Ohayo~, Cherry. [Orange Farm Archive]

I’d wake up her cherry, if you know what I mean.  Shut up.  That wasn’t lame.

To take a break from GEASSing, also known as EPICing and being win, I decided to watch the the Lucky Star OVA.  Being a KyoAni fanboy, it was a great way to spend my Sunday since I don’t know what to do with those anymore.

I’ve always enjoyed the slow tone of Lucky Star to sit back and take a break.  I don’t know if their general way of talking slower is due to Kyoto being near Osaka and they carry that accent, or if Yasuhiro Takemoto was aiming for that, but either way it’s always been a good stress relief.  Having moe blobs helps too.

I am now certain one of the Lucky Star writers is a furry.  I can let the one deer trample of Tsukasa pass but this is ridiculous.  The code of Orenji does not allow for such dishonorable things when there is DFC to be exploited.  How trite.

If there’s one thing anyone can agree with about KyoAni it’s that they know their audience.  The tsundere-Miku Kagamin version of Cinderella was much better than the original play.  This is my proof that the modern day anime community supersedes the entertainment of the past.

KyoAni still delivers.  It’s good to know they can still produce some high-class artwork.  Was there any doubt in the first place?  No.  But it’s nice to be reminded of it.  My favorite of the four was always Kagamin~, but Konata as a close second.  Even so, Tsukasa grew on me thanks to /a/.  Seeing the princess of /a/ every morning and night as I woke up and threads like this got me to appreciate her.  And oh do I “appreciate” her.

I know Genshiken was an entryway for alot of Otaku to be proud of their heritage and be all crazy out in public with no care towards current society/reality.  But Lucky Star really opened the flood gates for me to be an otaku everywhere, all the time.  I’ll never get tired of Konata’s antics.  Because doing that would be me getting tired of my own antics.  Not happening.

You see this match was rigged.  Obviously Rolo on the left there used his geass to move the ball away from Tsukasa’s spike.  Kagamin’s team cheated to win this one.  This does not follow the Orange code of loyalty.  Though, we can’t blame Kagamin~ for not knowing.

I loved the scene with them all ingame for a multitude of reasons.  First being it got to show more of Konata’s personality and their sensei actually got a part.  Second being Tsukasa’s total lack of knowledge on how to play a computer game.  Normally I’m not the type to enjoy this sort of humour, as I didn’t when Mikuru had no idea what was going on during the battleship episode of Haruhi – but this one was well executed to the point where even I had to snicker.  The meat munching was pretty funny.  Finally the text is good for learning Japanese.  You can see what order my priorities go in.

What are they doing that poor player in the background?  Is this Lineage 2?  He’s getting PK’d in town!

Does this count as a Geass reference?  Also, what the hell is up with this game?  Obviously Nanakon is the tank since she’s a one handed attacked and uses a shield, but Konata has more health and is the main damage dealer!  Better get to allakazam and cry nerf on this one.

You and me both, Konata.  When you reach a certain level of broken this just happens.

Edit: Final thoughts – Anytime Kagamin~ wears a tie it is sexy.  Also, I wish the girls I played volleyball in high school would play this hard.  All they would do is stand there.


3 Responses to “Ohayo~, Cherry. [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 Freedom III
    October 12, 2008 at 6:13 PM

    Hey Komidol…just stopped by to read the noticed the L2 reference…no, you can’t pk in town in L2…perhaps SCO if what you’re thinking about…

    Oh, and I need to get the raw for this OVA…

  2. 2 komidol
    October 12, 2008 at 7:36 PM

    Zero RAW’s released it some time ago.

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