Chaos;Head 01 [Orange Farm Archive]

If Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni had a good budget, it might look something like this…

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The prologue was really something.  While Madhouse has never been the flagship of animation they have created some decent works in the past.  They’re perfect capable of creating a solid anime, and I’m really looking forward to their work on Chaos Head this season.  There’s a couple foreseeable problems with the series and a couple unique things I really like.  But lets start with the new OP.

The way I see it, this is either going to become the greatest series this fall or the worse.  The OP and the episode gave me mixed feelings about how this series is going to play out and what the writers really want to do with this.  To me, the OP seemed to differ completely from the way the episode went.  The episode was far more interesting than the type of story the OP proposes, so I hope they follow through with the style they have been going with so far.

Nice boat delusion.

The main voice actor, Hiroyuki Yoshino has had a couple lead parts before, but overall I think it would have been better to cast someone else.  I think the writers built his character with the idea to relate to the generic viewer of the show, but his voice seems just a little too typical.  However, it is the first episode, so this won’t really count against the show quite yet.  It normally takes a couple episodes for the voice actors to feel into their parts.

Fiery ~dfc~ Imouto

I like the fact that even the main character is attracted to his sexy little sister.  I don’t dig purple eyes, but that outfit makes it work for her.  The first half of the episode was lighthearted, and I didn’t particularly mind since they need to build up some sort of security for the viewer.  I think at this point we have a pretty good idea of the archetype for the characters, so I hope they don’t overdo the exposition in the next episode.

These. Links. Work.

This was by far the most interesting part of the episode for me.  As I said in my fall preliminaries post I’m a huge fan of this style of marketing.  Making the reader/viewer interactive with the story is huge for me.  I hope this is more than an easter egg and it either takes it further (even if I can’t follow through, since I don’t know Japanese/live in Japan), or they have more places to visit each episode.  I see a lot of potential in this series and a lot of opportunity to waste that potential as well.


Now, if you were Takumi and saw this what would you do?

A)  Freak out.

B)  Pass by and ignore.

C)  Tell her she looked cute with that fool’s blood on her, and ask her why she bothered to do such a thing, and what she was doing tomorrow night?

D)  None of the above.

Can we guess which answer I picked?  I’ll give you a hint.  It’s not A, B, or D.

I’m glad they spent a lot of time portraying this scene.  The transitions were a little bumpy, but again that might develop better with the series.  At only twelve episodes I can only say I hope the problems end here and we can get in gear for a good anime.

If it develops into a Harem, Rimi and Imouto have my vote.  I’m not really interested in the short haired singer or the female otaku.  I can only hope they get at most an episode each.  This series’s getting a harsh judge from me and I’m really looking forward to the second episode.  If we get more blood stained Rimi I may just keep watching no matter how it turns out…


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