Gundam 00 S2 Episode 2 – “Twin Drive” [Orange Farm Archive]

This episode mainly covers Setsuna gathering up some crew members/pilots to come back to the Ptolemy with him, and we get a little backstory on the 00 Gundam, and see what a few characters have been doing since the timeskip.

The 00 Gundam

First, though, we see Vowels and the mechanics trying to get the 00 Gundam’s two solar furnaces to stabilize and synchronize with each other, three months before the season. They’re not having too much luck; they’re pretty much counting on having Exia’s GN Drive, since it’s more closely related to the O Gundam’s, or something.

In any case, after Setsuna tells Lyle that his older brother was a Gundam Meister, he follows along a little bit too easily – we see later that he’s actually part of Catalan(better romanization than Cataron), and has actually been tasked with infiltrating Celestial Being. He goes to where Sumeragi is shacking up with glasses-man and persuades her to come back(well, not really persuades, more like drags her back). She wants nothing more to do with Celestial Being, since they utterly failed at the end of the last season, so she’s been drowning herself in alcohol ever since then.

I wonder what her ratio of time sober to time wasted was over the course of the timeskip?

Anyhow, apparently Ribbons and his gay lovers(or whatever the hell they’re supposed to be) can communicate telepathically. Or, maybe it’s just him and female!Tieria-who’s-probably-also-not-female. Who knows.

This picture is practically BEGGING to be captioned, so have fun with it.

Setsuna, Lyle, and Sumeragi make it back to the Ptolemy II just in time for an A-LAWS assault(which, incidentally, Louise is grounded from taking part in). Tieria tries fighting them in C’est la Vie Gundam(I can’t get over the name) but is failing, so Setsuna swoops in and saves the day with some badassery from 00 Gundam, and that’s pretty much the episode.

Oh, and remember the totally weaponless Ptolemy last season? Yeah…

Suck on my particle missile punch

Of note in this episode are Soma entering A-LAWS, talking to a a potentially table-turning fellow member…

Non-loli Soma?

…Graham hiding in the corner drinking juice…

Um, perspective?

…Marina Ismail being arrested for some reason…

There’s a damsel in distress already? Wait, what about Allelujah

..and Saji hanging out in solitary confinement.

Do you have ANY IDEA how much FUN I could have in solitary confinement if there was no gravity?! He’s even got a Haro, too.

Overall, a solid episode that wasn’t much more than a build-up for 00’s debut. Which, I admit, was pretty cool. Next time, they’re going to rescue Allelujah from the loony bin(even though he probably belongs there). Lyle and Feldt are going to have some problems to work out. We’ll also see what happens with Catalan – I thought they were just supposed to be some random enemies for C’est la Vie Gundam to toy with in the first episode, but apparently they have a purpose.

See you next time!

1 Response to “Gundam 00 S2 Episode 2 – “Twin Drive” [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 Freedom III
    October 14, 2008 at 1:18 PM

    >Do you have ANY IDEA how much FUN I could have in solitary confinement if there was no gravity?! He’s even got a Haro, too.

    I’m sure there’s some Lacus picks in that haro database somewhere…

    >There’s a damsel in distress already? Wait, what about Allelujah

    Umm…wtf kind of security did they have at that palace of hers…I mean, at least Relena had some decent bodyguards, and Lacus knew how to get armies to fight for her…this one just seems…useless…

    >Non-loli Soma?

    I’m seeing a death/near death for this one in the future…

    >…Graham hiding in the corner drinking juice…

    At least it’s not a god damn white mask this time…

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