Code Geass: Final Thoughts Part 2 (Season 2) [Orange Farm Archive]

It was a long wait just for a spinzaku. 
As much as it angered all of us, following up with what I said in my season one post, I still think the time off was fun.  All the crazy ideas about the cliffhangar were really intriguing, and as 99% of the ideas that we came up with were better than what actually happened.  I thought Kallen shot the gun, since Suzaku wouldn’t be able to shoot due to geass, and she had better reflexes than Lelouch.  Thought maybe she’d pop him in the knee or something.  A lot of ideas were bounced around, a lot of popular AMVs were made, and I listenened to the OST like no tomorrow.  Alot of people took the first episode from a literary point of view and realized they were paralleling the first episode and thought it was cool.  The series got a lot of flak for being a pretty slow start and no one had any idea who Rolo was.  But then it happens, after all the waiting…we’re finally rewarded…

With Spinzaku

We see Lelouch dragged in front of his daddy and geassed to suffer his false fate which has already been undone.  At this point some people in the series are quite frustrated.  I know alot of people around this time stopped watching and have yet to pick up since around this point.  I didn’t hear a whole lot of bad things around the first season of geass, but this is where it started to get critcized a bit.

Hey Lelouch, I’m like two feet taller than you…senpai.

The numerous threads on 4chan forced it onto people, and attracted quite a bit of negative attention.  It also had some laughable animation at one point.  But the new characters were liked and, as anyone who’s reading this post probably knows, sticking it out was well worth it.  While I think that Suzaku’s check on Lelouch was what seriously brought a lot of the interest back, along with perhaps the Xing-ke arc, the series was really reborn on episode thirteen.

You see what I did thar?

I remember thinking the first time I saw this episode…”Wow, and Lelouch told Suzaku to take care of Shirley.”  For the first time in a while we see some development in Lelouch’s character and the addition of the Geass canceler really added to the plot.  I really liked seeing Lelouch frantically try to geass Shirley to life.  Still, if there’s one thing I hold against Sunrise it’s the lack of use of the geass canceler.  None the less the show really started to pick up.  We got involved with the world of C again, and people again became interested in the plot, assuming endings that might happen.  I think the biggest blunder of geass came to pass when the spoilers were released.  This really stifled the community.  Not visiting /a/ as to not be trolled with spoilers.  Missing whole blog posts because they had the spoilers in them.  This was a down time for the community, but I think the show responded strongly by keeping an interesting show.  I remember it was around this time I bought a new PC so I could watch high quality subs, a widescreen monitor, and surround sound.  And the first episode I saw like this?  The formation of the United Federation.

Nippon Banzai!!!

“Across the Borderline” should now be used by the UN for all future diplomatic meetings.  That would get me into politics pretty quickly.  This episode really came out of no where and caught me off guard.  It was simply an amazing episode.  Not to mention the following which skews Suzaku’s/Lelouch’s relationship even more.  We wind down to the episode of Rolo’s death, and again the series is coming to a close.  I’m thinking at this point “Well Lelouch just lost the Black Knights, and they just gotta finish up the series about C.C and the geass and everything…it was a good run, I’m content.”  I accept geass is coming to a close…

and I get owned, over

and over

and over again.

My belief’s are broken like the steel on those spears,  and I’m geassed along with Odysseus into hailing Lelouch for all of eternity.  Everyone thought Schniezel was going to walk out, but no…it’s Lelouch vi fucking Britannia.  Geassing god, the collective unconsciouss, and thoughts of mankind, killing his immortal father, convincing Suzaku to be his bitch, and becoming emperor of Britannia all in between 5:00 – 5:30pm JST.  Holy shit.  This is quite possibly one of the most well executed time skips in anime history.  From this point on the series did not know end to epic.  Lelouch manages to defeat fleija, schniezel, and toughest of all – everything he has worked to build to date.  Finally, in a feat that chump Yagami couldn’t hope accomplish, Lelouch takes over the world.

And the great Noble Jeremiah Gottwald gets to be the first to hail the new emperor of the world.


The series could have ended right here.  I paused the episode and had to sit down for about fifteen minutes to absorb the epic.  Just reveling in it.  It took me a few minutes to gather my thoughts when I realized there was still fifteen minutes left in the episode.  I’m watching.  I’m liking Nunally’s new grooves.  And the plan for the Zero Re;quiem is unleashed.

At this point the anime really seems like a theater play.  It reached a level where it could no longer even facade being possible because everything is too picture perfect.  Obviously, I didn’t realize this until my 85th-86th view of the scene.

Lelouch manages to actually destroy the world the way it is and recreate it.


I have never seen or heard a better story in all my time.  You can call me a fanboy, a newfag, whathave you…eva and tenga toppa got nothin’ on this story.  I truly feel this is a modern epic, in every sense of the word.  Think I’ve put myself in the field to be trolled already?  Well now I’m really going to go out an edge.  This anime really made me reflect a life perspective.  Think of everything these characters did with his or her life…Art should always be an inspirtation to actually create and do in reality.  From Star Trek technology to Zero Re;quiem.  Unfortunatly, not all of us can be Lelouch, but every piece on the board is important.  We should all really aspire to be someone in this story and do something with our lives.  You already know who I’ve chosen.  You can’t checkmate a king with just one piece.

Though the series really made me think.  If Lelouch was the king…just who was playing the game?


6 Responses to “Code Geass: Final Thoughts Part 2 (Season 2) [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 darkslime
    October 10, 2008 at 11:16 AM

    Epic win series, but you already know my opinion. ^^

    And hey, you only watched the first seven episodes of TTGL. You can’t say that it has nothing on Code Geass. :(

  2. 2 komidol
    October 10, 2008 at 12:16 PM

    Nah, I managed to see most of it, especially the ending at a friends. The execution is no where near as good. My anime list is horribly out of date.

    I wouldn’t comment about animes I haven’t seen, you know that ;3

    That’s why you’re writing Gundam 00.

  3. 3 Wings
    October 10, 2008 at 2:26 PM

    Epic story, indeed. But still, like I said, I would really like to know the original plot for R2. Works of the Code Geass Team thrills me. :3

  4. 4 Sage
    November 25, 2009 at 3:05 AM

    Epic indeed, I wanted to know how viewers took the plot of Zero Requiem. It seems to me tragic he ends up committing suicide XD.

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