bother me.  None the less, these are worth taking a look at.  Apparently.

Anyway, I name this week the week of “Onii-chan”, dedicated to those Imouto who love shouting it out.  I don’t know what’s with all the siscon lately, but I think it comes from a lack of nunally.  Being an only child, I won’t know the “joy” of having a sibling (quoted for those of you out there who have less than happy experiences with their siblings).  None the less, I always regretted not having one, especially if I could have an imouto.  Alot of the adoration on this blog I give to moe comes from that deficiency of cute in my life.  *sighs*

But hey, you benefit, since I share pictures like this, right?

I thought you would agree.

Now, I have Mei screenshotting to do.

2 Responses to “Fall ’08 Round 2: Week of “Onii-chan!” [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 darkslime
    October 20, 2008 at 9:02 AM

    Casshern Sins isn’t really a mecha series – it’s more of a mechanical tokusatsu series.

    Either way, I haven’t gotten to see it yet :(

  2. 2 Wings
    October 21, 2008 at 3:33 AM

    -Points to Suzumiya Haruhi-

    Does your God look this good?

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