Fall ’08 Episode One Preliminaries! (Komidol) [Orange Farm Archive]

Chance of Blogging

There’s only so many Orange trees that can be properly picked from and cared for each season.  That being said we want to pick from the orange trees which grow the most pulp in their fruit!  FOR HIS MAJESTY ZEROZAKU!  ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!


Here’s the way we do lineups at the orange farm.  Basically, every season (fall ’08 in particular) has a wide array of anime to select from.  I may watch 5-6 of these animes, Darkslime may watch 4-5 of these animes.  That’s ~ten animes!  We can’t possibly blog about them all on top of our H-games, event rants, and whatever-else-we-feel-like posts!  So, it’s a competition for our attention.  Each season the Orange Farm will try to blog around five series, and atleast three.  One-two by Darkslime and two-three by yours truly.  While most blogs do a preview or debut, we’ll be doing weekly competitions until each episode hits three-four episodes in.  The top animes that hold our interest will be what we blog about.  Of course, the only thing that gets a flat out ten are things that have already been blogged, and generally we will pick things that fall in our personal 8-9 range.  Though anything above five has a shot and everything on this chart will probably get a series general post or mention at one point.  So without further a due lets begin the contest!

Delicious Cake

Raki~Suta OVA -> Done and done.  The Lucky Star crew gets a by match in this one.  A personal goal of mine with the Orange Farm is to blog about the anime community.  So of course an anime which targets hardcore anime fans as it’s general audience and makes a ton of anime references presented by DFC cliche character archetypes is going to be blogged about.  Enjoy the Konata picture.  I know I did.
Company: Kyoto Animation
Airing Date: 9/26/08
Subber: tapPrika

Ungrateful bitch.

ToraDora -> Since I haven’t seen Shana in depth I still have a soft spot for the generic Tsundere show.  Though they depend completely on the development and speed of the lead relationship.  Unfortunately I’m far too broken to enjoy the standard romance where the ending episode is merely a kiss (atleast, if romance/drama is all it has going for it).  While it is unfortunate ToraDora jumps at the bottom of my list, it’s surprisingly popular considering I didn’t hear a lot about it until it aired.  Then again, a fiery loli will excite most otakus.  I CANNOT DENY THEIR BURNING PASSION!  I SHALL GIVE GIVE THIS LOLI A CHANCE!
Company: J.C. Staff
Airing Date: 10/01/08
Subber: ggkthx

Nekomimi kept this above our TsunTsun

~ef~ A Tale of Melodies ->  While I enjoyed the first season, and found the unique style refreshing for it’s time, I’m not so sure if I want more of it.  I was always fond of the opening being in both English and Japanese (atleast, I assume there will be a Japanese version for this opening) and can’t fault Ef for doing something new.  While I remember thinking highly of it the impression wasn’t lasting since I did marathon it.  I’m having trouble remembering the previous characters.  Get it, having trouble remembering?  Tale of memories?  Did you get that one?  Did ya?
Company: SHAFT
Airing Date: 10/06/08
Subber: Chihiro

She’s going to wear those safety pins the whole series?

To Aru Majitsu no Index -> This one has a lot of starting popularity but I don’t know if I’m going to follow through with it.  It doesn’t seem THAT great and I’ve never been a huge fan of J.C. staff.  Seems like something for Zero no Tsukaima fans to latch onto.  Though, Index is cute.  I think safety pins are going to become a fetish real soon.  Maybe someone should buy some stocks of giant safety pins if you’re in the Japanese Stock Exchange.  I know I’m ready to buy some shares from apple companies right before Spice and Wolf season two launches.
Company: J.C. Staff
Airing Date: 10/04/08
Subber: Eclipse-m.3.3.w

I came…twice.

Chaos Head ->  Now here’s a horror I think I can get into.  If the main lead’s voice acting could be a better and they smoothed out the transitions I think this could become my favorite of the fall season.  I wonder if this show will become an ARG.  I’ve always been a fan of anything that is interactive with the fans.  I really like this one, so I’ll write more in my post of it later this week.
Company: MadHouse
Airing Date: 10/09/08
Subber: AoShen

I can’t believe Nagisa won…

Clannad ->  I have to say the main lead for this season is Clannad.  Key must have Kyoto Animation by the balls in a contract if we’re getting another season of Clannad as opposed to more Haruhi.  Either that or they’re having a tough time getting the old cast back together.  The opening song was pretty good, and makes me think Tomoya is going to die.  Wouldn’t that be great?  If he dies halfway through the series and we find out how each of them deals with it?  I haven’t played the original Clannad H-game, so I have no idea how this one is going to turn out.  Regardless, that keeps an incentive to watch.  To be honest I have nothing against Clannad.  Despite it holding KyoAni up, it’s still an excellent series.  Saying it’s not as good as Haruhi/Kanon/LuckyStar or even Air, isn’t saying much.  About 85% of anime is “worse” than that pantheon.  Also my loyalty to KyoAni cannot be held back by the tracks of time!  ALL HAIL KYOTO ANIMATION!
Company: Kyoto Animation
Airing Date: 10/02/08
Subber: SS-Eclipse

Seriously why couldn’t he pick Kotomi? T.T

All in all, Fall’s shaping up pretty well.  Best of all, we should be finishing this season up with a Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha movie.  Please please please be rated X.  >:3


8 Responses to “Fall ’08 Episode One Preliminaries! (Komidol) [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. October 12, 2008 at 10:26 AM

    the first ep of Index looks great, but seeing the mixed sentiments of people regarding it (especially the novel readers) makes me cautious as to how it will turn out later on.

    Also, your list is terribly in need of Skip Beat!! Seriously, go watch it. Then again it’s terribly in need of subs atm…

  2. 2 komidol
    October 12, 2008 at 11:03 AM

    Hmm…Fall seasons are always full of drama x.x

    I’m not feelin Ef like I thought I was. I’ll watch the first episode and see how it goes.

  3. 3 darkslime
    October 12, 2008 at 10:14 PM

    I do not like pulp in my orange juice D:<

  4. 5 komidol
    October 16, 2008 at 1:03 AM



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